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How does multiplayer work in SE?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Chriswfoster, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. Chriswfoster Trainee Engineer

    Hello, my name is Chris. I'm currently considering getting into space engineers . I've played ME a while ago, and wanted to try Keens space game.
    I come from other survival/crafting games like Ark, Rust, The Forest, and Conan Exiles.

    I have a few questions...
    I was curious to know if there were dedicated servers, or only player hosted?
    What the max number of players per server is?
    Are the servers usually locked/private?
    I'm really into long term coop/multiplayer experiences. But wasn't sure how the game play works out in SE.
  2. Varin Trainee Engineer

    1. Dedicated and Player Hosted. Dedicated are pretty much hosted by the game enthusiasts either on their dedicated machines or through hosting providers.

    2. Currently? I think the hardcoded max is 100 but you won't enjoy playing on any server with more than 8 ppl. (I currently haven't seen a server with more than 20 ppl on it) Why? Multiplayer code is dog shit, and if you have a lot of grids (ships, stations, generally player built stuff) and a few players, the sim speed drops dramatically and you experience lags, slowdowns, etc. You might be in luck as Keen is about to release a multiplayer overhaul very soon, which hopefully will make me come back to this game ;)

    3. Nope. Some are private but most dedicated ones are free to join.

    4. Ok mate, here is the thing. I absolutely loved this game in it's infancy, before planets were even introduced, I spent 700h playing it. Each server is a persistent world. Whatever you build will stay after you logged out, and as long as nobody will find it, bypass your defences and steal it, you will log in next day and it will be still there. Until the server owner decides to wipe the server to zero, which happens every few weeks or months, because with the increasing number of grids, the game will become very slow as the multiplayer code can't handle it.

    Anyway, what I loved most in this game was the fact that I could play with my housemate for weeks, mining together, building together, accumulating stuff and expanding our bases and ships. I often went on solo adventures where I'd fly through empty space for hours and hours, looking for glittering pixels in the distance which could be either asteroids or someones ship/station. If I found a grid, I'd normally loot it if it wasn't well protected, or take the whole goddamn thing and attach it to my own ship, creating a Frankenstains Monster Ship after a while, with numerous found ships and stations attached to it. I'd fly it back to my base and deconstruct it for resources and parts.

    I remember once, I found an asteroid with a tiny opening, and a big empty chamber inside, where someone built their base. I had to grind the asteroid, creating a bigger opening. Then I attached thrusters to that base, cut it out from an asteroid, essentially transforming it into a ship, and I flew it out. What I left, was their respawn bay, and one LCD Screen in front of it. On this screen I put an Imgur link to an album with screenshots I took when stealing their base. It was a server with everyone knowing everyone and the whole thing became pretty famous ;)

    There is a lot more to the game, you have programmable blocks where you can actually write code and program other blocks, timing, even autmation (if you wanted to build drones). Again, all this is fine when you're playing on LAN or creative mode, but won't be enjoyable on a dedicated server just yet.

    There is no mechanics for trading (last time I played), so you have to try and make friends or take a risk and ask a stranger on the server to trade with you. You'd have to meet up somewhere in space, and transfer one resource for another manually. Nothing stops either party from just attacking you and taking all your stuff really, so it is pretty wild west-like. I really liked that factor, you never know what can happen, there is no safe zones, unless server has mods.

    Mods - most servers do have them, and there is a lot of them. From inventory increase, cosmetic mods, to new blocks, more powerfull drills, and whatever the guys could think of possible.

    I envy you a little because if you are just about to get into this game, and the multiplayer rework is released and it is good - you will have a great time if you like this sort of experiences.

    So Yes, It is a great game, probably my favourite game of all time (not counting Planescape:Torment :) ) which I can't play because of the current multiplayer code.
  3. zachusaman Trainee Engineer

    Any comments regarding MP will be very subject to change due to the soon to be released MP patch, The beta was amazing in terms of performance improvements and will no doubt breathe a lot of life back into space engineers by making hosting servers much more viable for people, so I'd try back at the end of the week and see how things are going. The beta had 32 players at max going on them and things were very smooth, though that can vary wildly based on the hardware and shenanigans players are up to.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.