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Griefers :(

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Kielm, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. Fab Apprentice Engineer

    griefers are common. You can't avoid them. Make your server friend-only and there will be no griefers. It's the best way of avoiding them. Or just perma ban them (when ban function comes out)
  2. kern4444 Trainee Engineer

    This is alpha, they will make griefer protection when time/money allows it.

    Also, I hope EVE players will stay out of this game. This is not make-your-ship EVE mini-clone. This is SE and you have nothing to do here; this game is not drama oriented, but creative oriented. Please go back to gatecamping and blasting newb ventures in hi/lowsec.
  3. ArcherV Apprentice Engineer

    Well I think PvP ( or crush your sandcastle) is an essiantial part of survival mode. ;)
  4. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    not all eve players are the same dude... get a grip

    /eve player for 10+ years
  5. Deggy Trainee Engineer

    EVE player here, too.

    "Carebear" if you like, I stay in highsec and industry the crap out of my enemies.

    What's better, being able to kill 5 enemy ships or being able to produce 50 friendly ones?
  6. Crapy Trainee Engineer

    With time (hopefully) this will be fixed if the universe will be infinite.
  7. Fhangrin Trainee Engineer

    Eve player for 7 years here.

    Also a DUST player. I'm one of those eve players that prefers a fun community over being a PvP maniac.
  8. Nicgon Trainee Engineer

  9. Ferigad Trainee Engineer

    Factions and Turrets will be the griefer solution. And later maybe some drones that will react on faction status. Until then it´s just easy to build at a good hiding spot or to play on a closed server with friends.

    They got enough idears for issues like that, if you check out the Q&A with the devs. Don´t forget, the game isn´t even half finished from the perspective of content.
  10. dpurgert Apprentice Engineer

    Killing 5 enemy ships and then getting lucky on the drops from their freighter :)

    "Carebear" used to be a friendly/joking term for doing industrial/mining work...

    "Oh hey Deggy, what's up?"
    "Not much, just carebearing it up a bit before our roam"

    These days, they're the whiners who don't really get that they're not "special" and/or expect that they should have different rules applied to them ("OMG it's not fair that a 2M warship should blow up my 500M officer fit miner even though I was AFK/watching YouTube/pron/etc. and don't have any tank on it whatsoever!!!").

    The biggest change (that I can recall) for causing the "carebears" to forget that they have to be combat-capable in addition to "miners" (or whatever) was the daily rock respawns. Used to be that rocks would ONLY respawn on Mondays and Fridays, and there were no grav sites (randomly-spawning high-end rocks) or wormholes ... so if you wanted the "high end" (for hisec anyway) ores, you were either the first crew in the belts on Friday prime-time to beat the other guys there ... or you were 'deccing them.

    Will be good here for a while, when space is still "small" ... and people play like we used to in EVE -- sure, you're a miner ... but you're also an integral part to our group, because we need ships/ammo/mods...
  11. lordfirefox Trainee Engineer

    1. This isn't Eve. It's Space Engineers a creative building game in space, there is nothing in the description that says "Greif your friends".

    2. I already despise your attitude.
    3. This is not a game for your kind of player. You want to play Eve Online then go play Eve Online, let Space Engineers be Space Engineers.
  12. dpurgert Apprentice Engineer

    1. Space Engineers is "creative building in space" if and only if you're in creative and/or restricted realistic (survival) mode (i.e. "single player" or "friends only"). Open realistic (survival) mode is more "engineer ways to not die, either due to the environment or the actions of other players", rather than just creative to be creative.

    Yeah, people will do dick things ... so kick/ban them, repair the damage, and move on. It might be a pain for you ... but whining to the devs when you have options at your disposal (e.g. limiting the server to friends only, kick-/baning the offender, etc. - even though they may be imperfect) isn't helping anything either.

    His point though is that people jumping to "OMG you're a griefer!!!" is wrong ~because~ he's an eve player, and has a different view on what a "griefer" is (TBH, in the EVE TOS, there are only two (2) things that'll cause you to get punishment from a GM about "griefing"

    a. Killing the same person over and over again "illegally" in hi-sec (i.e. in a manner that'll get you CONCORDED); UNLESS
    - That person is evading other "legal" ways to shoot him (e.g. dropping corp every dec), and you can prove you've tried other means
    - You're profiting from it (other party says "hey you, I'll give you 10m ISK for every kill you get on this guy")

    b. Killing/baiting rookies in the defined "Rookie Systems". Devs will go a little lighter on you if you were chasing them for a reason (e.g. WT) and they happened to make it to one of those systems.


