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Einharjar's Hall of Valhalla

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Einharjar, May 25, 2016.

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  1. Einharjar Junior Engineer


    Whoa, havn't talked to Ronin in awhile. I mean, it's THE Ronin1973? Man you had some great points on other topics back when I was more active.

    This is a long time ago issue, judging by the date of the quote. The issue has since been ID'd on how the game calculates an objects mass and health pool. Each unit of component has a value that contributes to the total mass of a block. Light Armor for small ships is literally 1 unit of steal plating, which makes it weight very little over all. The weight of a single block of a conveyor though? Well, a LOT more components goes into a single unit for a conveyor, and thus it literally has a mass 10 times that of a single armor block. Thus, I identified that with my designs that Piping my ships is actually where most of the mass is concentrated. Anything with conveyor properties has a component list that quite heavy in mass, so that's what gives most ships their average over weight issues. Gyros are heavy thanks to a high component list too, but you only need so many.

    I use mods, including a mass reduction mod. However, even that mod doesn't work much. As you can see with my fighter designs of old, they're heavily using custom armor ramp mods. Some of those blocks are 6 units long, meaning it's 1 steel plate for 6 blocks worth of shell. So even with the mass reduction mod and the custom armor ramps, that MiG 144 was still stupidly over weight, requiring a retarded amount of thrust to fly.

    You basically cannot use real life material stats for SEs builds. I should be able to take a 20,000kg fighter and push out only 15,000kg of thrust and still fly. Not in SE. The Mass of the MiG is so heavy that I slide worse than a Warlus in a skating ring.
  2. Einharjar Junior Engineer


    Alright fellow warriors of Odyn! It's time for an update (thanks to @I23I7 getting that hotfix for GPU detection issues! WOO! ) on the Concept ISD!

    Behold ye eyes! Ah, rather normal beauty shot here. So I've done most of the work on the internal shell layers, essentially prepping the inner hull to be fully kitted and designed deck by deck. I also did a lot more gibbling (?) work and detailing. Let's take a look!


    So these shots here show the Dorsal and Ventral views for proper proportions viewing. Nearly all work lately has been done on the Ventral, adding the turret emplacements, barrettes, gibbling details, the paneling, hanger, super structure and the reactor dome structure. Two flanks of secondary batteries were also installed; decided to forgo the idea of having two more banks of missile launchers... it already shoots a crap ton of Torps...
    It's still WIP, as more paneling is likely to be added and the gibbling can always ad a piece here and there for effect SOME Where in the build, but the general design is pretty much done. The two domes with spot lights are intended to be a ventral pair of shield arrays, just like on the top. There may be several more of these emplacements in the future.

    So this guy is about 550 Meters long with a mass sitting around 3.19 Million Kilos - empty... The interior is not even started yet, except for the inner shell. Once the interior is added, I'm expecting this guy to reach the 5M kg Displacement class.
    At 550 meters, it is clearly not a 1 to 1 scale of a real ISD. A canon ISD is 1,600 meters in length which seems possible in SE now with these optimizations, but it would likely not be playable. I've had 3 of these vessels in one scene, moving and even had two of them slug it out. Yes, things were laggy, but none the less - still playable. And that's the objective.

    [Your typical off angle shot, replicated in most Sci Fi cinematography. Shows a good shot of the now complete ventral Main Battery emplacements, bringing the total of main guns up to 8. The gibbling on the belt was a pain in the ass, by the way...]

    Despite its smaller scale, it is an intended redesign of the canon Imperial Class SD and the Imperial II Class SD. The idea, as mentioned when I first started the project, was to redesign the ISD to make it a bit more functional and tactical in real 3D space combat. The general idea was to take inspiration from real military designs and implement them on the ISD; this included adding way more shield generators for redundancy, re-positioning the armaments for better firing arcs and target saturation, placing a secondary fighter hanger in a safer position for scramble deployment, adding a true flight deck (which became the ventral super structure) and many other features. A second Star Destroyer is already in the planning stages and will be more... dreadnought-ish... This concept ISD is made purely from light armor to reduce it's mass. Efforts to replace sections with heavy armor may actually take place. It actually flies like a dream, even though it's rigged with a lot of internal thrusters for basic controls right now just for the work effort. I highly doubt it will be so nimble in it's final form.
    [bottom rear flank of the ship. Shows a good exposure of the large reactor dome as well as the Ventral super structure and the port side secondary battery.]

