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Docked GPS Generator

Discussion in 'Programming Released Codes' started by Wicorel, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. Wicorel Senior Engineer

    Generates GPS coordinates for use for Keen Autopilot docking.

    To get GPS coords into Keen system:

    1) Open then named text panel
    2) Click 'Edit Public Text'
    3) close window
    4) Open Keen GPS panel (far right tab)
    5) GPS coordinates appear as gray. They will be kept temporarily.
    6) To permanently save coordinate, just interact with it.
    7) Go to remote control and add coordinates to autopilot
    8) First add 'home', then 'docking entry', then 'dock'
    9) Set mode to Reverse.

    NOTE: Remote control must be aligned with Connector to have docking alignment

    The code needs two named blocks: Remote Control and a text panel. Change names of needed blocks in code.

    An optional name is added to the name of GPS coordinates generated. Useful if you have multiple ships generating coordinates.

    Code does not save state, so calculated coordinates are lost on reload.


    Example text panel output:

    GPS:SDCa100 Dock:8.43585913723156:388.714206890331:253.40865491345:
    GPS:SDCa100 Docking Entry:-8.10844087535672:384.587111326754:242.956228434274:
    GPS:SDCa100 Home Entry:-32.9248908942391:378.396467981389:227.27758871551:
    GPS:SDCa100 Current Position:8.43585913723156:388.714206890331:253.40865491345:
  2. Bobylein Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the script, it works wonderful!

    But do you have any idea how to fix the problem that the auto-pilot tends to hover some meters over the waypoints and so don't get to the dock?
  3. Wicorel Senior Engineer

    is the remote control in line with the connector?

    The waypoint generated is at the remote control block.. If the remote is not aligned with the connector, then the craft can be rotated and be 'off'.

    Or maybe it's another problem with autopilot; they did just re-write it.

    Do you have a video or (even better) an example world?
  4. SpecFrigateBLK3 Senior Engineer

    Might be collision avoidance at work?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.