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Dedicated server please help!

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by HyperGaming20, Jan 14, 2019.


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  1. HyperGaming20 Trainee Engineer

    Hey, I’m currently hosting a dedicated server from ovh and I operate on Ubuntu 16.04.

    I was wondering how I would go about running a space engineers server on Linux because I saw a few older posts about it around 3 years ago but then I saw that Linux support was dropped which is a bit of a nightmare since I use Linux for everything.

    So I was wondering if I could use docker or some other software or container to run a space engineers server for myself and a few friends.

    I don’t want to purchase a windows server because that’s just extra expenses that I have to pay each month. Also before you guys start suggesting to use a space engineers hosting company. I’ll kindly pass because I like having 100% control over the server and management.

    If there are any hosts that offer servers like OVH then that would be great. I do appreciate everything that anyone has to comment about or to suggest. I really really would like to make this work on Linux so bad. Honestly. I’m tied between getting a windows server and running space engineers on that then running virtual machines to split it up into Linux and windows but that would require me paying for a windows license which is more expenses.

    Anyway thank you all for your time.
  2. Malware Master Engineer

    Linux support wasn't dropped, there was never any official Linux support. There were just a few clever individuals managing to shoe-horn it into functioning. As far as I'm aware, these days technical limitations prevent this from working. I'm afraid I can't remember the details but there was something SE requires that Linux does not support. Unfortunately for Linux fans, Keen doesn't have the resources to create and maintain a Linux version. Not right now at least.
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  3. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Seriously, apart from the fact that it won't run on Linux, why would you even want to do this ? Look at the servers already available. The vast majority of them have zero players. A few dozen servers globally have more than one player, and most of those have only two or three. The game runs so badly and is so buggy in multi-player right now all but a handful of former players and a few new ones even attempt it at any time. I don't believe it will ever be as popular as it was three or four years ago when multi-player activity peaked and the game was generally enjoyable and mostly functional.
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  4. HyperGaming20 Trainee Engineer

    See my buddies and myself managed to hit around 9 people online we peaked at 14 but we always had at least 6-8 people online because the way the map was setup it reduced the stress on the server and client because the map wasn’t infinite. They was able to play without much lag. A few deaths here and there due to stability issues but other than that. It was alright to play and was enjoyable.

    Just because the game won’t be as popular in a few weeks months or years time. Won’t stop myself and a few friends having fun. Back to my original post I’m still looking for a host like OVH that’s cheap enough to maintain.
  5. Badwolfvapor Trainee Engineer

    I have to say I wish for the Same thing. I run Linux 100% of the time. Its faster and requires less resources. I've found a work around i have a dedicated server running VMs and I screen cast my game with Steam.

    But I'd love to see the server side running Linux API. the only thing i think is holding them back is .Net Framework. I dont think the dedicated server uses DX. It would require work to get off the ground but completely doable. heck if they made the server a open source project there would be 1000s willing to put time into it.
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  6. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    I have been waiting for Linux to have "it's day in the sun" still haven't figured out why it has not grown a stronger user base.
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  7. HyperGaming20 Trainee Engineer

    Honestly I wish they stopped focusing on adding stuff into the game and fix the bugs they’ve made. Multiplayer is a buggy mess still. Doesn’t support Linux which btw most server hosting companies use to run steam games and other games like minecraft. Linux is the way forward and it would gain a ton of attention if they added server support for Linux. But you’re right if they don’t want to do the work then make the server files open source. Post it on GitHub and announce it on steam and they would have a couple 100 people if not more work on porting it to Linux. Not only would hosting prices be cheaper. But the player base would grow a lot. A lot of my friends was put off because they needed to either home host it or pay for it from a host which is either shared or priced stupidly. Although most of the space engineers servers are empty it’s because the game is dying and I hate to say it. Even tho I don’t even own medieval engineers I’ve seen more work done on that game than I ever have with space engineers. It sucks. SE is a great game and I don’t want it to die. If only they supported Linux. More servers would be open. More communities would be alive and the servers will start to fill up. Don’t forget to smash out a couple of bugs and performance issues. Simply capping the software for a player limit doesn’t actually help with performance at all. See now I could go on and on about the server limitations the last major update bought to SE servers but tbh all we want to see is Linux support. It would mean a lot to the community if that was a thing since not everyone wants to pay for a windows server with a windows license running it and paying a stupid price for a small server that probably won’t even get used 80% of the time.
  8. Malware Master Engineer

    It's not. You can run .Net/C# on Linux. However there's some 64-bit native interop thing, as I said I forget exactly what, that doesn't work on Linux. SE isn't pure .NET/C#. There's also a question whether they have a Havok license that will cover a Linux build. I wouldn't be surprised if that's not really a problem though.

    That would for all intents and purposes mean making the game open source. This game is server authoritive. The server runs all game logic. On purpose; it used to be otherwise. In addition the Havok license is likely to get in the way again, even if it does cover a Linux build. It's highly unlikely that this license is permissible enough to allow for open-source development. Such licenses rarely are; they're usually company wide or even developer seat based. Ergo sum; that's not an option.