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Engineering Challenge

Discussion in 'General' started by WorkingMan, Jan 1, 2017.

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  1. WorkingMan Trainee Engineer

    Hey all,

    As an engineer, there's one thing I know about most: I need a problem to solve to really enjoy a game like this. I see a lot of military focus when building ships, which is cool - but I'd like to see more civil projects. I have an idea that is hopefully original and interesting.

    The idea is you start next to some asteroids in space, in the 3 planet world on survival. On each planet is an artifact site where you must fight/dig/haul the object into space. Near each artifact is a hint of where you need to take all 3, and once you find all 3 you know where to put them.

    Currently I can't figure out how to enter scenario editor mode, so I've just created a world with:
    • Space: A starting platform with basic pressurized room, one assembler/refinery/reactor. The room has the coordinates for each artifact on the planets.

    • Earth: A platform on the surface with the artifact in open air. No defenses. This is the easiest location to retrieve the artifact from since you just have to lift it into space.

    • Mars: A bunker hidden in a crater with medium defenses that leads into an underground tunnel system much like the tunnels in halo 1. This is moderately difficult since you have to retrieve it from underground and it is guarded. The tunnels are large and have armored walls and floors so you can drive construction vehicles in easily.

    • Alien: A derelict digsite that leads to a series of spider tunnels that if navigated properly leads to an underground mine with the artifact. While there are no constructed defenses, crawling through spider tunnels seems hard enough. The tunnels are small, and the artifact is deep. Getting it out will be hard.
    The general idea of gameplay is to provide unique challenges to each artifact requiring creative vehicle designs. The current setup is simple, but I've already spent 50 hours building my first industrial ship as a mobile base. This idea can be as easy or hard as you want it.

    Here are the current issues I have with the world I created:
    • The "Artifacts" are just shapes built with blast door blocks. I don't know what I could make that would seem mysterious or not reproducible.
    • Giving the coordinates for the artifacts sites seems like it's giving away too much information. I was thinking about giving hints instead of the coords to make it a challenge to find them.
    • The location you take the Artifacts to you basically just put them on pedestals. I don't know what I could do to make it more of a victory. The win conditions on the wiki page for Scenario Editor doesn't include something that looks useful here.
    I would love replies including ideas on how to make this more challenging/interesting if you think it needs it. As it is, I could play this for a hundred hours or so, but it might not be so compelling for everyone. I'd like to avoid making it too complicated.
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  2. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Create engineering challenges that require different solutions in order to get resources or progress. I found a corrosive planet in the workshop. In order to obtain a specific resource in the game (platinum) you have to figure out how to survey and mine the planet all while your ship is taking damage near the planet's surface.

    I also took Europa and made the planet's surface 50Gs. I then suspended asteroids above it with another exclusive resource at 8Gs. This will require another kind of problem solving to retrieve the resources at 8G without crashing into the planet.

    I'm currently adding space pirate bases and custom drones. But the focus is on solving engineering challenges and adding some obstacles so there are some random variables in the way.
  3. WorkingMan Trainee Engineer

    I personally don't like the idea of restricting resources in difficult to find or hard to get to areas. I enjoy having the full breadth of materials available to solve issues, as it provides more solutions.

    The higher gravity setting could be fun. How do you do that?
  4. PyreStarite Junior Engineer

    I wanted to do a similar custom map where the engineer times himself as he escapes the Earth-like planet and travels to the Mars-like planet to activate a beacon and the engineer with the best completion time is supreme.
  5. WorkingMan Trainee Engineer

    Adding a timed element to the challenge would be interesting for competition purposes, but for someone like me it wouldn't be as much fun. I have some friends who are "shortest line" kind of guys who would enjoy that, I am however a "biggest arc" kind of guy as you can see by how I spent 50 hours at the starting point building something outrageous.
  6. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I restricted the locations of resources in order to force players to travel. But I carefully chose the resources so for all intents and purposes, you could sit on the respawn planet and still have a viable experience building things that do not require ion thrusters, nuclear reactors, or anything else that doesn't require a superconductor. I adjusted the superconductor recipe to require titanium ingots and then required superconductors for ion thrusters, reactors, and upgrade modules for the refinery block. No procedural asteroids. I might locate a few clusters on the map somewhere to reward those who like to explore rather than visit the obvious.

    I'm trying to break up the sequence of "get uranium, get ice/oxygen, build giant ship, get bored, quit server"
  7. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    I've personally have had an idea for a exploration ship for some time now but I think some parts aren't possible.

    Step 1 is finding a highly damaged large transport rotating in space. That's easy as you just set a gyro to override. So step 1 is just finding a way to dock with this thing.

    Set up the ship so that some areas are pressurized, some aren't, lights flicker, areas are dark, doors don't work, build and shape grav gen's to affect certain parts of the ship.

    The part that probably not doable is adding saberoids on the ship. Even more so because I would like to add a hive that they spawn from. Add in occasional spooky sounds like metal stressing or the pitter patter of insect footsteps in the ventilation.

    But the reward could be a crate not attached to any piping that has a sizeable amount of platinum. Ands it's buried inside the hive.

    Course all that could probably be bypassed by just grinding the ship down from the outside but where's the fun in that?
  8. Delta99 Trainee Engineer

    Really like the idea. I don't really have much to add other than to say that. Would be interesting to see how long it takes one to finish. Perhaps just have a timer so you can compare your time with someone else.
  9. WorkingMan Trainee Engineer

    My problem is I build the most roundabout ways of solving things because I want it to be the most expansive way of doing it. I've finally built my industrial ship and It's been like 25 hours.
  10. Zyfe Trainee Engineer

    This is the kind of stuff I want to see more of on the workshop! Why not share your world for others to challenge themselves with and experience something new? :)
  11. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    yep same need a challenge or reason to keep SE interesting.
    I enjoy starting on earth then gathering metals to get to mars.

    recently i've started a game with these mods.
    and these planets.

    I've a small grid containing a medium cargo container, tiny refinery/assembler and a battery...thats all

    things start much slower but eventually you'll make a massive ship from those tiny blocks.
    for an extra challenge I wasn't allowed use the jetpack nor guns.
    had to fight wolfs off with the saw/drill.
    .....learned wolfs have a long bite reach and have an incorrect hitbox....its like they're hitbox is engineer shaped....

    the cube planet is interesting I expected a flat world but it has ridges ever 10 meters or so allowing you to run and jump
    I was showing off bugs but you can see the planet well enough.
  12. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    Well that is the goal. I'm still working on it. But if I post the world then people playing on the server will know where everything is located and that will take all of the surprise out of playing on the server. So it wouldn't be prudent to share the world as that gives away all of the details.

    One good thing. All of the Space Pirate drones will despawn themselves after some time by flying into a Rexxar shipyard and being decommissioned. There is a hard limit on the number of drones a Space Pirate antenna definition can spawn. Plus having them idling in the world just unnecessarily taxes the CPU.
  13. jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    Aren't there monoliths in the game? They are not in the G-menu, but I have seem them used from time to time. I also don't know how/if they can be transported.
  14. WorkingMan Trainee Engineer

    OOh that would be really useful for my scenario. I haven't seen it outside the projector in the intro campaign.
  15. jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    If you do a search on the workshop for "monolith" it returns a few viable hits for blueprints toward the bottom of the page. Might be worth taking a look at.
  16. WorkingMan Trainee Engineer

    Yup that worked. It gives a notice that the blueprint was made in dev mode and might cause problems, but I didn't notice any right away.
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