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Griefers :(

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Kielm, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. Martronix Trainee Engineer

    Grrrr just Grrrr.
    I was playing on a dedicated server with a couple of random guys for a few days on a public serer. We build up a nice scavenging station inside the donut shaped asteroid where we'd bring stranded/abandoned starter ships to. We made an “array” where we’d merge the ships onto using the merge blocks. This prevents parts from scattering all over the place or the ship moving when grinding them down with the grinder ships. All the parts went into the base storage, with the entire base actually built inside the asteroid itself hidden out of sight. So all you’d see was a bunch of abandoned starter ships when passing by.
    Seeing this was a public server, of course we had the odd idiot ramming his ship into our scavenge array. Which is something we could live with, and we usually thanked them for the delivery.
    However one guy comes along, plays along for a bit. Then walks up to a door and converts the entire station into a ship! This causes the station to ghost through the bloody asteroid and smash to bits inside the solid matter of the asteroid. We ended up with nothing, everything gone with just one stupid mouse click.
    Except my venting here, point of this post is to point out that this grieving tactic is just too overpowered. Everything is gone in a few mere seconds and you don’t even get to keep something to salvage :( And yes I know this is the risk of playing in a public server, but you need something when you don't have the friends with a dedicated one.
  2. Jas Apprentice Engineer

    imho griefers are the salt in a sandbox game, well this can be annoyng but you can setup a solid defense system that shot everything approacching your base, or not?
  3. Johnny Depth Apprentice Engineer

    Once factions are up, this will be easy to defend against. Turrets will be able to detect which faction people are and attack accordingly.
  4. Martronix Trainee Engineer

    I was not saying grieving should be impossible, we even made it part of our game. I was pointing out that just pressing 1 button (turning a base into a ship) to destroy your base is too disastrous. It completely nullifies the advantages of having a base compared to having a large ship, making the bases redundant.
  5. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    when are gunz gonna be fixed to help combat this??? or when is something similar to a POS (EVE) defense going to be implemented? Traps (pressure plates and all the trap likenesses) ?

    or is it simply the new way we must try and S-U-R-V-I-V-E?

    now see if i had mah S.E.S.R. {Space Engineers Snipah Rifle} i would have taken care of business for ya :thumb:
  6. fleshcage Trainee Engineer

    oh i see, so space engineers is a CREATIVE game.
    then i suppose they added an assault rifle to it to shoot asteroids.
    seriously people, get a grip on yourself.
  7. TakoMT Trainee Engineer

    Technically speaking, until Factions are introduced, we cannot really have a decent grief protection system in place.

    Look at starmade for example, you can set it up so that only faction members can access your ships, stations, etc... or even build on them... so this is actually a good start for anti-griefing methods since they won't be able to build on them.

    Plus with factions in place, I hope that they can make turrets shoot at non-faction members.

    Another option would be to designate an owner to a ship...maybe through the beacon, and only make that specific member interact with that specific build. Also make it that if the player is not on-line, you cannot attack that ship or damage it.

    But then again, I would prefer waiting for Factions to come in, then introduce an anti-griefing scenario revolving around factions.
  8. Osho Trainee Engineer

    The biggest trouble with griefing currently is that a player can save a multiplayer game and then look through the files in an editor.

    That obviously isn't fair.

    But if you are building out in the open on a public server, you are just waiting to learn a hard lesson.
  9. Vivicector Apprentice Engineer

    I agree with the main point of the OP. Some things are way to easy now. Griefing and PvP are all mechanics of the game and are fine as such. But starter ships are outright exploit for griefers and that base conversion is also impossible to protect against.
    Waiting for factions...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.