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Hosted map is like molasses, but runs fine on a local machine.

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by RobotLobster, Nov 20, 2014.

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  1. RobotLobster Trainee Engineer


    We have a server hosted with Pingperfect and have had no real issues with them. But since the bug fix updates the map has been running like molasses. The sim speed is down around .4 with drops into .25, my PS is also sub 10 most of the time. The weird thing is that if I start the map from my PC the map is fine. Even Friends connecting to me can play better than on the PP Server. I've tried deleting free floating objects and stopping all motion but that had no effect on game play.

    Is there anything that I can do to make it a little bit smoother? At this point it is very difficult to play without getting a headache.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. thatguywithahammer Apprentice Engineer

    My sim speeds in some dedicated servers are painfully slow as well. Not sure why that is.
  3. RobotLobster Trainee Engineer

    Not sure exactly what helped but I used SEtoolbox to remove a lot of floating objects and some ships that apparently had a few blocks and floated into space. The patch came out earlier than I expected so I don't know what helped more. The simulation speed is better but my FPS is still in the mid teens. I have an OC 280x so I expected a little bit better. I'm in the process of turning off all lights of any kind and removing a few captures ships from the game.
  4. duncajcb Trainee Engineer

    Yeah I've been running a pingperfect server as well and having the same issues. I would not mind hearing from players who have experience with other hosted services.
  5. SatanicKill Trainee Engineer

    I noticed this problem a week or two ago on my server box and have been troubleshooting this issue all morning now. I host from my own Dual Xeon server box. The DS chews up 100% of the cycles on a whole core while running since the last few versions (I allocate two cores to it). My players haven't noticed any lag yet but with no headroom left on the CPU, I'm worried it's only a matter of time. Three weeks ago, the server ran ~50% on that core with active players and only ~20% CPU load while empty..
    So far I've tried:
    Temporarily disabling all mods.
    Disabling the dampeners on all ships on the server.
    Deleting all sensor blocks.
    Deleting all floating objects and debris.
    Deleting all power sources on all ships/stations.
    Nothing seems to effect it aside from "Pause while empty"; 100% on that core as long as the simulation is running.
    Temporarily Deleting all turrets

    Something is borked with the dedicated server as of the last few versions.

    Your your dedicated servers doing the same?
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  6. aKra Trainee Engineer

    We are having simulation speed issues as well, but our server seems to even the load out over all four of the cores. Still a sim-speed of 0.3-0.4 in-game.

    We are using the extender of tyrsis with his Essentials mod and a few slight mods loaded.

    Turning off the assemblers, production, refineries and drill's will affect it positively to 0.4-0.5 in-game.
  7. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    We are running into the same issues. I don't have a dual-xeon processor, (I7-2600 / 16gigs of ram), however something has changed in the last 7 to 14 days that has reduced the simulation speed to a crawl in certain areas(I can't isolate what) to a point that the "play" button is been slowed to 1/4 speed. Cargo spawns now hitch horribly to the point they can't be raided, multiple players have complained about drills exploding with the softest touch on ore (very odd), and sounds repeating (foot steps), drills, welders, grinders sounds disappear/reappear I have removed several mods - only had 5 to begin with as well as moved the server to another box - No change.

    UTC Cargos
    Console Pack

    Did Have:

    Hostile Universe
    Capacity Warning
  8. tyrsis Junior Engineer

    Sim speed issues are almost always a result of GameLogic problems. And GameLogic almost always has to do with objects in the world. I have found that most servers can at most have around 200-250 grids before you really start taking a UPS hit.

    Floating objects needs to be cleaned religiously, and trash ships need to be removed. Also a world size greater than 100km is asking for trouble.
  9. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    I will need to scrub a bit better. I did make the mistake of setting world size to 0. I tried reducing the size after creation - Not good.

    The players will be cranky if I wipe their universe.

    The server was performing much better a couple of weeks ago. We haven't had any major changes during that period so I am as other waiting in anticipation there may have been a change during one of the patches that contributed to this issue.

    Can you explain the "UPS" number. Thank you.
  10. tyrsis Junior Engineer

    UPS is updates per second, or how fast the server can update the clients. When this is 60 UPS, the server runs great, as this goes down, sim speed goes down as well, and it feels like you're flying through water.

    Any object over 50k will cause major performance problems. If you have someone who setup a base at 100k, well it can basically ruin your server if they build a large base.

    Space Engineers dedicated in it's current form requires a lot of care and management. Unfortunately if you've had 1 or 2 players that have build bases far away from center, you're going to either have to move them closer to center, or remove them. Otherwise the performance problems will persist. Also if you have a ship that is just "flying into the void", then you're going to eventually have issues from that ship as well. Once it gets over 1 million KM away from center it can tank your server UPS.

    Also take a look at floating objects. It shouldn't be over 20ish. If you have it in the several hundreds or worse, it can cause issues.
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  11. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you Tyrsis. I did find that a mod was spawning ships and for whatever reason they were clashing with another mod. The ships didn't appear to be despawning, as a result I had a list of npc small and large ships that came close to 80 dead in the water or moving away from the center of the map. Removing those helped a bit. I have floating objects set to 256. Should I lower that? I also have enabled trash removal which was off. Anything else you could suggest for improving or stabilizing server performance? I hope they put continued focus on the dedicated server side. SE is a great program but it could be so much more on the server side.
  12. Johnny_Dazzles Trainee Engineer

    Can you explain how the distance from the center affects the UPS? Or are you referring to number of blocks of the objects?

    My understanding is the UPS is affected by the number of physics or game calculations that need to be done and the more objects or interactions, the longer the que and hence slower sim speed as the game needs to process the calculations in the que to update for the clients and keep pace.

    Is my understanding wrong? Cause if it is related to distance from the center, I'd like to understand how so I can better manage my DS for my players :)

    Thank you.
  13. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Can you count the number of turrets on your server? I hear they cause slowdowns. Maybe one player built 20+ of them overnight, and that could be the cause of your slowdowns.
  14. RobotLobster Trainee Engineer

    Just out of curiosity, are any of you using custom cargo ships, like the Endless Cargo Ships mod?
  15. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    I am using LSF Cargo Ships. I was using Endless, however it was becoming too much of a resource camp in my PVE server. LSF is very good and I know the author is working on tweaking it to also fall more in line with PVE. It already works well with PVP.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.