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Getting on a server

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Thalion, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    Assuming there is a roleplay survival server out there with a team of admins and mods who set up eventy every month and it is strongly user driven. It has a whitelist and a application system where you have to answer a few questions and write a few sentences of your own, afterwards you'll get a short conversation on a teamspeack server or so before you finally get on the server as a member. So it is most certainly that the player on board of this server are not a bunch a griefing people or just engage everyone on sight.

    How much would you do to get on this server?
  2. jimbobslimbob Trainee Engineer

    I wouldn't do anything. I would choose a better server :)
  3. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    Well, i've set up a poll ^^ that' wasn't quick enough i suppose.
  4. jimbobslimbob Trainee Engineer

    Just my opinion, but whenever someone uses the term "roleplay" on games like this I shudder, then run away and find a server where you actually play the game.
  5. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    I don't think I would pursue a server to that extent, it is possible that there will be some good ones that may be worth it. I would just leave it open for the most part and perhaps just ban all people playing outside of the rules. I can see how that gauntlet of whitelisting could be off-putting to most. I've never played any whitelisted servers, mainly because I like to just play and not go through a mock interview.
  6. jimbobslimbob Trainee Engineer

    ...and this. :)
  7. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    That's exactly what this thread is about. How far you'd go for an maybe exceptional roleplay server. Well if you don't like roleplay that's fine too and shows how many people here like such an concept or don't like it.
  8. toxi Apprentice Engineer

    the poll is a bit strange ... but i would say i would like the idea playing RP ... i would preffer a talk to an admin ... because i have usally a lot of questions ... and i am also quite picky with servers ;)
  9. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    Would not apply, I don't like having to ask if I want to have fun or not. And in the past I have had much more fun on public servers than private. Yes you have to deal with the occaisonal troll and stuff but they actually add a nice element to the game, especially in combat-oriented faction servers. It's fun to band together everyonce in a while to hunt down the griefers and trapping their characters in a jail or whatever before eventually banning them. The few white list servers I have been on become really stale after a while because everything can be too organized and predictable and overall just boring
  10. Carrion Senior Engineer

    honestly I can see things being white listed pretty quickly on private servers with clans having whitelist agreements between them to enable player sharing worlds and also to cut down on the griefers.

    ie i know CUE should be ok in the main. im happy for them to be on a server with me. but another clan. cll them the uber grief pirates of the Lolz are known to just be annoying griefers they are on the no go list
  11. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    If the server is worth the trouble ill go thru the hoops. But Id expect it be more of ppl seeing me in another server, liking my style of play and inviting me in their server. Atleast that's how I remember it from my DoD days.
  12. tcezar Trainee Engineer

    You don't need all of this

    if a player starts to messing everything ,ban him

  13. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    I think the idea is to prevent this type of behavior in the first place. I think its better to not have you ship blown up, than have it blown up and then ban someone. For them to show up with another stolen account and blow it up again. Banning ppl needs admins to be there all the time, when screening players does not.
  14. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    If it means a mature server without trolls and penis-battleships flying around (yes, there'll be those, I have no doubt), then I'll gladly jump through the hoops. I dont mean I want a server that is all buddy buddy carebear lets-all-be-friends, but if there's war, it'll be in good fairplay spirits, with people that are sensible and mature. Hopefully with diplomacy and trade deals for resources as well. Pure shoot-anything-that-moves gameplay gets old. Needs more intrigue.
  15. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    If anyone will grief, banning him afterwards is the right decision... but unfortunately the damage IS done... and all you can do is somewhat compensate. Banning is everytime a system of preventing the same person to do sh*t again... it never prevents them from doing so. And that is the important point, never get such persons in the first place and it isn't that hard to filter them.
  16. davesoft Apprentice Engineer

    I'm unwilling to jump through hoops to join a 'community' at all.

    They will be welcoming, and if I like it, I may wish to stay. Any other arrangement is pre-indoctrinating you to someone else's permission based social games... which may indeed be justified, just I'm here to play Space Engineers, not Intarweb-mindgames 3.0, and if I can get my fun without mindgames I won't think twice.

    Perhaps your own personal clubhouse could have a 2nd Quarantine server, open to the public and monitored by a lacky who can screen goodies from baddies and Promote them to the clubhouse.

    Just beware.. if your open quarantine becomes More Fun (tm) than your clubhouse... will your patrons stay indoors or come out to play? [​IMG]
  17. fabiozaza Apprentice Engineer

    If you want to evaluate the people before joining the server, the best way i see it being done is to let someone join that is interested, but heavily restricted to only walk (fly) around and check out the surroundings as well as the team interaction and give him time to see whats happening.

    if the player then wants his restrictions removed, he could put in an application and depending on his interaction with the team, they will grant or deny his application.

    I dont like the idea of having to apply for a specific server before I can actually see whats going on in the server and thus I would just look for a different server.
  18. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    Ok, so a "take a free tour" option would be appreciated.

