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Dedicated Multiplayer Survival Co-Op with Invaders (Attacking Ships)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by MustangDood, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. MustangDood Trainee Engineer

    "Pirate World" is a dedicated private server hosted in Western Canada. The server is well run, administered, and stable.

    The mods have been carefully selected to maintain balance, and enhance the game play, without becoming OP. There are 100 different cargo ships of all classes and sizes slowed down to make capture possible. New ships are addedd and removed periodically, to keep it fresh. The Invaders mod has been configured and tuned to offer the additional challenge of enemy ships that seek out and attack players, ships, and stations. Invaders have a theme and story line, and their fleet is growing all the time.

    In addition to the usual things you do in SE, a lot of time is spent designing, testing, and using new attack craft, bolstering base defenses, capturing and re-fitting cargo ships, and defending against attacking ships.

    There is a regular player base, plus myself. It's a good group of diverse players, all adults, and all fun to hang out with. We have room for a few more. If you are over the age of 21, and have Team Speak, you may be a good fit (both are required, no exceptions). If you are outside of North America, you should have an excellent internet connection and have some overlap in your play time with the North American players.

    If you would like to join the mayhem, are over the age of 21, and have team speak ready to go, you can reply with your interest here. I will add you to my steam friends list, chat with you, and consider adding you to the steam group for the server.



    Id = 408245411, Filename = '408245411.sbm', Name = 'Skybox Heos (Light)'
    Id = 305329302, Filename = '305329302.sbm', Name = 'Small Ship Mega Mod Pack'
    Id = 340091142, Filename = '340091142.sbm', Name = 'Az Passenger Seat & Open Cockpit'
    Id = 300679004, Filename = '300679004.sbm', Name = 'Maglock Surface Docking Clamps V2.0'
    Id = 347612102, Filename = '347612102.sbm', Name = 'Armor Panels [By UncleSte]'
    Id = 295393216, Filename = '295393216.sbm', Name = 'Armor Thrusters'
    Id = 340490199, Filename = '340490199.sbm', Name = 'Nickel Alloy Armor Blocks'
    Id = 377440133, Filename = '377440133.sbm', Name = 'S Lights'
    Id = 350106127, Filename = '350106127.sbm', Name = 'CSD Battlecannon'
    Id = 389589518, Filename = '389589518.sbm', Name = 'Cockpit'
    Id = 356806387, Filename = '356806387.sbm', Name = 'SP Cockpit'
    Id = 336343184, Filename = '336343184.sbm', Name = 'Azimuth Cockpit'
    Id = 344299482, Filename = '344299482.sbm', Name = 'CSD Scattercannon'
    Id = 344954925, Filename = '344954925.sbm', Name = 'CSD Autocannon'
    Id = 309057836, Filename = '309057836.sbm', Name = 'Conveyor Expansion [ModPack]'
    Id = 363371127, Filename = '363371127.sbm', Name = 'BetterOreDetectors'
    Id = 364731781, Filename = '364731781.sbm', Name = 'Midspace's exploration ship scan'
    Id = 402727385, Filename = '402727385.sbm', Name = 'Widescreen TV - LCD Panel'
    Id = 298550266, Filename = '298550266.sbm', Name = 'Letters Mod'
    Id = 347929047, Filename = '347929047.sbm', Name = 'DoorMod [By UncleSte]'
    Id = 294621451, Filename = '294621451.sbm', Name = 'Big Gate'
    Id = 298821902, Filename = '298821902.sbm', Name = 'Kolt16 Small Cockpits + Armor (Cleaned up, debugged, and repaired for Steam Workshop)'
    Id = 388580965, Filename = '388580965.sbm', Name = 'Minotaur Cannon'
    Id = 294555339, Filename = '294555339.sbm', Name = 'Titan Engine'
    Id = 392743762, Filename = '392743762.sbm', Name = 'Doorpack'
    Id = 377820399, Filename = '377820399.sbm', Name = 'TVSI-Tech Interior Glass Complete'
    Id = 341674761, Filename = '341674761.sbm', Name = 'S Guns - All at once'
    Id = 404355085, Filename = '404355085.sbm', Name = 'Large Armor Thruster Colored'
    Id = 325188253, Filename = '325188253.sbm', Name = 'Invaders + Kill Counter'
    Id = 406967179, Filename = '406967179.sbm', Name = 'PulseLaser'
    Id = 405004158, Filename = '405004158.sbm', Name = 'Round Armor Thruster'
    id = 406244471, Filename = '406244471.sbm', Name = 'Better Stone [v03] [Ice and Oxygen Patch]'
    Id = 340095691, Filename = '340095691.sbm', Name = 'Dedicated Essentials Client Side Mod'
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  2. Lithorn Trainee Engineer

    What has my interest is the AI attacks. That to me was enough to tease my interest. I've got many hours in SE but, MPPVP Kinda sucks. Build rockets, blow up everything. Meh. I like the idea of my base defending itself, not just against meteors. Player ships have the advantage of shooting outside the weapons range and still getting effective hits. I really hated that most weapon ranges say "800" yet unguided types like the minigun/Launcher are around, 1500-2000? Base defenses are useless agains't that. Setting any turret to attack missiles would have them attack their own (Been a while since I checked this).