    As one might expect, this build uses a "few" mods. The size of the vessel was mostly scaled around the Epstein Drive thruster mod. Liberal use of custom armor ramps was used (obviously) along with armor panel mods, starwars weapons mods, mexpex's arsenal of big guns and plenty of others. The most important was Tekashi's wing rotors. Those rotors are not only clean shaven and easy to blend, but they are SUPER strong, especially the larger ones. They are incredibly stable and never detach. Vanilla 1x1 rotors are just flimsy to use for builds like this. The rotors themselves will lean and pivot on their spindle, cause all sorts of Klang. Tekashi's wing rotors will do nothing of the sort. Because of Tek's rotors, this thing is a complete monster in rotor use. Spawning it from a blue print reveals the absurd amount of subgrids aligned on this thing, and it's truly frightening. Despite the trouble others may be having with rotors though, this ship uses MASSIVE subgrids without an issue what-so-ever, even unlocked. It's an absolute blast flying this thing around at over 300ms without problems what so ever. Of course, all rotor usage for the armor paneling or out structure is of course, meant to be perma-locked.

    [Upper view of the rear flank. Shows a bit of the lighting on the super structure, secondary main battery and the port side missile battery, shown here with their launch doors open]

    Armament wise, This thing is ridiculous. While I know in SE you could build Borg Cubes made of Gatling guns, the reality of such seems pretty nonsensical. The ISD Concept here makes an attempt to show a strong show a force, branding plenty of barrels of boom whilst also being clad in plenty of armor plate. The secondary batteries for example on the Dorsal Super Structure have detail armor cover cradling them, the cruise missile launch tubes are covered by massive launch bay doors and armor shrouds, the barbettes of the main guns sit nested in an armor pit along the center-line. The Dorsal super structure is bristling with guns for point defense and is honestly obnoxious when engaged with an opponent. So. Many. Blaster Bolts. True to real life designs, most of the point defense will center the super structure itself, both on the dorsal and ventral constructs. Point Defense will be placed else where around the main batteries but will be far more sparse. Game play wise, the thing already unleashes a swarm of lag inducing projectiles. The greatest thing however is how effective the secondary and main batteries are however. The main batteries from Mexpex have amazing range when manually targeted. Using a synchronous turret controller, the Dorsal 4 can all focus on a single target easily, blowing it away from kilometers out. The secondaries will shred face, even if heavily armored, once you get too close. The shelling capabilities is definitely the most fun I've had in a long time.

    [A good shot of the new lighting I've installed on the last gibbling pas I made]

    The detail work has been painstaking to say the least. In an attempt to get things to look as jumbled as Industrial Light and Magic got the ISD before hand, kitting out large swaths of space with random vents, blast door sections, interior blocks, pillars, and even tons of modules like power booster modules, refineries and others really give that tech infused feel. The lighting was done using the Landing Lights mod. The landing lights mod really REALLY add to the scale. They alone made the vessel seem more to scale and from afar, this thing looks the part of being 1.6km long like a real canon ISD. I love those lights. Sporadic use of the vanilla lighting for a little highlights and voila, instant pop. Instant scale. It just comes to life. I love the lighting effects of those little Landing Light objects. They are, AMAZING. I'm also becoming a real big fan of use those production modules as decor as well. Their modules really break up the flatness of a typical structure and they can be incorporated to look purposeful anywhere. The future Dreadnought ISD will show more of them being use in more convincing ways.

    [The Ventral Hanger bay. Will it a fit a Blockade Runner? Uh... really pushing it; but does it look sexy enough to accept my future Concept Lambda shuttles? You bet!]

    Detailing on the Ventral went far faster and smoother than above, thanks to less super structure to kit out and the fact that I'd practiced the use of the lighting mods a good bunch before hand. The biggest challenge was figuring out what the hell to do with the ventral hanger bay. From the beginning, this hanger was designed to basically be a utility hanger for accepting my future Lambda shuttles. These shuttles will use a module system to make them not only transports, but logistics freighters and mining vessels as well. The hanger bay thus needed to look really industrialized to accept many different types of workloads. While it's not complete, the hanger bay turned out pretty nicely with plenty of decor to show for it. There's still that needs to be done, including adding the retractable connectors and the module ports, the crane and other contraptions; but other than that? Looks the part for now.

