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each game needs this

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Shockwaye, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. Shockwaye Trainee Engineer

    each game needs a multiplayer chat and the players name on their heads, the 2 things that would REALLY help! (also a astronaut color change option wouldn't be so bad) :rolleyes:
  2. Shiliski Apprentice Engineer

    Yes to first, no to second unless we are within like a 5 ft range. Stealth is a thing that matters in this game, so names over heads would run counter to that.
  3. Shockwaye Trainee Engineer

    the names on the heads would help, cuz i kick innocent ppl until i kick the right one
  4. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    Noted: do not join shockwaye's server… he cant be bothered to make it friends only…
  5. anybodysguess Apprentice Engineer

    I think the OWNER of the server should be able to see who is who. But not all the time so it doesn't give him an advantage either.
  6. GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    Ah yes, its the old "I don't have a scalpel so I'll use a nuke" option.

    All that's required is some sort of a status screen that shows all connected players, their names, and how many blocks they've constructed/destroyed in their current session. Shouldn't be hard at that point to root out a trouble maker.
  7. OrangeAaron Apprentice Engineer

    I don't even know how to tell when someone has joined...
  8. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Should be an option maybe , for server side.
  9. Letoras Trainee Engineer

    I talk through beacons, set a beacon and change the name.
    It's awfully low speed chat i know......:)
  10. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Personally I don't like floating name tags in games. What gives others the right to know who I am until I introduce my self. If its a friend or both agrees to show, then I think its ok. If I'm there to just blow up your ship its hard to infiltrate if I have red label following me everywhere. Maybe add it with friend and foe id system but you don't know who it is unless unless they answer it. I would allow server admin to have a way to see all the players names but not everyone.

    This I think also helps bullies in the server to identify weak targets, "Oh there's the guy who got really pissed yesterday, lets call frank, nick & steve and go destroy his ship" With no name tags it mite go something like. "Oh cool ship can I build with you" Mite even end up making a friend.

    Either way I'm not against or for the name tags, wont stop me from playing. Just wanted to share my 2 cents about them.
  11. Nailcake Trainee Engineer

    Works both ways; "Oh there is the bully who attacked me yesterday, lets call a dozen ppl from my alliance and hunt him down until he runs away crying".

    I would like to see names on ppl in this game.
  12. Shroudeye Trainee Engineer

    Well. Just played a MP server which had a whole bunch of griefers, so here is my 2 cents:

    I'll say that one should be able to see the player name, one way or another. *when* one would see it should depend on the game type you are playing.

    For example, in a creative server I should be able to see that guy's name who just decided to grief that big, complex station which took ages to construct by me/other guy(s); so I can report that person. I'm in there to create stuff with other players, and if someone's being a thorn all the time, we should be able to ask that person to stop, or if all else fails, kick/ban that person.

    This is completely different in a PvP/faction server: It is okay to see the player names when we've got a line-of-sight, in a certain range. If someone is trying to sneak up on me should be able to do so without their player names giving them away... Same goes for me too, so I can return the favor. :D
  13. tomxp411 Apprentice Engineer

    How exactly is that? While I can think of a couple of games with broken nametag implementations, most don't show nametags through walls or other solid surfaces.

    Besides, stealth in space? No. Spacesuits and spacecraft use and radiate a lot of energy. In space, no one can hear you scream, but they can ALL see you coming a hundred miles away.
  14. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    This. Or stats next to names in the player list to say who deleted/destroyed what in the last X minutes/seconds.

    Being able to see when someone joins/leaves would be nice too.
  15. ctiberious Apprentice Engineer

    I've not logged into a multiplayer session yet but I would think there are times when you need to know which "man in spacesuit" you're talking to or which "man is spacesuit" is destroying your stuff.
    For communication, couldn't we have the HUD highlight the engineer that is talking? Make the highlighting only last a short while and only be visible to people on your chat channel (assuming there are multiple channels). Could color coordinate the highlighting with the engineers name in your chat window for conversations with multiple engineers.
    For griefing, tracking or anything else, we should be able to "tag" engineers using the onboard computers on our suits. Tagged engineers would have a mark on our HUD when they were within 1-2km. We should also be able to determine what the "tag" is. By default it'd be something like a cross but we could also code in the engineers name. This information would, however, only be visible to the Engineer that is doing the tagging.

