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Cosmic Coalescence RP Server: The Expanse World (WE'RE BACK!)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Barrio575, Apr 4, 2016.

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  1. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    Cosmic Coalescence-The Expanse
    Join the Expanse and play with an economy!

    The Expanse is a fun role play server that creates depth with a sound economy mod (easy to pick up) .Custom Map with the original planets and moons and a few more added for fun! Get out there and explore!
    With access to a public stations you can become rich and start your own mobile trade ship or set up shop somewhere more permanent.
    Players can set up their own markets and travel around competing against NPC markets as well as other players'. Set up shop and start designing and selling your blueprints so that you may never have to mine again.
    The only rules here are against cheating/hacking since these can break the atmosphere that we are striving for.

    The publicly accessible station is set in a protected zone, it contains a market with a range of 2.5 km access and also provide public access to economy info and commands.
    So come join us and subscribe for more updated info!

    To join the game just search "Cosmic" or "Expanse" and you will find us!

    -Server: Cosmic Coalescence
    -Name: The Expanse
    -Location: NM, USA

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  2. Diewoe Apprentice Engineer

    Ceres is a beautiful station in Orbit right now around the Earth like planet and the station on the ground is plain GORGEOUS.

    TWO THUMBS UP!!! can't wait to see it when it's at 100%

    When loading in the first time it takes a little bit but just go make some tea/coffee or just wait. Average time is 1 minute to maybe 3 to 4 minuted depending on your PC. All the mods are also in a mod pack and downloading that will cut a massive amount of time off your loading.

    Mod Pack
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  3. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    Server is closed. (Completely offline)
  4. Diewoe Apprentice Engineer

    Just a heads up about the server. Once Multiplayer is in a better shape programming and performance wise and we get our DS up and running we will open back up. So everyone start beating on KEENS door to Fix and improve Multi-player performance and stability.
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  5. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    We are back! Same server name and world name, just a few differences:
    -Only 10 mods (compared to 117 previously) This helps keep the server up after updates, the only mods here are not block related, only add to atmosphere really.
    -No more specialized spawn ships, you only get 3 choices this time around, 2 earth-like landers and 1 space starter. This forces 'expansion' and exploration, get out there and find those planets!
    -1 public trade station only compared to the 2 previously
    -Limits on refineries etc, most other limits are at stock settings
    -More moons and planets for you to explore

    Links, pictures and other information will be updated as the days pass.
  6. Sofa Apprentice Engineer

    Paying the server a visit right now.
  7. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you to those that wish to join our server! To ease frustrations please join our steam group for announcements on when we are going to do server updates and maintenance, thanks!
    Constructive criticism is also welcome, to improve your/our experience.
  8. brenene Trainee Engineer

    how do i join the steam group it is private
  9. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    Apologies for the late reply, the game is open to the public.

    Not sure about the steam group stuff, I think it is by invite only [default], as far as I can tell you cannot let anyone just join, if I am wrong please tell me how to do such a thing.

    Anyhow, everything was running fine for awhile until it wasn't.
    My guess is the more asteroids that are added upon discovery, as well as altered, the worse the game gets.
    The server now occasionally will make your ship go bonkers after docking or jumping, or for no apparent reason.
    For these reasons I will not keep it online, no one has joined in over a week anyhow.

    I love this game and hope the devs get their 'beta' shit together, if that point miraculously comes along then I will host another server.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.