    [Imperial Might]

    So, for the meantime, the build is going well. Though, it is getting time to start something else so I can hop from one to other. I'm nearly a point to where I wish to take a break from the thing. The interior is going to be daunting and it's often my worst strength in SE modeling. The aft fighter bay also needs to be kitted still. An effort has already been made to do so as I recently installed the TIE Ln Docking Racks, which I tested out by docking my prototype concept TIEs to them and... they held on even at over 200 meters per second. The real test will be when I use a jump drive I guess. The issue over all is that the aft Fighter bay is too small thanks to the massive rigging I had to make to hold onto the sub-grids of armor that gave the ISD it's shape. The rotors used from Tekashi were the large 11 to 15 block length rotors, very large objects that need room so they don't cause collision issues. To help the gameplay, I concealed every bit of the ship from itself, by trying to isolate the number of grids exposed for rendering. This means I wasted even MORE space by basically sealing these large hinges behind armor walls, so that their subgrid never needs to render, hence an inner shell. The result is a buttery smooth 50 FPS on my GTX 860M Alienware Alpha, even with MAXED graphics. However, in the end, the fighter bay is nestled right in between where the hinges are, making a very constrained area. I'll do my best however, as there's certainly no lack of living space inside the vessel. The ventral hanger cuts a large chunk out, but it's perfectly placed under the dorsal superstructure decks and citadel; making things really room for passenger space.

    We shall see.

    My next project maybe to resurrect that old MiG I worked on with my old system. Given the performance improvements and new mods, like Tekashi's aircraft parts - I've been biting at the bit to try it out. However, an X-Wing Concept is ALSO tantalizing... hm... *rambles off into the distance*
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  3. I23I7 ME Tester

    I like it!
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  4. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    That's the best one I've seen yet, excellent job.
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  5. GOLD_trainer Trainee Engineer

    Einharjar is there a link for this beauty.
    And could you build an assault frigate MK I?
    Here are some pictures [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Your images are not showing, use the image tool on top of your post the share images.
  7. Einharjar Junior Engineer

    That means a lot. I thought about getting feedback on the creations thread, but some one already posted their ISD so I decided against it. Their builds looked sweet as well.

    I didn't need the pics, it's all good.
    MK I is one ugly SOB, in my opinion. And like the ISD I'm building suggests, I prefer some level of rationality or realism and the Assault Frigate MK 1 is a Hodge podged mutilation of the Dreadnought Class. It's basically a Dread with a large fishtail and a Nebulon's superstructure; sometimes two of them. Over the years, there have been 8 types of MK1s... I don't think it was ever final until we got a brief shot of one in Rouge One; so officially that quick image of one is the only Canon design I'd base it off of.
    The MK2 is far more sexier and way more consistent.

    I've been very busy as of late and haven't done much. Current I'm working on a redesign for the X-Wing, sporadically. When I get to it though, I'll make an Assault frigate. The ISD needs some Rebel Scum to smash after all.
  8. Einharjar Junior Engineer

    Mmm, busy times. Busy times...

    Ladies and gentlmen... how about a Teaser?


    Stay tuned...
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  9. Lynnux Junior Engineer

    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
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  10. Einharjar Junior Engineer

    Ok! While I have time -

    The T-65 X-Wing (redesigned concept)

    Here we go!

    So this was a small project since I'm torn between 3 jobs right now. Every so often I get a chance to design a bit at work during breaks.
    The X-Wing is the Iconic fighter everyone thinks of when it comes to Star Wars - along with the annoyingly screechy TIE-Ln Fighter. I've already worked on concept TIE Ln designs and I'm putting it off until I get the X-Wing kind've finalized. And by that I mean... certain bugs needs to stop happening. (particularly the bug where subgrids are completely unresponsive to input, even though they're powered on)

    The Idea of the X-Wing's redesign was centered around making a craft a bit more realistic for the Rebel's operation types as well as addressing a few nonsensical issues. I also wanted to draw a stronger link to the ARC-170, a major stepping stone to the X-Wing. Lastly, the idea was to accentuate the difference's in philosophy between Imperial design preferences and would-be Rebel design preferences.


    So as you can see, the X-Wing is now a 2 seat fighter, and you may have noticed some changes in it's secondary armament - the Proton Torpedo tubes. The fighter is centered around mimicking a 3rd to 4th generation fighter craft that served in Interceptor or Air Superiority roles, like the F-14 or F-4 Phantom. The Weapons Officer or RIO sits in the back while the Pilot sits in front. The two "torp tubes" are no longer specialty launchers but instead racks for actual guided munitions using the Guided Missile mod. The X-Wing is an Fighter-to-Fighter focused craft that is larger, more expensive and takes more man power to run, but in the end, makes a single X-Wing far more efficient than a typical 1 Manned TIE-Ln. So the X-Wing redesign puts greater emphases on the quality of the design over it's quantitative potential for en-masse use, unlike TIE Fighter design doctrine. The ARC-170 played a huge role here, since I was already designing it to be a two seater from the beginning. The ARC-170 is an in-canon design reference of what most nerds would consider a "Heavy Fighter". In my opinion, it's not really a Bf-110 stereotype but it's awfully close. The X-Wing is a much more suited dogfighter, being smaller and losing 1 pilot seat, going from 3 to 2. She's faster, carries more focused firepower AND is still hyperspace capable. The down side is likely a drop in shielding and armor compared to the ARC, but none the less - a very well match craft vs the TIE lines.


