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Dear Keen, Sell us a DLC for ME

Discussion in 'General' started by doncdxx, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    A lot of us fans are a bit upset that ME is "complete". It seems unreasonable to ask you to work on a game that's probably not going to make enough money to cover the cost of further development, so sell us a DLC. Alternate character skins, non-European architecture, or any kind of aesthetic option would be sufficient. We don't want the game to finished in this state, so please sell us some DLC's and use some of that profit to fund further development.
  2. Arkos Trainee Engineer

    Good luck, Keen threw us under the bus and admitted to not caring
  3. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    More money will not fix the problems of ME. It needs passionate developers like DF.
  4. Cetric Junior Engineer

    I am afraid this idea is outdated.
    People are reviewbombing ME already, it's their way of "revenge". Thus remaining sales are affected negatively. And this makes extra development like for a DLC which for beforementioned reasons nobody will buy extremely non-rewarding. Add the usual concerns about DLC being money-grabbing and the picture of negativity is full.
    So, the only way to get out of this mess is a public address by Keen, quite self-critical in character, to rally the remaining followers of ME and a more than half-baked return to development. And they better fill that void with life VERY soon.
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  5. boromir Apprentice Engineer

    @Cetric I agree with you on this. But I think that Keen has some time to rectify this problem. They could relight the fire of ME at a later time with the full force of the entire staff, bringing much of the advancements and lessons learned from SE into the heart of ME. If they ported these solutions into it and brought many community wishes to life, and introduced DLC like they have for SE then I don't think it would be too late for them any time soon.

    That said, the technology of ME is aging so they would have to act before it reached a threshold of decay that no one wanted to play such an old game, or if passing that point then committing a major overhaul to bring it up to date.

    These things are possible but I'm not hopeful that it will happen. I'm sceptic at this time. And for one thing standing down development has gotten the menace of a community milling and grumbling about off the back of Keen at a time when they couldn't commit the time needed and *deserved* to the game. ME has a lot of potential and I think they see that. The time is not now. As many as there are reasons for improving it now, they don't currently align with Marek's and Keen's goals. At some time they may.
  6. Girros Trainee Engineer


    Yes, sometimes it's better to wait