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fix remote control blocks

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by DrEarlInsanity, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. DrEarlInsanity Trainee Engineer

    if you want to control a remote control from a cockpit under certain circumstances you do not have proper control and the following message appears

    'Grid Control Forbidden. Seat/Remote with higher priority is already occupied'

    what circumstances?
    1. remote on the same grid
    2. remote on sub-grids (rotor'd and piston'd on)
    3. remote attached to grid via landing gear

    "why in all things that are groovy would you ever use a remote control while already in a cockpit"

    case 1. player made turrets.
    so ya can control a turret from an area that is not dependent on air pressurization.

    case 2. master control point.
    want to make it easy to get the same helm controls without laying them out? only drag the remote in from the 'g' menue.

    case 3. player made weapon accuracy and control surface decluttering
    have a complex ship with a large pmw that has many control points? put its firing controls on a inline remote!
    ya will get benefits in accuracy (camera and control point in line) AND a declutter'd bar.
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  2. Lightwolf Trainee Engineer

    Same here i have two vehicles, that are useless now!!! realy frustrating me, i worked over 3-6 Month on it, and now i cant use it,...

    So i have two Cockpits, but the vehicle needs to be controled by the remote control. Why?
    the main grid has no wheels, its connected with rotors to an subgrid ( as a suspension), on the subgrid are the wheels, because the Cockpit dont able to control the wheels from the subgrid, i need the remote control for that,...

    So before the Update i leave two of my Project 100% working and finaly done, now i have just trash,... i worked atm on a other project, and just found that out today.
    so if you work on a project for months and you like your creation, you bring them to life and you tried to make it the best you can,... hard to tell you my actual feelings about this situation...
    only way to drive it atm is to go out of the Cockpit, and just use the Remote control, if i sit inside the Cockpit it wont work.
    So i think its a bug, because its absolute sensless if this is a plan for this game.

    so please fix that,... there are 1000 more reasons why we need an cockpit and remote controls on a creation.
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  3. ReaperZ Trainee Engineer

    I absolutely agree. I wanted to make a rover with a camera on a piston that could rotate itself with the help of a remote control block. But it seems that it is impossible.
  4. Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer

    Remote control really needs a major overhaul
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.