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Greatly reduced performance in 1.025

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Deadlock989, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. rustlemyjimmies Trainee Engineer

    the thing i find strange stoner is the fact that i also have auto updates on and its not bringing an update up i tried closing the game i tried closing steam i tried restarting my pc but it just will not bring up the 01.025.021
  2. rustlemyjimmies Trainee Engineer

  3. Astrobug Trainee Engineer

    Not getting any more problems on my end, update seems to have fixed it up just fine. Spectacular work by the devs!
  4. Vero Apprentice Engineer

    you might had an issue with the update.. try right clicking space engineers in your steam library and clicking manage downloads then if you see space engineers on the list move it up the que or whatever its called (don't remember exactly) but its what i had to do to force the update
  5. rustlemyjimmies Trainee Engineer

    theres nothing in the download thing and i just checked the news of it on steam and it still says its only up to the 01.025.020

  6. Ondrej.Petrzilka Developer

    Hi, George is offline, he will post info about 01.025.021 in the morning.
    To me usually helps when I select "Steam", "Change user" in menu and then put my login/password again.
  7. rustlemyjimmies Trainee Engineer

    that did not seem to work
  8. rustlemyjimmies Trainee Engineer

    really hope it will autoinstall later....really love this game
  9. ☆ G ☆ S ☆ L ☆ Trainee Engineer

    OK, I don't know what happened, but the Update lag is back for me in multiplayer instances.

    This was taken moments ago in a public Lone Survivor map:


    As you can see, Update lag is rather high. This continued, fluctuating between 100ms and 600ms, both in ships and solely with the jetpack, until I exited the server.

    As a side note, my fps seems considerably more stable than it had been, except on very large maps with lots of players; a 35Mb world with 16 players reduces me to a single-digit slideshow all over again as soon as I get close enough to peoples' ships so as to see them.

    I'm bummed now and really wondering what happened.
  10. Nurph Trainee Engineer

    Hi there! I just got the latest patch (.21), but still getting serious update lag.


    Slow downs occurr whenever I look at asteroids, after I either minimize the game OR change render quality in the video settings.

    If I don't minimize or change video settings the game runs as normal with only the expected fps drop when looking at the asteroid field and no update lag.

    Also, ambient occulsion seems turn itself off whenever I restart the game despite being on high render quality.
  11. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Lower your res and render distance, set everything to min spec. Do it at desktop via your video card software before you even start game, then set everything in game to min see what the difference is.

    My system is running pretty much the same as before the patch.
    My spec's, which is something everyone with issues should post, are, ASUS mobo, AMD 8core @3.9mhtz, SSD hard drive, 8 gigs of RAM @ 1800mhtz two 6990ATI dual GPU video cards, totalling 8 gigs of video ram and 4 GPU's at 850mhtz, , [though the game only uses one GPU of ONE card so technically Im playing on a 2 gig video card with 2 gig of video ram] and I am not seeing any huge lag, except for net-lag which is to be expected in Alpha.
    I load up Babylon 5 and the frames are still about 10fps, pretty much the same as 2 months ago.
    My system has definitely gained frames since December of last year, so they have done some minor tweeks, yes I agree there pretty minor at this stage.

    A lot of the lag can be associated to what type of blocks your using, for example a lot of stair ramps walkways are high in poly's will chew up system recourses, the internal wall block also chews up system power, along with spotlights, interior lights are much better than spotlights if you need lighting, putting lights where the light/shadows reflect through other parts of the building like a window, will cause system to work harder, especially if you fly past at high speed, you can convert heavy armour HUGE ships to light armour, less poly's less lag, but if your at that stage and the ship isn't that huge, probably need to look at your own hardware closer.

    Hope it helps...
  12. sebostian Trainee Engineer

    Have one problem with auto saving in multiplayer - game freez my PC(Only hard reboot can change it...) if autosave in progress sometimes. I think problem in how the games work with SSD disk. Can i change auto save destonation?

    PC config:
    Core i7 2600
    16Gb DDR
    Vortex 3 SSD 120Gb for system only!
    Nvidia GTX 770
  13. Lancar Senior Engineer

    After the latest update (.21) I'm not quite getting the large 600ms spikes anymore, instead I now have much more frequent micro-stuttering lag, small spikes hitting me almost constantly, especially when looking at the large asteroid, which if i slowly move my camera around a little while still pointing in that direction, produce update lag spikes up to ca 300ms.
    Strangely, though, when I stay inside my large ship, even when running around, the lag spikes stop. The only exception being when I look out at that asteroid.

    flying around and looking at my small ship is a very frequent offender in the micro-stutter lag department, the camera hopping around almost all the time when looking at it.

    (EDIT: This is from the same world I emailed you guys before)
    (EDIT2: I know there are probably a lot of floating objects in that large asteroid due to my mining operations i've conducted inside it, no idea if that helps)
    (EDIT3: Flying around with my small ship inside that large asteroid is like swimming in tar. Lag is almost constantly heavy, with update lag fluctuating like crazy, and Frame Max Time frequently spiking to 200ms. This place was always a bit of a performance drainer for me, but never like this :/. When drilling some gold in a sunlit area, update lag stayed on a steady ca 450ms.

