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Game crash after ~5 Minuten | Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by LimonenTroll, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. LimonenTroll Trainee Engineer

    Hey Engineer's,
    I'm new to the game and new to this forum, so first i want to say Hi ;)
    We need your help and i hope this is the right Forum section to ask for it.

    We started to play this game via Peer to Peer in survival mode (Lone Survivor) with 2 players. Starting this savegame without Mods. After the first session we "inserted" a few mods (new doors, Neirri, Speed mod, etc I think you can read this in the log file) Then we went in creativ mode and placed the planet "Neirri". After that we switched back to survival mode and did what engineers do.

    I was the host of the sessions. Now we are 4 players, some us play around evening, some in the night. But i cant host the game 24h, so a friend of mine setting up a dedicated server on his root server. We put in our savegame loaded another mod for the admin console, started the server and everything was fine. Everyone can go online 24h and play if he wants to.

    We had a short test with cargo ships but they came to our base and destroyed almost everything, so we deactived them again. :p

    I think on April 14th there was a new update. We did the updates client side and server side. Yesterday (15th) around evening there was another update. Again we did the updates.
    We played around 4 hours... I was mining around when i saw a little red dot far away. It didnt belong to the "background picture", so i want to know what it was. It was a "huge" damaged Ship in red and a white "station" also damaged. I was calling for help and set a gps marker on this position and saved the game with the command /save s newshipfound.

    and there "it started"
    I was sitting in the red Ship and when i reached our base my mate didnt see me (wft?). When i exit the ship he could see me. The other mate was waiting @ the found spot @ the station could see me and the ship/station before i left him there.
    I crashed the ship in our base (dint noticed that i cant move left because of a missing thurst) :D So we shut down the server loaded the savegame i did :p
    Now after the reconnect i managed to stop the ship in a perferct spot to repair it at our base. Both of my mates couldnt see the ship at this moment?!?!? and they see me glitching around, but i was sitting in the ship.
    I told them to disconnect again and reconnect and did the same. We did and they could both see me and the ship and helped to repair it.
    We left a small repair ship at the spot where we found the station and the ship. I went back to get the repair ship to do the repair work, makes sense. I was sitting in this little ship flying towards our base and had to go 18 km, then suddenly my game crashed...

    They asked me to send my log file etc. i said yes.
    Reconnect... then the two others had the same problem game was closing.
    I stayed on the server ~5-10 min later the same, my game closed and the they asked me to report the crash.
    This goes on and on. So we went to sleep.
    New day new luck. Today i start the game, join our server ship and station is still there but the game keeps crashing after 5~10 minutes..
    any ideas..?? I dont want to loose this save game :(

    1) Why there is a destroyed ship and station around ?
    2) Is it a broken savegame (change between P2P and dedicated / activate mods / deactive mods / put in a planet ?
    3) Something wrong with the root server?
    4) Only a Problem which come with the update and goes with the next one ?

    Thx for taking the time to read my bullshit (I'm not a native english speaker) :p and maybe solve my problem
    Cheers LimonenTroll

    Ok i did following -->
    /save l "savegame name" -----> so saved the game on my local pc.
    opend a p2p session and could play longer than 5-10 min.
    I repaired the ship for 1 hour nothing happend, only when i want to quit and say go back to main menu it crashed again.

    It feels like the problem is our server ?!?
    When i reach my friend i ask him to restart the server maybe thats could solve the problem

    Here is my log file:
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2016
  2. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    1. There are wrecks to find in exploration mode. Also, cargo ships may have been turned on but it's probably the first.
    2. When you said you saved the game with the command /save s newshipfound, I checked your log and you are using the admin helper mod. We can't really support that and it may have led to your problems. Midspace is usually pretty good at keeping it working so you may want to check the workshop comments.
    3. It's probably just a messed up save at this point
    4. That seems unlikely. The only way to know would be to reproduce the problem without the mods.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.