    Put the two systems together and it's perfectly possible for an engineer to be "stealthy" by simply not speaking in chat, while giving individual engineers the ability to "track" players.

    Server admin should get a list of all logged in users along with some details (like what others have suggested). Server admins should not automatically know who a specific engineer is simply by looking at them. However, I do think that if a server admin "tags" an engineer, that tag should appear on the admin's list. So if an admin needs to kick someone he sees causing a problem, he just tags them, then kicks them.
  16. Volthorne Apprentice Engineer

    I disagree with your views on admins not being able to automatically figure out who everyone is without putting in considerable effort. Know why? I'll put it in a scenario.

    Imagine a twenty-person server being full, so it's a bit hard to keep track of all the individual engineers, especially if they're flying around helping others with different projects. Now, some random jackass joins up, says nothing, not a word. He flies around for a while, picks a target, starts griefing, and then sets it up to look like the innocent player is the one doing the griefing, getting them kicked/banned.

    How do you prevent this? If admins were to be notified of a new player joining and given their name, along with being able to see the names of all players with a special admin function, then you might have a solution. But not giving the admins the tools to control their own servers is downright unacceptable. If I had to camp the spawn area to make sure all of the players were tagged (so I could bag them later if necessary), I wouldn't even bother putting the server up in the first place.
  17. tomxp411 Apprentice Engineer

    Jeepers... what's so bad about nametags?

    I keep hearing "but stealth..." with no demonstration of how nametags break stealth. A good nametag system will only show the tags when you can already see the person.
  18. Kosnark Trainee Engineer

    I posed on the patch notes yesterday and got a mod response about name tags. I made my argument and they agreed this feature would help many players and added it to the feature list with a *PROBABLY* next update they could add it.
    The stealth arguments and abuse by admins of name tags is easily avoidable with any semi-competent system. EG. In a build only creative or group survival server there is no need for stealth. An easy check box style - enable name tags- would suffice; bonus feature give us a FOV for name tags eg. Name tags show at 1km. If you want to pvp battle enable copy paste and disable name tags; bonus: allow us to set up spawn points.
    In the finished version I assume the Faction tab will become used in which name tags would be shone to friendly people in the faction or allied factions while disabled to enemies, this would also be the same for beacons on stations and ships. No reason at all why you wouldn't want to know where you wing man was in a world where relative points will be difficult in stealth environments.
    To the people flaming server hosts for not making servers friend only to avoid greifers and kicking players in a game of "who dun it": Thats simply counterproductive.
    I host a server almost every day and I go between public and friend only as well as make use of the kick button. I am one of the few I have seen who actively moderate, but, this is my method given our tools :
    I tell new players the rules ( Welcome X please do not greif or alter others work without permission. Ok?) If I don't get an answer in an appropriate time they get kicked. If they just don't feel like talking then they can play single player. They are welcome to rejoin and respond at any time. I start the server at a low count, reach a stable player base, then expand the player count. This helps me figure out who is doing the greifing so I don't accidentally kick innocent players. Even in instances where I have, they rejoin, ask why they got kicked, and I apologize letting them know I was trying to fix greifing. No one has bitched about this yet and if they do thats their problem. I'm trying to host a server for people to have fun on without needing to troll forums, send dozens of friend requests, and fight to find a decent server. Once I get 8 or so players I make it friend only and if the players have fun and enjoy my company I invite them to friend me after playing with me for at least an hour. My pvp servers, and copy paste servers are friend only however due to greifing.

    P.S. Please don't start a witch hunt with public shaming and blacklists. I said the same on Reddit : This will in no way improve the community or the game. I do keep a private blacklist for multiple offenders and trolls.
  19. fobfromgermany Trainee Engineer

    Griefing is out of control on the public MP servers (every one ive been on anyways). There definitely needs to be a nametag if youre looking at the engineer and theyre within a certain distance. Also the warhead-assault rifle thing is getting old really quickly. But I suppose implementation of survival will take care of that
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.