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Gardens of Sajuuk Faction PVP - Capture Point Mod and More!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by wowsuchsoda, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. wowsuchsoda Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys so I'm not the owner or even an admin but I would love to see new players come into the fold on this server!

    Me and my faction joined gardens of sajuuk about 3 or 4 months ago and play on and off and its a diamond in the rough for sure.

    So this server features a conquest mode where you must capture and hold any of the 4 control points and you do it by boosting your beacon into range with it, many factions have cool little tricks for this but holding it rewards you with ship licenses which are a physical item stored in a cargo container. These are used to build more ships and theres a whole list of different ships with different classes and they all serve different purposes. Now it is grueling and hard to get a fleet up and running so its rewarding to actually buld a large battleship or a few fights and because people are at these cps constantly collecting you have a chance at some organic pvp to try out your new fighter or corvette which is a welcome change to the meta game. Now because of jump drives no one follows you home and our base was raided only once in our entire stay on this server, it seems like most people are content with dog fighting at cps that base raids seem like a waste if time ti scout for if you want pvp.

    Furthermore there are no annoying ass scripts that bog down game play like transcend for instance and I cant say that ive seen a server as good as this in terms of meta in a long time.

    So soda why are you telling us all this? Well in the last two updates the server had brutal ping issues which drove people away and i wanted to tell people about thus gem and maybe get the population back up and running on it. Im not associated with admin or staff, im just a dude that really likes the server and i want more people to play, fight and trade with. Thanks for reading and i hope you guys check it out! if you have any questions just let me know and I will do my best to answer it or ask the admin :D

    Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gardens_of_sajuuk

    Server info and IP: http://space-engineers.com/server/16579/

    How to connect via IP and Steam server list:

    ANNOUNCEMENTS: 10/30/2015: PSA regarding popular bugs with this patch

    So refineries are bugged and don't work, apperently the work around is to grind them down completely and rebuild them. Not sure how long this fixes them for or if its permanant fix after that. Let us know what other problems and workarounds you guys find for this week cause...keen

    Not being able to interact with stuff: equip a different tool or relog

    Spawn ship doesn't belong to me: hack it, start with medbay

    Merge blocks are a bit scary, use with caution

    Server starts to chug: Something Keen did to make autosaves suck, it will often autosave and server will crash and restart shortly after, it saves so there will be minimal rollback from what i've seen

    The Current Skybox does not look good in DX11 and we will be changing it soon as well as redoing the spawn ships that you get on the server

    The License/capture point mod is not working well with the newest patch and we are working on a fix but it may take time, during this time the server will be up but be aware that you may not be awarded LC for hold capture points
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2015
  2. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Are you restricted to building ships that are pre-defined by the server?
  3. wowsuchsoda Trainee Engineer

    No, so basically the way it works is you start with an "unlicensed class ship" and you can have a max of 3 of these ships, you are allowed:
    125 blocks
    2 industry (assemblers, refineries etc)
    1 spotlight
    2 static weapons
    1 Tool
    1 Turret

    No projectors or solar panels

    And this could be a large or small ship or even a station. Typically people do a station a miner and a scout ship to begin holding control points for more licenses which go towards building bigger ships like frigates and crusiers and fighters
  4. VonKlutch Trainee Engineer

    What are you going to offer in your server to do besides grind? I'm looking for somewhere I can get an RP experience, beyond casual chat in a station.

    But a server that has stations where you actually needs things from would be up my alley. would love to have reason to socialize in the Hubs.
  5. wowsuchsoda Trainee Engineer

    We are working on a community Hub that only people allied to TSS have access to, we've all put licenses into it and it's kind of a chill spot, we have plans to grow and update it as the server grows. There isn't much RP but because LC's are basically a currency we do sell and trade a decent amount with our trusted allies. I just finished doing a supply run to help a new player get started :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.