    Anyway, I'd love to come try this out. Steam me, ID is Lithorn.
  3. MustangDood Trainee Engineer

    The following Announcement was made in our Steam Group for the server (we're having fun):

    Defence & Security Intelligence & Analysis - Alien Report 00124 MARCH - GLADIATOR
    <div class="bodytext" id="abody_123061426229239726">The following information from the DSIA has been declassified. This information should be reviewed by all Forces, and can be used to evaluate a threat assessment, and to help decide what actions to take:

    *Generally Speaking*, it has been observed that all Mk1 models pose minimal threat, and can be defeated by light base defenses.

    Mk2 models appear to be more armored, and have from 1 to 5 clips of ammunition per hardpoint. These can also be defeated by small to moderate base defenses, but expect some damage to your turrets.

    The Mk3 hulls have been rumored to exist, but have not been observed. Our top analysts assume that a Mk3 variant would have the same armor and hardpoints as the base ship, but would most likely have 50 clips of ammunition. These ships should be intercepted, to avoid moderate damage to your stations. A Mk3 would likely defeat stationary defense, and then turn it's attention to other targets at your stations and ships, potentially causing moderate damage.

    As far as weapon types go, these seem to be specific to each type of ship, and are varied. This should also be considered when evaluating what threat you are facing. For example, the Mosquito is a light scout, and a Wasp is a light gunship.

    Pilots engaging the Renegade and Alien fleets are encouraged to share the intel that is gathered.

    Fly safe!
  4. SCxLS Apprentice Engineer

    PM Sent.
  5. MustangDood Trainee Engineer

    Welcome. :)
  6. Snaaky Trainee Engineer

    I think I might be interested in joining the fun. My steam ID is Snaaky.
  7. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Sounds interesting, how long has the world been running? What mods are being run? What are the lead factions? Is there a world back story? What is the average SIM speed for players? Is it more PvP or PvE? Ok all the questions I could think of off the top of my head, sorry for the long list.
  8. MustangDood Trainee Engineer

    @Snaaky : There are a couple "Snaaky" on Steam, can you give more details? Where do you live?

    @ObjectZero: Read the OP again, it's not PvP. Sim speed is based on the clients, not the server. Posting the mod list is not easy, the server only has the numbers. I'll put the numbers in the OP.
  9. SCxLS Apprentice Engineer


    Flashy ships, tons of enemies, lots of teamwork - great fun!
  10. CyberFerretHD Trainee Engineer

    Hello, I would love to play with you and these other guys that you speak of, I am however only 18, so I guess you will just have to get to know me first :woot: Steam name is CyberFerretHD
  11. glaz Trainee Engineer

    hi, im interested in joining. steam id is Evl05
  12. rottielover Apprentice Engineer

    Sounds very interesting, and well thought out.

    I'd like to offer you a suggestion, in your post you listed the Steam ID's for your mod list, if you open up your server's log file you'll find that shortly after the server starts up it will leave you a nicely formatted mod list to post that includes the Steam Titles. You could re-format that without having to paste in all the ID's for people to search one by one. :)
  13. glaz Trainee Engineer

    i'd like to join, steam id is evl05 thx!
  14. Tajin Apprentice Engineer

    Why don't you simply add those mods to a collection and link that here?
  15. MustangDood Trainee Engineer

    I don't match any Steam IDs with "evl05".
  16. SCxLS Apprentice Engineer

    I'll try to jump on tonight. Works crazy. Finished the last of the design thought process for the combat medical frigate. +1 for small ship mag locks!
  17. Xentor Junior Engineer

    Haven't done much MP, but this looks like it could be interesting. Give me a reason to get back into SE (Been waiting for compound blocks, inter-grid communication, some other amazing update to renew my interest)...

    Steam ID is the same as my forum name... As is the image, in case there's a copycat out there.
  18. SCxLS Apprentice Engineer

    Woman is out of town tonight, I will see everyone online around 6pm MST.
  19. bluedot Trainee Engineer

    Hey, i'm interested in joining. Steam link is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Bluedot/
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.