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[Dev 1.58] tier 3 hand drill unequipable

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by jandraelune, Oct 23, 2016.

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  1. jandraelune Apprentice Engineer

    " Proficient " Just that one, all 3 other types of hand drill equip just fine.
  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    the silver metal one?! O.o

    nooooo that's usually always the one i get my hands on until im blessed with a meritor storm that contains platinum
  3. anders w Apprentice Engineer

    same in creative?

    i have used it just fine today in creative
  4. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    they seem to become problematic when sitting in a seat/cockpit of some sort with the tools in hand.... if this is the same bug... to fix, drop it back into an inventory of some sort that isnt a seat that you are sat in
  5. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    Have this on my DS too - "older" T3 drills that was "maked" before one of the last updates dont work - you "can" select it, but for the char, the drill not appear in front of you, for other player it looks normal, and you cant drill with it .... to "fix" -> disassemble the drill and build an new (or spawn) - this works then ...
    The Game is getting better ............................................

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  6. Bigfatcat Trainee Engineer

    I hope it's not a problem to bring this up again, this bug still occurs and I can't see a related entry in the 'The Bug List to End All Bug Lists'.
    The only (possibly relevant) mention of hand drills cites "drill disappearing in survival" - which is a bit vague and doesn't appear to describe this issue.

    R-Team's fix does work. As described, it appears to be a problem with Elite Hand Drills, made on old (pre-beta) saves.
    To elaborate:
    • Playing on my old (pre-beta) save file...
    • I could equip all of my tools except the Elite Hand Drill, which I already had - and was also made pre-beta.
    • Removing, re-equipping or re-organising the Elite Hand Drill's toolbar placement had no effect.
    • Following R-Team's suggestion, I disassembled my old Elite Hand Drill and assembled a new one.
    • This new Elite Hand Drill is fully functional.
    With this solution, the bug isn't a big deal, but I thought it was still worth mentioning.
  7. jandraelune Apprentice Engineer

    =.= This bug is STILL around in current [Dev 1.173]
  8. jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    ...and in 1.175 for the initial hand drill.
  9. Sykel Trainee Engineer

    1.177 included
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.