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Conquest Mode Standard Rules

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by ArenDaystar, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. ArenDaystar Apprentice Engineer

    Hello, fellow Space Engineers! In this topic I will be setting out standard rules for a conquest mode to play with your friends.

    Objective: Capture all outposts.

    Estimated Playtime Per Match: Between 3 to 20 minutes. Anything longer will be rare.

    Set Up: Create a new creative map; it can have no asteroids, few asteroids, or many asteroids; few asteroids means less lag, but more leads to better play. Create 2 bases, both with a generator, a cockpit, a beacon, and a large landing pad. Name one beacon "RED BASE" and the other, "BLUE BASE". Create some outposts, each with a generator, a cockpit, a tower for a flag, and a beacon. Three is recommended, no less than two, no more than five. These must be placed almost equidistant from each base, and can be placed on, in, or near asteroids. You have two options for fighters: either make a template fighter and give one to each team (in the team's color, of course), or each player may make their own.

    Game Play: Each player will join a team, Red or Blue. Each player will copy the provided ship or their own custom ship and wait inside it until a signal from the room owner. At the signal, all individuals will lift off and seek to reach an outpost, which they will then attempt to paint. If they encounter an enemy, they may attack them with any weapons they posses. If a player's cockpit is destroyed, he must delete his fighter and return to base, where he may copy a new fighter to use. The first team to paint all bases their color wins!

    Other Rules:

    1. Destruction of bases and outposts is forbidden.
    2. Teams need not be equal to play.
    3. Large ships may be used, but only if specifically stated by the room owner.
    4. Creating ships with stacked rockets or stacked Gatling guns is forbidden.
    5. Weapons such as gravity accelerators or torpedoes are allowed, but are almost useless.
    6. Although a player must leave the cockpit of their fighter to paint an outpost, if their ship is destroyed, they must still return to base. Players are not allowed to paint outposts without a friendly functioning ship nearby.
  2. ArenDaystar Apprentice Engineer

    I tried this with a few buddies this evening. It went pretty well, took little time to set up, and was loads of fun! :D
  3. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Mightn't renaming the outposts be a good way to determine victory, as everyone will be able to see that they're all named "Red" or "blue"?

    Overall, though, interesting idea.
  4. ArenDaystar Apprentice Engineer

    I thought about renaming the beacons instead of painting the flag, but when we tried that everyone ended up shooting at people in the outpost cockpits; the outpost got scrapped pretty fast.
  5. JD.Horx Senior Engineer

    Nice idea! I hope the devs will implement some game modes like this into the game. :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.