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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by VonKlutch, Nov 5, 2015.

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  1. VonKlutch Trainee Engineer

    So I was thinking, We can engineer the hull, the appliances, the bridge and consoles, but wheres the engines?

    I mean Attach thruster to block, and add power, well thats fun and all, but what if it was more attach engine Block, insert engine components?

    How cool would it be if parts started to fail, forcing you to go down to the engine room, and make repairs?
    Now the engineering bay in all our ships is functional, everyone wins.

    I would even love to see more wiring and exhaust/duct. but dare to dream eh?
  2. Conn Solo Trainee Engineer

    Engineering an exhaust duct would be a horrible idea... I mean, some pilots out there are capable of bagging something as small as a wamp rat from a few dozen meters away, and wamp rats are a rather small target. I'd imagine this would be a pretty big design flaw when that certain wamp rat bagging player comes along and fires some missiles down the exhaust vent and blows your precious ship/ death star up.
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  3. SenorZorros Master Engineer

    I actually prefer an exhaust duct over the fully exposed thruster and I am agreat acvocatefor wires though I am unsure about maintenance
  4. w0ps Apprentice Engineer

    I'm sure about maintanance: not a good idea for gameplay (it has been discussed a lot).
    About designing one's engine: convince me that there is real depth to it, and choices, and differences in design for different purposes.
    Otherwise it seems to me like complexity for complexity's sake.
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  5. Azzanine Apprentice Engineer

    We sort of have this with hydrogen thrusters. Key words being "sort of".

    I think op is asking for an engine room that houses the guts of the engines with the thrusters being an extention of that. However that's more of a sci-fi trope then any sort of reality based thing. In reality you would need to go outside to repair a thruster.
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  6. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    Actually wamp rats are several feet in length... So saith the Star wars encyclopedia

    As for engine guts we now have them, you need additional support units to generate the hydrogen that fules them, so its more comple than just powering an engine.
  7. VonKlutch Trainee Engineer

    dont get me wrong i've built "engine rooms" with what we have, but it mostly comprises of my refineries and shit.
    just wanted more engine parts to build with.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.