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Deserts of Kharak in SE, anyone? Faction Survival PVP starting Saturday on DS!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by piratep2r, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. piratep2r

    piratep2r Trainee Engineer

    Small scout hovercraft fence back and forth around gargantuan lumbering hover tanks. Volleys of gunfire, rockets, and player made weapons thunder. Overhead, the engines of hydrogen-powered fighters scream as they corkscrew wildly in a deadly dogfight. Do you have what it takes to survive battle on this desolate desert planet? Join us on the whitelisted server Last Bastion and find out this Saturday (1/6/18) at 5pm EST.

    Three factions start on a flat desert planet. Between them is a conquest beacon base (CB); the victor (with the most conquest points) will get to escape the planet at the end of the two-week iteration, while the losers will be left behind.

    The conquest beacon base itself is ringed by or deposits at 1.5 km from the CB. The CB will only give points and a little bit of platinum,meaning that the ring of ore deposits is the only source of all materials on the planet. Ice, however, will be more evenly distributed. Also, “drop” events will happen on this resource ring, making this central area a hotspot.

    Atmo engines are modded out of the game, and wheel use is discouraged. Instead, modded hover engines are a cheap and reliable way to move around, as are wings. Thrust will come from ion or hydrogen engines only. Hydrogen engines will be easier to use on small grid because a modded 3x3x3 tank will be available. However, the strong desert winds mean that large grid ships will be limited to a maximum speed of 50 m/s, meaning that small grids will run rings around them.

    Base attack will be outlawed, but bases can be no closer to the center point than 15 km, both to encourage people to be online and to encourage people to be close to the action.

    Sound interesting? Come join us at this discord link, so you can get any last minute announcements and voice your opinion in discussion!

    (Draft) iteration rules and build guide here.
    (Draft) modlist is here.
    Server rules are here.
    The Last Bastion (LB) is a donation-funded, whitelisted SE server that has been running since early spring of 2017. LB requires Discord voice to be used (to encourage community) and generally runs 2-week long survival faction-based PVP iterations designed to encourage players to interact with heavily modified world-, block-, and rule-sets. We use an approved script list.

    Past iterations have included a road-warrior style scenario, mixed fleet-based iterations, grav drive iterations, conquest beacon iterations, and hydrogen-only iterations... and we welcome new ideas!
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.