    2. ...

    3. The game itself is for anyone, and seems to be going the route of "yeah, it'll either be utopia or dystopia depending on server house rules" ... some servers may not be his cuppa tea due to more restrictive rules, but that doesn't mean the game in general isn't for him.
  13. ArcherV Apprentice Engineer


    so true, +1
  14. Kielm Junior Engineer

    Clearly this is an emotive topic but my original query has been addressed. This wasn't intended to be a debate on the validity of one way of playing vs another, especially in a different game.

    That being said, please feel free to contribute any advice or tips you may have!
  15. TDJBMC Trainee Engineer

    Following would help:

    Give the Scenario settings a new option , called <black listers of/on>

    then give the host a tool to mark a griefing player as "Blacklisted"

    The point is that you don't have to kick people anytime again, in other words you can decide a ban

    its helpful. trust me.
  16. ArcherV Apprentice Engineer


    This... And may play only with friends?
  17. Frazah Trainee Engineer

    Just going to put this out there:

    Name your game as 'Cooperative' or 'PVP' to distinguish between the two.
    If people don't respect that, they need to be banned (if only we could).

    If you want to grief, don't play on Cooperative-labelled servers. Just because you like to play the game that way doesn't mean everyone else has to change the way they play. We shouldn't have to hide on friend-only servers because you want to destroy everything.

    This isn't EVE. It doesn't matter what you would do on that game and it's entirely irrelevant to this topic.
  18. TDJBMC Trainee Engineer

    True but don't start a discussion about this. "friends only reason" is another discussion
  19. Bopkasen Apprentice Engineer

    It is always the same people that called other people carebear that are like bully called people weakling.

    Griefers and bullies don't like rules and server administration control because they can and want to break while playing criminal in game. While they called people carebear, they don't like game police, admin, or NPC security making community goes as what real life are meant to be. What every bad person that you met will do is bypass, exploit, and dance around the line of sight to not get caught and get reward. When victims complains, nerf happens. When there is no balance, it maybe because of the system glitch and break down bringing viritual chaos into the game or go extreme and punish not only the bad person but someone who trying to defend themselves. Criminal, proven, to fear self-defense, because every gank situation have to be preemptitive leaving victims no reaction time to defend themselves. Understanding is that taking away gun doesn't prevent murder. But, punishing people for defending themselves from premptitiveness are the common gripe in gaming communities. In Space Engineer, don't play the game, it just a game is the cheap response from someone who already made their mind.

    There is no point in argueing and reasoning. They call you carebear, pull every virgin get laid stories, your mom, your dad, etc. Heck, does it even save you time to argue with drug addict about their drug habit?

    When punishing griefers, they will throw ammunitions in the book. If you pull ban hammer on them, most will leave the server for good but some will be coward and use DDoS (developers should take away visable IP but silently ban IP at a mouse click). If you going to public and dedicated host, you might as well get a IP forward service and put a DDoS control setting with it. Most gaming dedicated host boasts DDoS protection but they don't know what they are talking about. Even if they did, they thinks that it just a "small computer".

    Speaking of DDoS, there were and always have been a growing epidemic of kiddies hackers hacking games ruining past game, likes WarRock, Combat Arms, and Wolf Team. In 7 Days To Die, new hack is currently release that allows the person auto-changing name and globally kill players while banning can be pointless because names are being change throughout the time. In Rust, it seems that every "good player" knows how to tweak their setting unofficially, turning off recoil and spread, then pull out a rifle and shoot at someone's head over 120m making Vietnam Sniper hero put to shame in real life. The newly released Rust supported program, Cheatpunch, helps and banned lot of players but doesn't deter recoil and spread hackers because it is undetectable. You would needs a program to sniff something that you can't program to sniff for. Even if it sniff, it only going to smell good as some extraordinary sniper that can take a sniper rifle and shoot every bottle in the air while taking a sip of their drink.
  20. mattaperry Trainee Engineer

    you can always modify the spawnship into a small pod with just esstials on it, or even make it a small ship, far less damage from greifers
  21. DataSchmuck Trainee Engineer

    I did just that! Now every time a new player joins, I watch as the first thing they do is try to ram their tiny little pod into my heavy armored platform, and only end up killing themselves. As soon as they realize they might actually have to BUILD something to cause more damage they just leave. One guy even called me a cheater for changing the spawn ship.

