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Greatly reduced performance in 1.025

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Deadlock989, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Deadlock989 Apprentice Engineer

    Framerate in this version is extremely stuttery and jerky compared to previous version. My main survival world is not really playable now. It has four asteroids, one big Large ship, two medium-sized Large ships, one small Large ship, two platforms (one very small), and two Small ships.

    Performance was good with nice fluid framerate @ 1920x1080 beforehand.

    Moving graphics settings down from Extreme to Good makes no difference to stuttering at all.

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 Ghz
    RAM: 4Mb
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6900

    (Added 17:21 11/04/2014 - seems mostly fixed by update 01.025.020)
  2. Shivaran Trainee Engineer

    Likewise, game is slow as hell since updating (it was fine just before @ 1920x1080).

    CPU : Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.30 GHz
    RAM : 8 Go
    GPU : NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  3. Zemaus Apprentice Engineer

    Im having the same problem. Maybe the "rendering and game-updating are now independent" may have been a problem for most people.
  4. umbersage Trainee Engineer

    I'm also having this problem.

    I was able to play the extreme setting, 16 large and 80 small with smooth graphics.

    Now I'm getting stutter graphics on every setting. Roughly every 0.5 seconds, the graphics will pause for 0.2 seconds.

    CPU: AMD A10-6800K APU @ 4.10GHz x64
    GPU: AMD R9 200 w/ 2GB RAM
    RAM: 8GB

    RAM usage is about 1GB.
    Processor usage is about 80%

    Exiting and restarting solves the problem for about 10 minutes.
  5. BiggLou55 Apprentice Engineer

    Sounds like a memory leak...
  6. Xocliw Public Relations Staff

    Hmm yeah I've been having solid fps of 90-120 according to FRAPS but still very laggy for some reason..... They will fix soon I'm sure :thumb:!
  7. Zemaus Apprentice Engineer

    They already released a patch to fix this. But it apparently didn't work for some of us sadly.
  8. radam Senior Engineer

    I have another signature for you: Patches as far as the eye can see!!
  9. nonsens Trainee Engineer

    I have the same problem: the first minute fps are great after that minute fps go terribly low and its really not my hardware.
    I have already reinstalled the game and shecked it with a few worlds and settings - nothing helps.
    Maybe a specific hardwarebrand is the issue?

    i5 4670k@4,5ghz ~50%load 50Celcius
    12gb 1333mhz 2-3gb used by SE
    gtx 770@1,35ghz at core ~60%load 50C 600mb vram usage

    Hope this will get fixed soon, cant play at the moment :(

    PS: look the RAM there is no memory leak :)
  10. Draaza Trainee Engineer

    I'm also getting the slowdown. Doesn't seem to related to general processing, but it does seem to be occurring with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, and both AMD and Intel CPUs, so it's probably not brand specific.

    Intel i5 2500K @ 3.30 GHz
    8GB DDR3 @ 1.60 GHz
    NVidia GeForce GTX 580

    My graphics drivers however are not up to date, so I'll be dealing with that before next launch. Has everybody checked their driver version?
  11. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    AMD Phenom x4 3GHz processor
    8GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz
    AMD/Radeon XFX 1GB 5770

    All drivers up to date.

    I had to reinstall the game to get playable fps back, but even then there's low fps at times.
  12. Stoner Apprentice Engineer

    Having the same problem with physics lag. Slow response to mouse clicks and keypresses.

    CPU: Intel i5 quad-core 2.67 GHz
    RAM: 12 GB DDR3 @ 1666MHz
    GPU: nVidia 560GTX, with 1 GB DDR5
    WIN 7, 64-bit
  13. Mr Chubkins Trainee Engineer

    I had this issue back in January, and both then and now this issue was solved by using Sandboxie. I didn't discover this, that would be noxlupi. This might not work for all you peeps, but it's worth a shot. To try it out, just install it, launch it, then EXIT steam. After that, drag a shortcut or .exe of SE into the Sandboxie control panel and you're set. Just to let you know, all the saves saved over while using Sandboxie are in a separate folder and will not be in the regular Steam SE game folder (when you're NOT running Sandboxie) unless you manually move them there. To find their location, just go in the Sandboxie Control panel--View--Files and Folders, and then find the saves and pop them in Steam's save folder.Here's the original post on it http://forums.keenswh.com/post/workaround-for-fps-stalling-6725938?pid=1281256766&highlight=sandboxie#post1281256766
  14. Ondrej.Petrzilka Developer

    Hi, fix which will reduce CPU usage is coming. Will be released probably in 8-10 hours from now.
    But I'm not 100% sure it will help fix this particular issue.
  15. Ondrej.Petrzilka Developer

    I'm still trying to find out "proper" cause of the slowdown issue.
    Is it possible that it happens only in 3rd person camera? Can somebody confirm that?
  16. Mr Chubkins Trainee Engineer

    I just started 2 new worlds, one Easy Start 1 and the other completely empty. Both slowed down even when I didn't move/look around and stayed in first person.
  17. rustlemyjimmies Trainee Engineer

    first off sorry if this has already been answered but is there going to be a patch for the new bugs? because i keep getting one that slows my engineer down and only him. everything else moves fine including the ores and spaceships. rather annoying when chasing down ore floating off into space
  18. Ondrej.Petrzilka Developer

    It happens even in Custom world / Empty world (survival)?
    How long does it take until the problems appear?
  19. feidry Trainee Engineer

    I'm also experiencing this issue. How can I help troubleshoot it? Steam name is the same as here if quicker responses are desired. Thanks.

