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Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Sardaukai, Jul 17, 2018.

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  1. Sardaukai

    Sardaukai Trainee Engineer

    Hi all,

    while the new multiplayer update is just a step away i am going to rent a new server to setup a dedicated server.

    With v.1.186 i had a following specs:

    4 Cores
    12 GB RAM (SE ran on a RAM-Disk)
    Windows 2012R2 Server

    But we had a lot of issues - so we stopped to play.

    Does the new MP-Update benefit from more Cores? (Intel Xeon Gold 6140))
    So what is better 2 - 4 or 10 Cores?

    Or only one fast core?

  2. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    More than one, but fewer and faster will be more useful than more and slower, only some parts of the code is multithreaded.
  3. Sardaukai

    Sardaukai Trainee Engineer

    Ah I see,

    maybe one of the devs can answer this Question:

    What kind of Server did you use at multiplayer test ?

    EDIT: Is it new??

    DS Recommended:
    CPU 4.5GHz, 3 logical cores
    10G RAM
    Static IP address, if you intend to host the game publicly, so that anyone from the Internet can connect to it
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  4. TheJallie

    TheJallie Trainee Engineer

    Yup they have updated the DS guide.
  5. Babbus

    Babbus Trainee Engineer

    So what core should we use? can someone actually give us a recommended core name?
  6. MTXRooster

    MTXRooster Trainee Engineer

    Go with your gut: The most expensive, close-to-cutting-edge-Gen you can afford. Filter that with faster actual core speed vs. number of cores. "Turbo" (CPU's actual rated speed, not the dumbed down for "eco-friendly wattage saving blah blah") also factored, if applicable, and I mean, if you're going all out, whichever of those bleeding-edge CPU's just happens to Overclock the best and the highest.

    In reality, you're going to use what you can afford. The thing is, as others have alluded to, if you're looking at a large server, there isn't really(tm) a CPU released yet that can tame this server just yet.

    If you're not doing anything massively large, well, maybe not even anything large, just about anything released in the last 5 years, long as it's high GHz with all the RAM the board can hold and use will do ya :)

    If you're a gamer, particularly an older gamer.. Think of it like this.. When Unreal Tournament (and it's sequels) came out, I'm taking when they were released NEW to the world... No one, not nVidia, ATI, Matrox, etc,. made a card that you could run that game at max settings. It took another generation of GPU's, maybe even TWO down the road before you could honestly play a UT game cranked on max settings, because the games were just that far ahead of their time. Space Engineers Servers are like that for your CPU (and RAM). That's why the recommended is 4+Ghz!! lol. Ya buy/rent/use what ya can, and scale your mods/playerlimit/worldsize accordingly.
  7. smooreace

    smooreace Trainee Engineer

    Now THATS funny! NO... SE is NOT that advanced! It's just TERRIBLE poorly written!

    Ultimately, core count is meaningless as long as you have 2. And RAM is almost irrelevant as well. 2 servers will run just as well on 16 gig as they will with 256 gig. Its ALL about raw core speed! The more you have the better.
  8. MTXRooster

    MTXRooster Trainee Engineer

    I'm not in a position to argue with the coding; I feel that statement could be made of every piece of software in existence. But I do disagree with the part about it not being advanced. You don't think? List a couple games, if ya will, that cover anywhere near the amount of "space" (map/world size), in which any and all portions of the world contain unlimited amounts of blocks and mechanisms which can be constantly active (IE refineries refining, etc), factor in that they could be moving/stationary, that there could be any number of players online at once, and that the entire thing is run on one PC. Not a cluster of servers, not a server farm where sections of the "world" are delegated to unique servers with inventory and character servers managing every aspect of your experience, just one system for it all. Don't forget to include in this the millions of calculations for physics, sound, NPC's, and the probably large list of things I haven't mentioned. If you don't think a SE is a server that is not advanced, I don't think you've thought about this..

    By comparison:

    Eve Online Here's some specs on their hardware: https://www.eveonline.com/article/tranquility-tech-3/
    World of Warcraft Specs (old and outdated, but a great comparison for a far more simple game: https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2009/11/25/wows-back-end-10-data-centers-75000-cores

    So yeah.. I think what SE dedicated is able to accomplish on just one solitary server is pretty advanced.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.