    Ahhh, public servers. I swear maybe 1 out of every 10 people who joined actually wants to play the game, the rest are just there to cause grief.

    Some new players discovered they could steal some of the larger ships and cause damage that way. So I have all parked ships now empty out their uranium from the reactors and store it somewhere secret. It's worked out quite well.
  22. Morrigi Apprentice Engineer

    So, according to this thread, everyone who wants to PVP in space engineer is now a dirty bullying griffer who rams their noob ships into everyone? This thread is so reminiscent of the classic butthurt from EVE... So much nostalgia, I might have to renew my subscription.

    On a more serious note, perhaps it would be a good idea to... I dunno... Not play with dumb pubbies if you don't want to? There's an option for that. What's wrong with it?
    Also, alpha game is alpha, etc. etc.

    And lastly, the only reason rammers are a problem at the moment is because large ship weapons don't work yet. Throw a few gatling turrets and missile launchers on your own ship, (or a platform), and you suddenly have a viable, and easily-built, defense.
  23. Destroyer_Bravo Trainee Engineer

    7o, I can't count how many eve ships I had explode, and for those who I have caused to explode, they shed no tears.

    Then again, EVE frigates are like candy...
  24. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    With no griefers you have no enemies right now ! Everyone and anyone who goes near my ship is classed as a griefer/enemy and must die, make bullets and rockets people, best thing ever for griefers !
  25. eyedentify Trainee Engineer

    This Thread is pretty pointless and has a really bad Title... so please MOD lock this crap of a thread...
  26. Eval Trainee Engineer

    I'm new to space engineers but can see a problem with only playing with friends that is, Your not going to make any new ones and as I only have few friends on my friends list that have SE . Even thought I pester them daily to get it ;) Friends only just not going to work right now.
  27. Morrigi Apprentice Engineer

    ...What. I've added at least 5 or 6 more people because they play SE, and play on friends-only servers regularly.
  28. Joe_Mayo Trainee Engineer

    LMAO ArcherV you are a turd that just wont flush aren't you :~P

    I love PVP, I've made people pay me "protection" money (seriously for real) in MMO's before ("runes of magic" most notable) just to let them quest... but using a pre built ship to destroy some poor care bears sand castle is lame. even for a griefer (i'd be lying if i said i didn't do it once, but it was in self defense/revenge i swear!)

    why is it lame? because they can't actually defend against it! CAN"T with a capital every letter!

    but also on the other hand i got one idea and one suggestion.

    1. turn auto save off and periodically save. auto save sucks a lot of balls IMO

    1. have a select-able option where the game saves when ever a new player arrives (see what i did there? ya probably not)
  29. Ender Trainee Engineer

    Causing damage or being a typical griefer isn't a big deal. The issue is that people log in, take their starter ship and use it as a missile and log off. So you cant even seek revenge or deal with them accordingly.
    A sandbox game is all about dealing with the realities that things don't always work out the way you want, and things are not always easy. To be honest, griefers allow you to collect a nice little ship to salvage after they're kicked ;)

    But it is annoying because you don't see it coming. When someone logs in, I save immediately. Then if I have to ill recover the base/ships they destroyed to the server I was playing on (with cooperation with the host).
    Being able to use turrets/missles/etc against a griefer wont do you any good if you're doing something else, cause you're not always on guard just sitting there.

    Once automatic defenses are enabled, some how...however they'll work, it'll be better. But to be honest, how will a game distinguish a passerby neutral player from a griefer? It certainly wont take into consideration velocity and direction..
    I wish griefers at least were sneaky and built mines and just sabotage equipment, at least it'd be more like terrorism and not a-hole 13yo kids who think its funny to piss people off because they cant enjoy a game like a normal person.
  30. JamesL86 Senior Engineer

    On the point of defenses: Large ship turrets will eventually use the faction system to fire on any vessel that is not assigned to a friendly faction of the weapons owner. The antenna will be used for IFF. This also means that if you deactivate your antenna that you will likely be fired upon by friendly ships. Also the devs have stated that missiles will eventually have target tracking capabilities as well.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.