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Have grinder, will travel - Experienced salvage engineer looking for a new sector to call “home”

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by MadPhil, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. MadPhil

    MadPhil Trainee Engineer

    Dear sector claim owners -

    Due to recent developments in my current sector (many fellow residents moving over to the Diablo galaxy) this civilian, experienced salvage engineer is looking for a new sector to call home and start a new salvaging/recycling business. With the population of my current home sector having reached a new depth, there’s simply not enough business left. (I can’t barter with only me being around)

    I’m looking for (a place to build) a living quarters and a basic hangar to start up my business, preferably in a 24/7 reachable sector. I’m experienced in salvaging and recycling lost ships and wreckage and building specialized ships to perform these tasks. While keeping the sector as clean as possible, I’m also happy to pay taxes to the claim owner & perform welding/grinding/mining “community” work. I prefer a mostly neutral/peaceful sector, or a sector where I can be part of a neutral faction. (Better for business not to have too many enemies).

    Any sector claim owners out there that’d be happy to give not-so-Mad-Phil-after-all a place/chance to restart his business from the ground up?

    Have grinder, will travel.
  2. Bad_Idea

    Bad_Idea Apprentice Engineer

    I'd be happy to accept you into our little 8-player community. The server is up as much as possible, not 24/7 but often for +12 hours at the time, me being the host. In essence what we have is a combat server, two "sectors" of 13 asteroids each separated by a void containing a single neutral asteroid is what the map is currently made up of (Grand total of somewhere around 28 asteroids). Having a map like this, however, is not ideal, it leads to some rather nasty server hickups every once in a while, to join us you'd have to be prepared to lose some progress at times.

    Currently we have three "Factions" set up on the map, the Stellar Federation of Captainia (That would be me), some neutral merchants (Perfect for you, they reside on the middle Asteroid and could very much need someone like you!) and a team which does not yet have a name.

    So far there is no infrastructure set up, and whilst there is plenty of spaces to build in, we cannot provide you with crew quarters or hangars yet.

    Teamspeak is adviced but not required. My Steam profile is linked in my signature.

    Lacks grinder, will welcome.
  3. Em3rgency

    Em3rgency Trainee Engineer

    We are a remote outpost of free go-getters, factionless and completely un-encumbered by politics. There are two asteroid fields in our vicinity, which we aptly designated Sector A and Sector B, at about 60km distance from one another. ((11 large asteroids total, + somewhere tripple that in small ones)). Heavy solar radiation in our vicinity permits activity only in 12-16 hour periods out of every 24 hours. ((Can't have 24/7 without dedicated servers :( )). Otherwise sector hazard is described as "Normal". There are no other anomalies nearby to cause time-dilation or spacial compression, as sometimes seen in other sectors. (( 1x1x1 )). Periodically, we attempt a system-wide transmission, specifying our location and trade requirements, however due to the above mentioned solar hazards, ships in our vicinity most often show up as derelict drifters.

    Due to the exact same reasons not all colonists/engineers, who set out for our sector, actually make it here. ((Server is rarely public, and when it is, all newcomers are scrutinized extensively)). As such, we have a bit of a scrap metal problem. Your presence here is desired.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.