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Dedicated Server Software?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Hungrypunkr, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Hungrypunkr Trainee Engineer

    So I want to ask when can we expect to see Dedicated server software? I am part of a large community looking to get some dedicated servers. I have some open servers, but I can't proceed without the software.
  2. DocTanner Junior Engineer

    To borrow from League of Legends: Soon(TM)

    In other words, no one knows. But hopefully quickly.

    Also, your poll violates forum rules.
  3. Hungrypunkr Trainee Engineer

    Im Sorry, the Poll was an after thought, And I dont know how to get rid of it
  4. Hungrypunkr Trainee Engineer

    I just wanted to see if people were interested
  5. GoTo2k Trainee Engineer

    I'd say that when you are interested in multiplayer, then it's safe to assume that you are interested in dedicated server software as well (or you don't know what that is ;) )

    And if you're only interested in the singleplayer, then you won't care about dedicated servers.

    I don't think there is a majority for the direct-connect system which we have right now
  6. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    You're asking "When" and the poll is "YAY" and "NAY" .... What's this thread about ?
    Asking if there will be dedicated servers ? Yes there will be, as posted several times on the forums.
    Asking if people want a dedicated server ? Who doesn't ... Except Singleplayer players, of course ...

    PS to DocTanner :
    Wasn't the "Soon" legend from one of the Duke Nukem "episode" never coming out, at first ? :3
  7. DocTanner Junior Engineer

    Yes, but LoL-fans made it the (not actually) registered trademark of RIOT. :p
  8. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    LoL community is quite ... Varied. And I mostly never liked people I crossed on it so far, somehow, sorry. :(
  9. DocTanner Junior Engineer

    It is... varied, yes.
  10. rubafix Trainee Engineer

    windows or linux server software ??
  11. DocTanner Junior Engineer

    The game currently has dependancies which require a windows platform. This would be true for a server as well.
  12. X39 Trainee Engineer

    he he
    here we come to one of the core problems c# has
    no preprocessor :F (no easy way to create a dedicated server just through "disabling the rendering part" (please note the "!))

    in my opinion
    dedicated servers are the most important thing currently as they are a core feature which is required for large scale community testing (not only internal testing on the devs side)
    it would increase MP performance significantly
  13. kennyevo Trainee Engineer

    Until the game's engine is in C# I don't think they will make a cross platform dedicated server :D
    Maybe 1 or 2 years from now they will realize how big mistake they did when they decided to make a game in C# :D
  14. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Why cant dedicated servers be done on C# ?

    Actual reason ?
  15. DocTanner Junior Engineer

    It can. It's the cross-platform part that's the problem.
  16. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    C# does have a pre-processor and yes, you can "disable" the compilation of blocks of code with pre-processor directives. But as with any language, theres only so much of that you can do, before you end up with a spaghetti of pre-pro directives all over the place, and greyed-out code blocks everywhere.

    Sooner or later, you have to split them up and have them share a common core (in this case the networking stuff). :p

    I'm inclined to agree with this at the moment. Its possible they could do it via MonoGame (which has improved massively over the last year).

    But, since SE is built on a custom engine in complety under sharpDX, it'll most likely take them a lot of time to create a MonoGame port of it. That, and despite MonoGame being extremely performant compared to what it was a year ago, I'm still not sure it'd be up to the task of handling a beast like Space Engineers with a decent amount of performance.

    Saying that, MonoGame does use SharpDX too for the Windows xp/vista/7/8 and WP8 part of it. So who am I to say its not easily possible. :p
  17. tomxp411 Apprentice Engineer

    #if/#end if blocks in c# aren't preprocessor directives?
  18. X39 Trainee Engineer

    just saw it ...
    mainly thought that because macros where not working and on the stackoverflow thread to that question the top one said that there is no preprocessor (as there are no macros ... thats partly true)

    but that does not matters
    it has preprocessor
    no big clue to disable the render part (but Syncaidius is right ... would lead to spaghetti code)

    at the end
    i also would be fine with a C# based dedicated server ... (as im running ArmA 3 servers ... it does not matters for me)
    but at the end i think
    without a propper script language (or any other modder API) it wont make that much sense at all (maybe for performance reasons but ... thats rly everything!)
  19. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    At this stage in development, they're pretty far from "maxing out" C# or SharpDX.

    The fact that the game currently uses DirectX 9.0c rather than 10/11 is reason enough to assume they've given themselves plenty of space to expand Space Engineers, and more importantly VRage engine.

    DirectX 11 has some sweet features they could use to get a massive performance boost, such as tessellation, geometry shaders and hull shaders. Then there are things like Direct Compute which allow heavy math work to be offloaded to your GPU(s) rather than eating up your CPU.

    SharpDX supports every single one of those, since it is simply a wrapper around the entire DirectX SDK.
    Its not a small task, but its definitly in the "very possible" arena. :)

    On the cross-platform side, if they wanted to support OpenGL and Mono (without using MonoGame) theres always OpenTK for C# which is a full wrapper for OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL.

    There's massive amounts of room left for lots of other features.

    I'll shutup now, but if your interested in the heavy tech stuff, Google a few of those APIs/Wrappers. :)

    TL/DR: SE is very far away from maxing out C#, but could possibly max out DirectX 9 (which it currently uses) before the meat of the gameplay is finished.
  20. Ver Apprentice Engineer

    It goes without saying that there needs to be a dedicated server and a master server list.
  21. Pirheas Trainee Engineer

    So, apparently the dedicated server will be coded in C# (and my server is a Linux and I can't afford to buy the Windows server license).

    Is it a chance that the dev will try to make the server compatible with Mono-project ( http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page ) ?

    It would be greatly appreciated. :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.