    I'm a little bit surprised by the results so far. I thought of far more people would chose one of the first two options. The second both otpions show that plenty player are eager to join a server, with a controlled harmonic community. Harmonic doesn't mean there won't be any conflicts - i just couldn't make up another word for it. ^^
  19. Nasias Trainee Engineer

    I registered just because I saw this thread and it perked my interest.

    Keep in mind, this server is more or less dedicated to role play. It's not "just a building server", so with that in mind...

    The over-all idea is pretty sound. I've always loved role play (I do a lot of it on World of Warcraft), so the concept of RP on SE is pretty intriguing. The idea of having some sort of white list that players can get on by answering questions is, in my opinion, a good way to deter people who aren't interested in the role play element of what the server would be. I'm all to familiar with people who purposely go out of their way to break up in-character immersion and role play, because apparently it's fun to do that? Not to say that everybody who isn't interested in role play, breaks it up and trashes it, but because the servers primary purpose would be to provide role play in the SE game, then it makes sense that people who don't want to RP, don't get to join.

    I think a verbal interview on Teamspeak is too much, unless the role play will be restricted to Teamspeak only, in which case, you'll not see me participating. Verbal RP tends to put me off and others too, more than likely, but, that's my opinion. If Teamspeak is your only method of communication and RP in-game, then a verbal interview is definitely something you should consider doing.

    A "serious application" is always a good way of judging if someone is going to be a serious role player or not. Whilst there are various skills and writing styles, some excellent, some poor, I think it matters most of whether someone 'really' wants to role play or not. If someone wants to role play, then they will commit to it, provide role play opportunities and generally be a decent community member. Otherwise, if someone writes a half-arsed application, with one sentence answers consisting of probably 5-6 words, then you can generally judge whether it's worth accepting them or not.

    Whilst my views could be considered a tad elitist, it's generally a good idea to have some understanding of a person before you bring into your community. RP can be quite fragile and requires a decent bit of effort, so if someone suddenly decides to trash the story/event, you'll get a lot of angry people.

    Just my two cents.
  20. Gheiter Apprentice Engineer

    I like the idea of a hardcore in-character roleplaying servers. That kind of roleplaying always makes a game a lot more immersive. As for a suitable application - a teamspeak interview may be a bit too much. I don't think most people would be that eager to get on your server. A simple text-based application would be fine in my opinion. After all, you'd still want a fair amount of players.
  21. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    So while your away from the server someone comes in a dn destroys everything on it, What are you gonna do about it, HOW do you know WHO did it when you weren't there. These are the reasons people are opting for Whitelists, There is NO security on public servers atall, And there is no down side to Greifing either since we can't shame anyone. Other methods server setup are obviously required for this type of game otherwise you can't play survival to any extent because eventually you will have all you hard work destroyed not by an opponent, but by a silly child who doesn't know how to play the game and just likes to destroy everyones stuff, if we could ban them from the entire game until they make recompense to those they hurt it wont ever change. Greifers will make this game unplayable and it will FAIL as anything other than Single player.
  22. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    My friend and I had built a great base, we had some cool ships, We were just signing in one day when someone can grdining into our base, they weren't talkative, they had no ship, they were going from base to base and just destroying whatever they could, They destroyed everyones stuff on the whole server world. Then they left.... Noone was on apart from my friend at the time and this greifer just continued to respawn and destroy until everything was gone on anyones areas. You call this kind of person someone who makes it fun, So WHERE do you go to hunt them down when they have left the server, and probably just moved onto another one.
  23. George829 Trainee Engineer

    This server is based around a fun role-playing environment with the main focus being ship to ship combat.

    - Whitelisted Only - Server only allows those within the group ID to prevent randoms from destroying players work.
    - Daily backed content - in the event of a troll, we have several backups and will re-implement any lost content.
    - Friendly Staff - Don't think we are all high and mighty because we run the server, we are people too! We just have a love for space engineers, and we want to share that with others!
    - Dedicated 24/7 - The Server is up 24/7 server and you should be able to access it any time once whitelisted, but on Thursdays it is usually down for quick update that can take 1 hours.
    - Server Teamspeak - We have a teamspeak with admin/moderators on almost 24 hours a day to help you if there are any issues! Multiple channels for each faction as well as new channels that you can go to if you and your friends with for privacy!
    - Wide range of players - We are an EU server, but we have an American player base as well so you should be able to find people to play with at all hours!

    The server consists of two solar systems roughly 60 kilometers apart - The Federation Sector and the Pirate sector. Each system has several sectors containing multiple asteroids, as well as a large asteroid base owned by one of the two main factions. These factions are the Federation and the Pirates. The Pirates see themselves as free men sailing the seas of space taking whatever they want. The Federation is the authoritative force in the quadrant, protecting it's interests and allies with lethal force.
    We have something for all types of players! If you're alone and wish to play with others, you can join one of the two main factions! or start up your own independent faction with friends and form the alliances you desire!
    The main focus of the gameplay will be the struggle between the two main factions from small skirmishes to massive clashes between battleships.
    PvP is regulated by a set of rules to prevent people from losing everything overnight when they are not online.
    We also have special events regularly, ranging from spawned in ship graveyard combat to intercepting cargo ships with valuable loot!

