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Greifers - A Common Miss Conception

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by maxb0mb, Mar 17, 2014.

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  1. mredge73 Apprentice Engineer

    Space is large and vast, how did this greifer find you and all your friends?
    He must have abused the save function before it was disabled I am guessing. It is the responsibility of the server admin to keep things like this from happening by disabling the save function, adding nav points, and limiting the starter ship to a very low mass. White lists do help in keeping down chat/beacon spammers but all the other problems you are facing are easily avoided.
  2. mredge73 Apprentice Engineer

    Keep in mind that predators/people are territorial. I have no problems killing a station that is built on an asteroid that I regularly mine. Same goes for any station that I spot between my asteroid and my main base. I may or may not raid it first, depends on how much time that I have to deal with the threat. Sometimes they don't get the message to "get out" if I just lightly raid it.
  3. Beatnik59 Trainee Engineer

    Don't have to create much, mind you. We already come with the grinder. Just get into position to build a passenger seat, and the world is yours. That's about the most efficient way.
  4. mredge73 Apprentice Engineer

    I agree, but argue on how you are to return to the world once you log off as yourself (instead of a duplicate of yourself)?

    To do this, you have to build a med bay next to your seat and keep it fueled. To obtain fuel you need to mine for it or mine for resources to build a solar panel.
    Now you need a vessel to get you to the asteroid because your suit will loose power on its way. Now you need to protect yourself because all of your supporting equipment keeping you alive can be seen for 1000m and can become a potential target. Now you need ammo. By this point you might as well play the game or uninstall it. Reminds me of the Cartmanland episode on South Park.
  5. Josh Trainee Engineer

    This thread is really dumb.

    A griefer is someone who breaks the rules of the game to cause grief.
    A pirate is someone who plays by the rules of the game in a way that is at the expense of other players.

    - In Team Fortress 2, engineers can build teleporters to get teammates to the front line faster. It's possible to build the exit portal in a way that disadvantages them, or gets them stuck. There is never a reason to build this way, it hurts your team (which you should want to win), and is therefore griefing.
    - In Minecraft, some servers are supposed to be cooperative building sandboxes. PVP is turned off, and destroying player bricks is impossible. Building a huge box around where players spawn can permanently trap everyone until an admin deletes them. Because the server isn't PVP, this is griefing.
    - In Dota 2, couriers used to give gold to the enemy team when killed. Couriers are very useful tools that bring items to the player without having to go back to base. By buying many couriers, you could send them to their death and give them a massive advantage. There is never a reason to do this, it hurts your team, and is therefore griefing.
    - In Garry's Mod, there is a game mode called Trouble in Terrorist Town. The goal is to find out who the traitors are and kill them. If you are innocent and act like a traitor, you can trick players to shoot you. This is griefing.

    Pirates, or PvP players:
    - In EVE Online, you can make player run corporations that have wallets all admins can access. Players are allowed to steal billions of in-game currency from corporations, then leave. This devastates the group, but is allowed. This is pirating, not griefing.
    - In Minecraft, some servers allow PVP. Using blocks to obstruct movement or to harm players isn't griefing, and is a part of the game.

    The definition of "griefing" varies because the rules of the game do. It may be used as a catch-all term for assholes, but that's not what it is.

    There's no reason for the gameplay of Space Engineers to be pidgeon holed into one style. If you want a cooperative sandbox, the gamemode should be customizable to disallow destroying other people's stuff, unless they let you. If you want a PVP game, destroying your stuff should be allowed.

    What people are having trouble reconciling with is this idea of "destruction for the sake of it" and "destruction for money". In a PVP game, where players are allowed to act like jerks as a part of the gamemode, you can't draw a line between the two. A jerk ramming your ship with a spawn ship and a jerk shooting it with Gatling guns is the same thing. Neither is griefing.
  6. Beatnik59 Trainee Engineer

    I'm not sure your typical person who likes to grind down bases for yuks and self-worth is even going to care about such inconsequential matters like logging off as "yourself" or as "a duplicate of yourself." Their victims tend worry about such things, which is how they get victimized.
  7. Ironmike Apprentice Engineer

    Pvp'ing is when 10 people log on a multi player server to engage in competitive play to destroy/dominate each other.

    "Griefing" is what the 9 players call the one player who dominated / destroyed them on said multi player server.
  8. ProfessorFalken Apprentice Engineer

    So, If your working on a large ship, and I hack a single block and set all of your thrusters into override so that your ship starts accelerating into deep space while I sit back and laugh at you chasing after it... You wouldn't call that griefing?

    Or if I stole your large ship then crashed it into your station?

    Maybe, if I was a long time player on that server and I used that tactic to try to slow down your progress then it wouldn't be griefing... Maybe. But If i log into a server for the first time, and withing 10 minutes I'm smashing up everyone's work for the fun of it, that is Griefing.
  9. mredge73 Apprentice Engineer

    It depends on how they found your stuff.
    If they used save scamming exploit I would call the griefing.
    If you were building your large ship in plain sight with no defense, I would say your were asking for it.
  10. Carl the BedWetter Trainee Engineer

    Here you go bros. By some of you, this is PvP.....

    Of course some of these people were asking it pretty hard, but still the guy is a real tool.

  11. mastpayne Senior Engineer

    Appropriate Vid...

    A Pirate will have cool significant others.

    A Pirate will have a nice home to crawl back to with their loot.

    A Pirate will have a ship that actually serves their purpose, maybe even a slick cutlass.

    If a Pirate activates your ship and sends it off into deep space for you to chase; while you are away, the Pirate will be grinding down your base and loading parts in a container to haul off.

    If he rams ya, it is so he has a chance to get into your reactors to steel some uranium....y'know...to keep the home-hearth burning.

    A Griefer is The Boston Strangler.

    A Griefer is Jack the Ripper.

    There is no Game-Play to what they do, what with causing chaos and walking away, with nothing invested, and no in-game profit made.

    Heck, at a basic level, even Jeffery Dahlmer could be considered a Pirate, he got SOMETHING out of it.
  12. Josh Trainee Engineer


    Jeffery Dahlmer raped and tortured men and women. He would bore holes into their heads with drills to lobotomize them, attempting to make a living sex zombie. He dissolved their bodies in blue tubs and fed their flesh to his neighbors.

    Griefers are just assholes in video games.
  13. mastpayne Senior Engineer


    Misfortune + Timing. Not enough time?

    Relax. Not making light of what he did, the point was that he at least got lunch.
  14. Josh Trainee Engineer

    ( Misfortune + Delivery ) x ( Audience - Timing )

    ( 1 - 1 ) x ( 1 - 0 )

    My point was that you're overly passionate about hating the people who do this shit, as opposed to wanting the game mechanics behind it made better. The yellow boat is good for friendly servers, but a general pub needs something especially designed to mitigate the jerk factor.

    This doesn't mean we crucify the players who choose to be a nuisance. They're just playing the game in a way people find annoying.
  15. kittle Senior Engineer

    From what ive seen playing SE, Minecraft and other games... Griefers exist to break the rules of the game in such a way as to cause problems / loss / harm / death to other players. They seem to do it just because they can.

    For servers with full PVP ... you really cant have griefers as there are no rules to break.

    But for servers WITH rules, ex: no ramming, no pvp, etc.. then you will have griefers who come in for the sole purpose of doing as much damage in as little time as they can. They will probably laugh as they get banned, and then join the next server in their list.

    on greifers vs pirates...
    +1 to mastpayne -- well said.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.