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HydrogenWars - Weltenfall.net

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Entersprite, Dec 17, 2016.

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  1. Entersprite Apprentice Engineer


    Join only if you have at least 8GB of RAM because the server has a 400 km diameter planet!

    The server is now available for public test. Crashes and restarts may occure in the following weeks.

    Server name: Crooper.org
    World name: HydrogenWars2
    IP Address: hydrogenwars2.asuscomm.com:27016
    Autosave: 15 minutes
    Server restart: -
    Discord: [Instant Invite]
    View Distance: 20kms

    Server Technical Specs:

    CPU: AMD FX-6100 3.3GHz
    RAM: 8GB
    HDD: WD 500GB 5200RPM
    LAN: 100Mbps UP/DOWN

    - 400 km diameter planet (Valkara)
    - 120 km diameter moon (Planet HaleE2)
    - 19 km diameter moon (Ceres with spin-gravity)
    - Speed mod: 105L/250S
    - Extreme density asteroid generation
    - Active admin
    - Minor clean-ups once per day
    - Major clean-ups once per week
    - PvP allowed
    - Continous PvE missions (WIP)
    - Custom pirates (WIP)

    HydrogenWars is a server focusing mainly on planetary gameplay and PvP. Player's main goal is to reach Hale,
    a paradise moon which has rich wild-life and full with precious resources. But there is a rough way till there...


    Diameter - 400km
    Gravity - 1.5G
    Atmosphere - Oxygen/Nitrogen
    Day/Night Cycle - 12 hours

    Valkara is a large desert planet with thin but breathable atmosphere. It's surface have dried out, wild life has gone centuries ago, only small amount of vegetation have survived which sustains the fragile atmosphere. Colonists came here with big hopes but failed miserably, the killer gravity of this place and lack of ice imprisoned them and consumed them alive. Their abandoned outposts and cities are the monuments of their wrong decisions. Because specs-wise the planet looks really great: silicon deserts all over the surface, unlimited amount of resources of almost any kind of ores. The key word here is the "almost". Neither gold nor platinum can be found here which might cause hard times for adventurous volunteers. Water is also limited, it only can be found at two locations: Lake Alpha and Omega. And to get out, you need hydrogen. A lot of hydrogen. Not just because of the gravity's strength but it's range as well. Also the thin atmosphere stops you around 2000m high, so you might rethink your tactics, if you were thinking you can escape using only atmospheric thrusters.

    Loot/PvE locations:
    GPS:Ice Lake Alpha:406.56:-191670.06:-58895.85:
    GPS:Ice Lake Omega:-8473.61:-26977.86:198512.23:
    GPS:Ypsilon Town:-5137.03:168623.44:-108467.29:

    25th of February, 2018. 17:04

    Issue fixed. Server now runs stable.

    25th of February, 2018. 12:07

    Server crashes while player trying to merge two grids together.
    Unfortunately this is a game issue I can't fix,
    I contacted with Torch developers to find a solution.

    25th of February, 2018. 0:50

    Public test started, let's see how the server handles.

    25th of January, 2018. 18:19

    Server is about to get another chance. More info about it next week.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  2. Seth.ps Trainee Engineer

    I noticed the server is down, we had a message on the server yesterday saying it was migrating. Do you have an estimate on when its done?
    --- Automerge ---
    Oops, moving space engineers to the stable branch seems to have fixed it :)
  3. northypark Trainee Engineer

    whenever i try to join it now (via steam remote connect cause i cant find it in the server browser) i get an error saying the server is using another version of SE. i thought this was stable, but it looks like its on dev after all.
  4. Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    It was always on development branch, there was an issue once with the update when I moved it to a new host, but you could still reach the server with the stable branch because they had the same version numbers. That's why I wrote it is on stable branch temporary.
  5. notintheface11 Trainee Engineer

    Any word on getting a version of this world released for SP?
  6. Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    Once PvE missions and other gameplay balances are ready for the multiplayer version, I will release the stock world on the workshop, so everybody can start his own server, or just play in in SP. :)
  7. notintheface11 Trainee Engineer

    Awesome, thank you. I can't wait to jump in!
  8. m.stitek Trainee Engineer

    I hope you'll be able to find good host. I really like this server.
  9. m.stitek Trainee Engineer

    Hi Entersprite, any news?
  10. Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    Currently I'm doing private tests on several server hosts checking which one would run the server perfectly. Until I don't find a host which can run the server without any limitations or compromises, it will stay down. I'm also not willing to delete or clean-up the server files, so once it comes back, everything will be in place. Right now it seems the server will continue at 1st of February on Nitrado, but I can't confirm it yet.
  11. m.stitek Trainee Engineer

    Hi Entersprite, do you have any news for us? I really miss the server.
  12. Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    The server is about to get another chance, maybe the current net-code and physics engine will able to support the concept.
  13. m.stitek Trainee Engineer

    Oh wow, that's really great news. I hope it will all be fine.
  14. Proxy Trainee Engineer

    why is the view distance 20 km seconds...? what.
  15. Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    - Rolling Base start got fixed, rear-left wheel no longer bugs out. Also parachute now opens only once.
    - Flying Base start ramp got fine-tuned.
    - Discord channel is now open.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.