    CPU: AMD FX-6100 3.3GHz 6-core
    RAM: 8 GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
    GPU: ATI 4890 Radeon 1GB
    WIN 7, 64-bit
  20. cherv-saper Apprentice Engineer

    So, yesterday i've noticed - noise much increased from a cooler, but still no slowdowns...
    May the Intel be with you!
  21. Shivaran Trainee Engineer

    Yes. I just tested it, it even happens if you stay in the menu (I just started the game, didn't enter any world and monitored update lag through Alt-Shift-F11). It takes a minute or so, then the update lag begins to builds up.
  22. Lancar Senior Engineer

    Since I got home from work, I've been running the game with alt-shift-F11 active for a while, thinking that if I was going to get the bug, I would catch it in the act.

    But so far, I'm only experiencing the minor intermittent camera jerkiness. Like, the screen lags out for just a millisecond, then returns to normal. This happens randomly throughout my play, and it seems to coincide with "Update lag #/s" occasionally spiking to 50-200ms, then immediately returning to normal. When entering areas I haven't viewed recently, this usually happens, like when entering my refinery area, the sound volume level from them seemingly increase in set intervals as I get closer, and small micro-lag stuttering accompanies this.

    Video Settings: 1920x1080
    Graphics level: Normal (High only nets me ~30 FPS when near more complex objects, and I don't mind the somewhat jagged edges if it boosts my framerate)

    CPU: i7 2600K quad-core (4 physical, 8 logical), 2,4Ghz
    GPU: Nvidia Geforce 560 Ti 1GB
    RAM: 8GB

    Running the game off an SSD harddrive.
  23. MrPaintdry Trainee Engineer

    Same for me. Third person, first, when I'm in large/small ships, single player/ multiplayer. Sometimes it's ok for the first minute or so after loading any type of world but then everything goes into slow motion... If I hold sprint it sounds as if I'm running 10 times faster than i actually am. Completely unplayable.

    AMD fx 6300 6 core
    GTX 660
    8 GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
    Win 7, 64 bit
  24. Phand Master Engineer


    we are still working on it.
  25. Houmann Trainee Engineer

    Good to know. Starting to get antsy from not getting my proper SE-fix. :)

    Anyways. Just to confirm some of the above posts. The update lag issue is stil there, and it stay there untill you restart the game, after which it starts to build up again.
    And as mentioned above, it doesn't go away when you close the savegame. A game restart is needet to clear the update lag.

    ReEdit: added a couple of screens.
  26. Phand Master Engineer

    1. PLEASE paste it here so I can have all information together on one place
    2. press SHIFT+F11 and take a screenshot (at the moment when you are experiencing this fps drop/slow motion), it looks like this: http://postimg.org/image/ynyqkvicd/
    3. paste that screenshot in this thread or send it to support@keenswh.com
  27. Shivaran Trainee Engineer

  28. Lancar Senior Engineer

    I'm sending you the world with my character saved looking at the exact position (an unfinished heavy block) where the slowdown occurred, over 600ms of update lag. If I nudged my views either to the left or right, the ms dropped progressively to 400, then 300, then 200 and so on. Aligning the crosshair back raised it back to 600 again.

    Email subject: "sending my world - regarding the slowdown issue"

    This world had been runnning for approx 3 hours when this happened.

    I'll just add what I was doing prior to the lag as well, just in case...
    I had just taken a tour over to the larged bombed out asteroid in view center-bottom of the screen to mine some uranium. I crashed & died due to poor piloting skillz, and had to fly back there with parts for a new cockpit. I rebuilt it, then flew back and deposited all the ore into the refineries on my factory ship to the right. Then I parked my mining ship next to a hole with easy access to my storage, to fix up any remaining damage and improve the small ship a bit. Then I noticed the lag suddenly spiked, zeroed in on the area with alt-shift-f11, saved, then mailed it to you.
  29. nonsens Trainee Engineer

    I play only in first person and have the slowdown.
    The patch two hours ago (from now) didnt do anything for me.

    Still unplayable :(
  30. piotrulos Trainee Engineer

    Somentimes when walking laggy I can kill myself with grinder (while walking turn on grinder, not always work) http://s24.postimg.org/6h7snmu39/2014_04_11_00013.jpg
    Some screens when laggy walking occurs:

    And for example when use grinder the hand which hold grinder is shaking like glitched
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.