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Clan Carrier/ Station V-Enterprise WIP - (some might class it as a mothership)

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Ben Weldon, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Ben Weldon Trainee Engineer


    I present a Work In progress

    This Project started quite some time ago.
    My original intention was to design a personal ship that was in essence a "Mobile Space Station"
    Its objective as to travel to a location, wherever that may be and to 'setup'

    It has evolved to be much more than I originally envisioned, with that being said I left the design to be open to evolve as features were released.

    Its Basic Statistics are as follow-


    L - 607.5
    W - 197.5
    H - 92.5




    Every Thruster Engine 'Thruster engine being a cluster of thrusters'
    Has its own compliment of reactors, with just enough energy output to prevent overload when dampeners activate.

    Maximum output, cheapest possible solution,
    Doesn't utilize a central power unit, creates redundancy

    Currently Consisting of 485MW of power capability

    7 Large Engines,
    3 Small Engines
    one Incomplete Engine

    More small engines to come

    3 Large weapon Hardpoints
    6 Small weapon Hardpoints

    Large Weapon Hard points consist of

    1 Naval Style Turret Facing Port, underbelly
    with Re-moveable external Armour to allow easier repairs.

    1 Naval Style Turret Facing Starboard, a-topdeck
    with Re-moveable external Armour to allow easier repairs.

    1 Swivel ball turret tucked in at the Stern.
    the design allows the turret to easily track and vessels in pursuit.

    6 Small Gatling Gun turrets located around the underbelly of the vessel, including Bow and stern

    I expect there to be up to 12 to 18 more Small weapon hardpoints added in over time,
    These will consist of Gatling guns to cover blind spots, and
    at least 6 Rocket launcher turrets set to a range of only 200-300m (to ensure accuracy and efficiency)
    Currently 5 rocket turret silos are complete, adequately covering the top of the vessel with a range of 200m with 4 Silos
    I have plans for about 3 more silos underneath to supplement the current one.

    These silos are compact and utilize the piston, all silos up-top have blast shields to cover them while they are tucked away, the ones underneath won't.

    A Large GravCannon built into the existing infrastructure of the vessel, The length of the barrel can safely accelerate an object upto the mass of 270,000kg upto 104m/s by the end of the barrel.
    :take Note: the projectiles barrel is the in-vessel tunnel system, 3 small hangers and a runway.


    Sortie Hanger, Underbelly
    Sortie Hanger, a-topdeck
    Large Storage Hanger
    3 Small Trader Hangers
    2 Runways/Crashways,
    has a Angle of Attack Navlights built into the end of the Runways
    Auxillary Reactor Room
    Primary Engine Room
    Storage Dock/Hanger
    in-vessel small ship tunnel,
    allows the relocation of fairly large small ships within the ships safety.
    Armour-ed Combat&Command Station
    Navigation Command Station
    Personal Navigation Command Station Hanger
    Fabrication Room
    1 VTOL pad,
    a-topdeck, one more planned
    Security Lounge
    1 Energy-cell/battery Room

    Rooms Branching off the great hall, planned yet un-designed are
    Crew Quarters
    Gyroscopic Storage
    Energy-cell Room 2

    Defensive measures

    5 Escape Pods, Gravity Launch supported
    12 Decoy/ Small torpedo launchers.

    Armour- Dual layer Spaced Armour pretty much all over the ship,

    In some cases the Armour is dual layered but not spaced, there is less spaced Armour below, however this area is more complex and will have a bit more turret defense there.
    by Spaced Dual Layer Spaced Armour I mean - [1][0][1] where [1] is Armour and [0] is void. The idea is that rockets will only damage one layer of Armour at a time, and
    that the next rocket will have to go through the previous hole to damage the next layer of Armour, making the more complex interior walls safe from damage, the Armour
    is easier to repair and allows for vent systems and conveyors to go unseen. It also seems slightly more effective against kinetic missiles (spaceships and custom torpedoes) for the same
    material cost.


    More Pictures Below

  2. gFleka Junior Engineer

    Awsome work so far, keep it up :)
  3. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    Looks really impressive.
  4. RabidAnubis Trainee Engineer

    How much crew can be in the crew quarters?
  5. Ben Weldon Trainee Engineer

    The crew quarters haven't been built yet.
    However I have some images to show you the available space for such rooms as - Crew Quarters, and the Med-bay

    This image is of space inside of the Vessel, the large wall to the right is one of the walls for the great hall.

    So these rooms can either lead into the Great hall, or to the left, the 3 small hangers for the traders

    The blue is the Energy-cell/Battery Room
    The Yellow is the gyroscope room (this room is almost ship-center)
    The red is the available space for the Crew Quarters and Med-bay
    The beacon is to indicate distance in meters
    I have a blue and yellow block ruler built near the beacon, to give an idea of size.

    In the next image Is of the Great Hall-

    The red is the available space for the Crew Quarters and Med-bay
    The beacon is to indicate distance in meters
    These particular rooms will be able to include windows.

    The blue blocks all over the joint are the Interior Spotlights, I have removed the lights for now, because I intend to set it up so instead of them being on all the time, you have to manually turn that particular room's lights on separately, to encourage conservative GPU and CPU performance play (I also intend to redesign the lights location to make sure it is esthetically appealing and functional)

    Really you could redesign the rooms to what every you want, however I am going to make each room have a wall height of 2 blocks if room permits, to allow a bit more aesthetic room. and to not feel as cramped.

    Updated main post defenses.
  6. JWA8402 Trainee Engineer

    That is a sexy ship! I love the industrial look!

    Did Checkov name this ship? Think about it...
  7. Ben Weldon Trainee Engineer

    I am thinking about it.... I need help.... elaborate please?

    Edit: if you mean V- Enterprise, then that would be a mistake, (a good mistake, thanks for naming my vessel) V-enterprise is synonymous for MrVorgra, My alias for various other games I have made mods for, however I don't quite feel like modding any more games, at least for a while.
  8. RabidAnubis Trainee Engineer

    Am loving the ship. Seems dwarfy to me for some reason, I mean with the great hall and all :)
  9. Ben Weldon Trainee Engineer

    It was originally Inspired by Halo Human and Forerunner/Home-world 2

    Edit: Here are some Pictures of some of the features thats.
    Edit: I have also begun putting down the conveyor systems through out the vessel, Currently All the weapons are on their own isolated Conveyor System, with their own storage, All Connectors will be on their own Isolated Conveyor systems (at least specific ones)

    Solar Panels



    Small Trader Hanger

    Can be Completely Isolated

    Large Hanger and Upper Sortie Hanger

    Sortie Hanger has no Interior (or at least I only just started it)

  10. Qwurty2.0 Trainee Engineer

    This thread and the background makes me wish capital ships were more viable in games like EVE Online. ;)
  11. Nik0 Apprentice Engineer

    Seriously nice ship @Ben Weldon. Seems like you have a similar idea to my latest ship with the large hangars and "small ship tunnel system". I'll bet yours looks nicer though even when (and if) mine is ever finished.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.