    The emphasis of this server is ship to ship combat between the factions residing in the two solar systems. If grinding down peoples bases in the middle of the night is your kind of thing, we advise to look elsewhere for a server!
    Personal bases are off limits. The only bases allowed to be attacked are the Pirate HQ, and the Federation HQ. These attacks need to be declared 10 minutes prior to the engagement!
    Combat between factions is only allowed when there are at least two players of each faction online on each side.
    Federation and Pirate ships are kill on sight if spotted in the opposing solar system.
    No grinding up other peoples ships or stealing materials, unless it is after combat has ended and the opposition has surrendered or been eliminated.
    No kinetic based weapons (gravity cannons etc) until the 'target moving objects' bug is fixed. Unfortunately, it is hard to defend against these types of weapons without turning on 'Target moving objects' on your turrets, which currently targets your own faction as well!
    No Spawn ship kamikaze ramming!
    Most importantly, Have fun and make friends! We hope you enjoy our server and become part of the Skynox Gaming Community!

    Applying :

    To apply for whitelisting, please contact one of the following charming fellows on steam. We require you to have teamspeak so we can speak to you about the server before accepting!

    Feel free to hop into our teamspeak to chat with one of the moderators: ts55.gameservers.com:9830

    George - http://steamcommunity.com/id/GeorgeLewis34/
    Meaty - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046305340
    Martin - http://steamcommunity.com/id/MartinPC4K/
    Crash - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046305340
  24. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    Well trying to contact EU and US Servers from Australia with our shoddy internet services is like trying to swim through Jelly or treacle sometimes.
    We did play on a friends server until he started getting major problems and beleived he may have been hacked so he closed it down until he can figure out what is happening, So for now my firned and I are serverless again and can only wait for another whitelisted server in Australia to become available.... Seems like actually finding an Aussie based white lst server is impossible..... :(
  25. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    I woldnt play on that server, I dont like long involved ass kissing sessions. I'd rather just deal with the griefers sing game mechanics like turrets and minimalist respawn ships.
  26. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    Well Mega Miner picture joining your server game and finding everything has been ground away by nasty stupid pathetic greifers, you message the Admin and then what d you do???? You dont know WHO the greifers were so HOW do you deal with them. I find it weird that people actually BROUGHT this game and spend all their time going from server to server grinding peoples stuff for no reason other than to be nasty, seems like they wasted their money buying a building game just to go around destroying what others built when they could be having much more fun in a combat game instead. Just seems weird that people watse their money like this.
    So Mega Miner this is why I would rather find a whitelisted server than ever bother playing again on public.
  27. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    I help run a whitelist server group CraftAsOneSociety the other admin and I didn't want to go whitelist because we liked seeing and meeting new people to play with, and it wasn't all that bad till the freeweekend. After that we had no other option there wasn't enough of us on to protect the server and players from griefers. Sure it was fun hunting them down, but we play a survival server so there is no easy fix to the damage they do after they are hit with the ban hammer. If it was creative I would have a problem just make sure to blueprint while your building, it not that big a deal.

    Also as admin we spend part of our time fixing the servers we play on, when the server goes down we don't get to logout and go "oh well I'll check back in ten minutes" we have to work on the server. Between running around with a ban hammer on a public server and keeping it up with every updated, you get next to no play time. Know how much play time my buddy and I got with the freeweekend? None we spent it fixing our server and updating our hosting, only to pop in to the game to test not to play. Turning to a whitelist means I have to wave my ban hammer next to never, so I at least get a little play time in till Keen does their update and we have to fix things again.

    In the end we had to go whitelist, while I don't place that many rules on people and we're not an RP server, the rules that are in place are because my buddy and I can't be on all the time. But I try to keep from interviewing people applying to our server, I just ask for the needed info so I can invite people to the group and have a better idea on their level of skill playing. I don't ask this info so that I can not let people in but so that I know who I should look for to add as the server grows. If the server starts getting all the vets in I'll start looking for new players for them to guide and teach and help fill out their factions, since new players are more likely to join a faction over making their own, while vets are more likely to make their own faction and play on their own over joining a faction.

    In all reality I've had more people interview me over the server then I have interviewed them. I feel like a cars salesman, they walk around ask a bunch of questions maybe kick the tires a few times.
  28. soat7ch Junior Engineer

    There are several factions that are trying to set up such a server, pretty much exactly like you said.
    We've already tryed it on a smalker scale with only two factions but the memory leak and lag ruined it so we had to clear the map every now and then which greatly discouraged people to build things.
    As soon as the game runs smoothly enough we will have a server up with several large factions in a huge map (hopefully procedurally generated and full of roids) with many players and large RP-driven battles as well as diplomacy and a trading system.

    The SSA and the UESC are also looking for new guys so we can start it all up as soon as possible.

    If you are interested, contact me.
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