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Dear Santa

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by MaNemaJeff, Dec 16, 2017.

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  1. MaNemaJeff Trainee Engineer

    I've been a good boi this year:
    - Never griefed people
    - Was chill and respectful with the thief when a big ship of mine got stolen (weapons were turned off because they target/targeted projected cryo chambers)
    - Did good commerce with others and never attacked people becuz I wnat peace in the uorld (am a good boi remember ?)

    So yeah, my wish is one, but it's big: it's a Space Engineer server with all these things:
    - Sim speed >0.6, with no spikes (= a stable simspeed)
    - At least 3-4 active players
    - Shields (doesn't matter if they're manually underpowered, just want something to protect the ship from accidentally ramming stuff)
    - Asteroids (doesn't matter if they are manually placed or not)
    - Tiered thrusters
    - At least 1 month old
    - Speed limit: at least 200 m/s

    Typically, when I join a server, this happens:
    - 1 simspeed or something close
    - Cool mods (no exagerations)
    - 5-6-7 players connected
    - Reasonable speed limit (150/200 m/s)

    Then a couple of weeks later:
    - 0.6 simspeed
    - Still the same mods
    - Still the same amount of players

    "0.6 sImSpEd oemg dis lag is unbaerabble" [cit. random dude]

    - Shields get removed
    - Speed limit set to standard (6 millimeters/hour)
    - Half the players now
    - Still 0.6 simspeed

    Yeah no I know what you're thinking. I'm serious Santa: this happened in three servers now. I wish of a place where this doesn't happen, because I'd really love to play multiplayer and feel safe, but after some time I always find myself abandoning due to..."some" decisions admins do

    Is what I'm asking for possible, my dearly beloved Santa ? Does a server like that exist ?

    Best regards,
    a sad astronaut
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  2. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Current status of multiplayer :

    stable simspeed > 0.6 - achievable if all connected players sit still in chairs and don't move or build anything, and scripts, cargo ships, pirates, spiders and wolves are all disabled.
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  3. MaNemaJeff Trainee Engineer

    So basically 0.6 is acheivable by playing the game with no features at all (= lobbysimulator), aknowledged :D
    Looks like I really need to make that pirate ships "project" I talked about some time ago...:(
  4. Sumyunguy Trainee Engineer

    Having a couple of server mods that clean periodically, and being really proactive about setting it up to nuke trash quite often, helps a ton.

    Also, running on a server with more single-thread performance. A lot of the older Xeon CPUs you can grab on Ebay to build a server rig may be cheap, but they have poor instruction-per-clock ratings and the newer ones are big $$$$. Having a machine with a modern desktop processor (i5, i7) would not be a bad idea to have when running a dedicated server (for a single SE server).

    My main list to Santa Keen:
    - Fix multiplayer desync, both peer-to-peer and dedicated.
    - Fix lazy mod download on clients.
    - Allow local mods or unpack mods when downloaded. No more load time punishment for modding the game a bit too much.
  5. urthsong Trainee Engineer

    U get .6 sim speed? I'm so jealous. U r such a spoiled boi :p
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.