    Yup, that's a turret. The ARC-170 had two guns that worked in tandem. The X-Wing will just have the one. However, this turret is designed on a high profile so that it's actually useful firing ahead of the pilot's direction. In sharp turns, the Turret can aim ahead, still striking targets in front so long as they're about 20 degrees above central plane. The back seat has full control over the turret and I'm kicking around adding functionality for either another turret for using actual Torpedoes (custom designed).
    I took the liberty of really going to a more aggressive sharp; taking advantage of Space Engineers's rather naturally occurring sharp edges due the blocks. I beefed a lot of the appearance, so the fighter actually LOOKS fast, this time.


    The shaping in the rear is really pleasing to me. The central area will house a Small Ship modded Jump Drive for "Hyper Space" functionality. Special Effects may be included.
    I also did a lot of experimenting with the traditional color scheme. The sharp angles were easy to pop out using the high contrast of tradition greys and a bright "Rebel Red". Also, from this view, you can really see the "pods" that are the new "launchers" for the missiles. In reality, the Pods are designed to be interchangeable based on mission profile, so merge blocks will be utilized for easy detaching and loading. However, again, that bug where subgrids don't respond to anything becomes an issue with my particular client...


    And before you ask... YES, S-Foils are included.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [Profile images of the design]

    So over all, this design is quite simple. It's a nice break from something so huge like the Star Destroyer...
    Alright, so for a few more details:
    • Why no Astrodroid socket?
    Because the idea is dumb. No, I'm serious, it is. Typical astrodroids shown in film canon are really super versatile robots that contain a metric ton of junk. R2D2 has spare oil to spew on CIS Droids, boosters in his legs, storage compartments and slew of tools. In canon, the Astrodroid is also supposed to double as a co-pilot, auto-pilot, on-board crew chief and most importantly, a Hyper Space Navigator. R2D2 was the calculator for Hyper Space jumps. The purpose of the droid to provide in-flight repair is pointless, as the droid only has so much reach and it is itself in the field of fire. Hell, R2 (ArToo? Don't be anal...) got himself zapped in A New Hope, which completely negated his "repair option". Luke must have been thanking the Force that his landing strip was only the Moon next door on Yavin because he ceased to have a navigation partner after Vader blew his head off.
    The other issue is useless weight. All the repair tools for such a localized area is unneeded mass and it's clear that a hyper space computer doesn't need to be very big if it's simply just another "Astro Droid" feature item.
    In this design, the fighter carries it's own on-board autopilot and navigation system and most "battle damage repair" would be resolved via redundancy systems - something real life military assets have been using for decades.

    • And the pods... things?
    Easy mission load-out and turn around on the tarmac. The X-Wing will use pods with different weapons that are designed for different mission profiles. This may include gatling-like slug thrower, rapid fire laser cannons, rockets or the guided air-to-air missiles.

    • Where's the landing gear?
    Shh... I didn't think that far...

    Wow! Inspire just from the shadowed silhouette? What about the X-Wing concept did you find so inspiring, if you don't mind me asking?
    BTW you're design is trippin'balls! Love it!
  11. Lynnux Junior Engineer

    I just ordered some new X-Wing miniatures. All of them Scum & Villainy except the ARC 170 you mentioned. The ARC is cult since SWG so I had to get this, too ;)
    Then I saw your picture with the iconic S-Foils and the well-matched proportions. I realised that you are using the awesome "plane parts" mod and then I suddenly had this idea.
    I like that you apply your own style to your Star Wars creations instead of "just" trying to copy them.

    Btw. if you use the armor slabs under the nose to cover some interior stuff and you want the nose to be more sleek then you can replace the slabs by the "armor" plates provided in the plane parts mod.
    The issue with subgrids I currently have is that after pasting the ship I have to safety unlock and lock the wings again for the flight control script to detect and/or use the control surfaces.

    Today I moved the cockpit 5 blocks forward to make some space and because of the looks:
    Both pictures show the wings in landing / docking position which reduces the wingspan and allows restocking of the small cargo containers of the (gimballed) guns.
    But (atmospheric) flight is not possible in this configuration, only hovering.

    I still like the X-shape look of the S-Foils better than the "Infinity"-style.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
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