  14. Bohdan Trainee Engineer

    Woohoo! Totally fixed,tested for about 5 hours. Thanks Devs :D
  15. yokse Trainee Engineer

    my fps ingame : 10-20 ( in singleplayer and a new basic map) I have tested all of the recommendations for the fixes.

    my system:

    i5 cpu 3.20GHz
    4gb ram

    graphic card: ati radeon hd 5450

    windows 7

    in 1280x720 res.

    sorry for my english.
  16. piotrulos Trainee Engineer

    after (.21) game works much better, but still exist some lag spikes (for ex. for a while there is over 200) but normally is under 120
  17. Stoner Apprentice Engineer

    Some folks are mentioning their lag in multiplayer. Multiplayer has always lagged considerably for me. The 01.025.015 patch made it worse, but 01.025.021 improved multiplayer performance back to pre-01.025 levels. However, there is still much lag. For instance, when I intercept a cargo ship and attempt to latch with the landing gear, pressing the P key does nothing. Thus, I can't latch on. I've seen this in large and small worlds with 3 to 12 players.

  18. Brenner Junior Engineer

    I'm having greatly reduced performance since 1.025, too. In single player, I'm not talking about multiplayer lags.
    The hotfixes after 1.025 might have reduced the problem slightly, I'm not 100% sure - but if it did, it didn't do a great difference. Before 1.025 performance was perfect, even on high setting.

    Also, sometimes the screen turns black for a second or two. Game always comes back after that though.

    My specs:

    Windows 7 SP1
    Geforce GTX 770 (with latest drivers)
    Intel I7-3770
    16 GB Ram
  19. Vero Apprentice Engineer

    abit of an update from me.. i can't play extreme settings as it causes my graphic drivers to stop responding (only game that does that) so i set it down to high and it works fine (had to reload the world though as it caused the high update lag when changing while in the world)

    i'd like to see a more tweakable graphic settings in the future instead of presets (normal, high, extreme) and let us choose what we would like to scale up or disable
  20. ☆ G ☆ S ☆ L ☆ Trainee Engineer

    Yes, absolutely, I agree with this. Knowing what elements (AA, AF, AO, etc) are active, to what extent, and to be able to control each individually would be optimal.
  21. douglasg14b Apprentice Engineer

    The lag seems to happen mainly when someone starts mining.

    Before someone mines my RenderRequests are 0.0ms and my game logic is 16ms. When someone starts mining my render requests jump to 18-25ms and my game logic jumps to 35-50ms.

    Does everyone on the entire server need to receive data on someone mining way out of their render distance? The same goes for floating objects, every client receives data on every floating thing on the server, regardless of where it is located. Components floating 10,000Km away still cause unnecessary bandwidth issues. Just removing floating components takes bandwidth usage from 80-100KB/s up to ~10KB/s up with 5 players.
  22. Digi Senior Engineer

    Are you the host ? Otherwise it can be a ghost cargo ship which doesn't exist on the server.
  23. entity321 Trainee Engineer

    i can confirm after 0.21 that my friends game has now stabilised and is no longer has raising update lag and stays steady and constant. Well done to the developers for the quick fix!
  24. Phonophobie Trainee Engineer

    Also for me 1.025.21 made the thing better, but lag is still kicking in from time to time. One thing I noticed: when looking at my ship the lag seem to rise, when looking in the other direction the thing gets better. Also it seems to depend on how much sound you have around, as already noticed.

    Remark: None of the work arounds was used.

  25. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I used to get time-related lag. After 10 mins or so of doing anything (I was dismantling ships), it would lag horribly. That seems to be fixed now. Yay!

    However if I alt-tab from the game and then go back, the lag is horrible until I exit the game and restart.

    Before: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sp8af2ir3bnj2kh/2014-04-13_00001.jpg
    After: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ch0n8u8gfrgxsn4/2014-04-13_00002.jpg

    If I alt-tab from the menu, without a map loaded, it seems fine. This is in single-player.
  26. Phand Master Engineer


    we are still working on it. We fixed audio lag, but there seems to be more to it. Maybe physics problem. Any feedback is highly appreciated.
  27. Lancar Senior Engineer

    On another map of mine, we hijacked a military minelayer and parked it above the base. Now, whenever we enter the hangar under it, the game starts chugging.

    It may be that we had been running the map for a while, or that the large ship's shadow was consuming loads of system resources, or maybe something else entirely.
    The FPS dropped from 60 to 30 the first time i went in there, but subsequent times it didn't move from 60 but it still lagged. Update lag didn't move much either, in this instance.

    You got some seriously sneaky performance bug here :)

    I don't suppose you got some sort of debug mode the game could run in that records everything that happens?
  28. Batman Trainee Engineer

    I noticed the same. When I start mining, the other player gets bad lag, he can't even use his inventory or enter cockpits. It gets better, after I (host) collect all floating objects.
  29. Phand Master Engineer


    we reproduced this. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks guys, you are great help as always. :thumb:
  30. MrPaintdry Trainee Engineer

    Everyone is still having problems with the update lag, right? any fixes yet? getting really irritating
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.