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HELP. HELP. a planet ceased to exist and I lost all my work. must I learn how to create planets or c

Discussion in 'Modding' started by mfgp, Dec 4, 2018.

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  1. mfgp Trainee Engineer

    Dear friends.
    There are times I play space engineers.
    Something happened that made me lose years of dedication and made me stop using the game.
    A planet whose mod had already been abandoned by the creator and removed from the workshop but which I still wore because I had a whole built world ceased to exist after an upgrade months ago.
    I'm just now thinking of how to get around the problem, and I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn how to create planets, or pay someone to do it for me.
    I am not a programmer and I am not fluent in English, I am using google translator.
    question :
    What would be the best option? learn how to create a planet and retrieve the planet I was using from the mod file of the planet which is in red numbers in my list of world's mods saved? or pay someone to do it for me, which would I have to look for here in the forum? It would be for me only and I would not publish the work.

    I hope here is the correct place to post this question because I think it should be answered by modders. The question is not about a bug, but about a mod that no longer works after an upgrade.
    Well, I hope I can get somebody's help.
    Thank you
  2. Cetric Junior Engineer

  3. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Is your mod you are referring to the planet itself was a mod. Or there was a block mod on the planet that no longer exists?

    I could be wrong but I am 99.9% sure I have a modded planet in one of my worlds that is no longer on the workshop and it loads just fine.

    If it is a block mod that went missing we may be able to help you find someone else who has picked up the old mod and republished it, if not we may be able to help get someone to pick up the lost mod. (We as in meaning the SE community. :) )
  4. mfgp Trainee Engineer

    --- Automerge ---

    Dear mojomann71, thanks for replying.
    the mod is the azurium planet, the first,
    which is a mod of a planet but contains a new element called the azurium that gives rise to several blocks. in fact, I'm only interested in the planet. I do not use any of the blocks of azurium. I would like to try to rescue only the planet if it is possible.
    The planet worked very well in my saved world, even after being removed from the workshop but ceased to exist after an upgrade: major overhaul of multiplayer, em julho.
    I will follow cedric's advice and get in touch with the former author,
    but if I need someone to fix or modernize the mod, how could I find anyone in their opinion? putting a post asking specifically if someone wants to fix the mod?
    cedric, kindly, in your answer above, sent a link from a post that I think will help me, but I will have to read everything before to understand.
    after that I put again some doubt or news of success here.
    Thank you again.
  5. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

  6. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    That's my mod. What's the problem exactly?
  7. mfgp Trainee Engineer

    Hi, doncdxx, nice to have you here.
    first. let me remember you : im using google translation, so excuse me any misunderstanding.
    I was going to contact you ...
    well, maybe you already have read my post above.
    I simply loved the first azurium planet that you did and soon I adopted it and built a whole world based on it with cities and buildings, but what attracted me most was the landscape provided by the geographic formation of the planet. It's the best there was.
    however, in a while you made a new planet azurium and removed the ancient planet azurium from the workshop.
    I only had one option:continue using the old mod because the world I had built using this planet was already well advanced. but I knew that probably one day it would crash after some upgrade.the mod appeared as a sequence of red numbers in the list of mods in my recorded world. and finally it happened: there was an upgrade in July and suddenly there was no more planet when I carried the world. only buildings floating in space.
    even hoping that one day it would happen, I became very depressed and stopped using the game. now I'm trying to find a way to recover the old mod, just the planet because I did not use the substance azurium, and, in this way, recover my world .
    you know, I do not even want to start building a new world, because no planet they have made to this day has reached the feet of the first azurium planet. sorry but the planet azurium that you did in replacement is not so cool. the beaches are not as good at first, and even the texture of the "ice".
    with all due respect, would you not accept to recover your old mod so that my already saved world could return to work? for me it would only matter to restore the planet and not the blocks of azurium. I mean, you could do this as a service just for me and I'd even pay you for it if it was not too expensive. the work would not be published. unless you want to, of course.
    --- Automerge ---
    if someone tells me how to do it, I'll post photos to justify why I want so much to rescue the old azurium planet.
    --- Automerge ---
    dear mojomann, in fact this is the link that was made in substitution for the first planet azurium. it s a bit different from the first mod i used.
    I think you ll understand better with the answer i give to doncdxx above.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  8. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    I don't believe I ever deleted a version. I made the original version of the mod on my account. Then steam workshop blocked me from updating mods for about a year, so I posted updated versions on my wife's steam account. When steam finally let me upload to workshop again, I started updating the version on my account again.

    Try changing to this version of the mod.

    If you saved after the planet is gone, you may have to go to a backup save and change mods on the older save and load that one. If all you have left is saves after the planet is gone, you're going to have to place the planet again and start copy/pasting the grids onto the new planet.
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  9. mfgp Trainee Engineer

    Dear Doncdxx, I'm very happy for you to have appreciated the problem.
    I just tried the version you indicated and the planet reappeared.however, although it is the same geography, there are great differences. As I mentioned before, the texture and color of the ice is diferent, the beaches are very different, more abrupt and not as smooth as before. only these characteristics would be bad enough for me and make me give up,if i could send you photos of how it was before and how i built on the planet you wouls understand.but apart from these differences there is yet another: while carrying the world all the buildings around the planet are above ground to some degree. or too high or too low. that is, it would no longer be a usable world. it is not a matter of allocating the constructions, because they are hundreds, with many details to explain here.
    I think the only way to restore my world is to re-create the own planet that existed from the file that should be on my computer and that appears in red numbers in the list of mods. so it would appear as before, in the right position, and with all the excavation and earth-leveling works that I had already done, and with the ice of the texture and color that I so pleased to look like with water, even at great heights besides having the flat beaches from the water with gentle ascents. that's what I tried to suggest to you as a job that would be done just for me and I would pay, unless you want to post it.
    I do not get the idea of the work it would do, so I started by asking in this discussion whether I should try to learn how to make planets to make this change or pay someone to do it.
    I am very anxious to recover the world in which I have had so much work and that it gave me so much pleasure to continue working. I had it as a real thing to me. I acquired a powerful computer to run it and used a 50-inch TV as a screen. this is to say that I had invested in the game as my main source of laser, but everything stayed depending only on one planet, a single mod ...
    Sorry to have to explain so much.I hope you can help me with this in some way.for example:Do you know the number of this old mod? because I have several mods in my world that are appearing as red numbers and I would not know more which one between them.
    well. I wait your answer.
    --- Automerge ---
    hi, my friends,


    A british friend help me and guided me step by step what to do.
    thank you all.

    AH, doncdxx. i got the number of the mod using a program of reserch. thank you any way.
  10. Roxette Senior Engineer

    The problem was Keen / Steam of course, and the change to the way the game handles mods with the "New Steam Workshop integration" change in game update 1.188.

    The solution was to find the previously downloaded .sbm file of the original mod in the game's user data directory and extract it into a sub-directory as a local mod. Once the saved game's settings were changed to load the planet from the local version, all was well.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.