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I'm looking for some people to do a survival series with! (I have a server)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by magiceel, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    It will be a survival series with normal difficulty. All speeds, including hacking, will be x1.

    Please have TeamSpeak 3. It is a free, virus-free, communications system (MUCH better than Skype). Please consider getting it if you already don't :)

    To join me in survival, just post a reply saying you would like to join me :)

    If you join me and prefer not to be on Youtube, please read the paragraph below before deciding that you don't want to be recorded.

    Anyone is allowed to record, but you may not put your recording online if it contains a part that a player does not want you to have in the recording. So, if Example-Player doesn't want you to contain him cussing in your video or whatever, then you must edit that part out, or not release that video to the public/put it on Youtube/anything until you edit that part out.

    I have my own server, you will not need to supply one. I also have a TeamSpeak 3 server. All you have to have is the latest version of Space Engineers :)

    :D magiceel :D
  2. LiquidIce Trainee Engineer

    Sounds like fun, I don't really mind being recorded.
    I've played single-player a couple of hours so I've got the basics down.
    PM me the details.
  3. TheEffectTheCause Apprentice Engineer

    Any opposing factions pvp allowed?
  4. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    I was planning to do a small group of people. My server is not made to be strained with 10 people fighting :p I really wanted 2-5 people. So, if you want to, we could live on different asteroids, but I wanted us to cooperate to survive. So, tell me if you still want to do this :)
  5. Supremeleader1990 Trainee Engineer

    You know I want to do this magiceel! haha

    PM your steam
  6. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Alrighty everyone, my steam is magiceel1 (I'm pretty sure at least). Just add me as a contact and I will accept. My TeamSpeak 3 server IP is
    Please get on that TeamSpeak address in 3 Days (Friday the 15th of August 2014) You can get on TS at any time, I will be on TS all day.

    We will discuss the survival there :)

    If you do miss the TS day, don't worry, that is not mandatory.

    The survival will start in 5 days (Sunday the 17th of August 2014) The specific start time will be decided on the TeamSpeak day.

    I have also PMed you all this so that you will get an email even if you didn't subscribe to this topic. This way you will have a better chance of seeing this in time :)
  7. Mrbobsack438 Trainee Engineer

    Hey that sounds cool this my steam id http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027197935
  8. Biggles_The_Goatman Trainee Engineer

  9. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Everyone is welcome to join! Just make sure to try and get on TS tomorrow. I live in Central Time (U.S.A and Canada) So I will be on the TS all day from about 12:00 AM-8:00 PM Central Time. That is where we will decide the time for the actually series :)
  10. Siridean Trainee Engineer

    Sounds like it'd be fun if there are spaces left still. I'm in the UK though fyi.
  11. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Sure, who ever said there was a limit on players lol :)

    Make sure to get on my TS tommarow!!! I'll be on all day, feel free to jump on at any time to discuss a good time frame for the survival.
  12. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    You all have 3 more hours to get on my Teamspeak 3 if you want any say on what days and time the survival's will be on, what settings, and what mods! Get on my Teamspeak 3 ( in the next 3 hours to help decide what time for the survival is best for you!
  13. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Alrighty, we have finished all the complicated math equations... and these are the results :p (some of you will get that)

    The Series will start on this SUNDAY. It will be from 12:00 PM --> 4:00 PM

    The series will be on SATURDAY AFTER the FIRST SUNDAY. So on the 17th will be the first day, and after that it will ONLY be Saturdays!!!

    We will also be doing the series on weekdays! It will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 AM --> 1:00 PM.

    The series will be every week until everyone gets bored.

    The inventory size will be 10x its normal amount, and everything else will be regular speed (including hacking)

    It is OK if you miss a day of the series, or even a century. If you are not available/forget 1 day, just come again the next :p You can miss as many days as you want and still come back :)
  14. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Thank you everyone who got on TS today :)
  15. Volfram Senior Engineer

    Time zone? I assume EST.

    Also I assume you'll post at least the first episode in this thread so that anyone who wanted to observe but didn't want to actually play(me) can watch?(My machine can barely run Space Engineers, which tends to exacerbate all of the little bugs in multiplayer)
  16. George829 Trainee Engineer

    This server is based around a fun role-playing environment with the main focus being ship to ship combat.

    - Whitelisted Only - Server only allows those within the group ID to prevent randoms from destroying players work.
    - Daily backed content - in the event of a troll, we have several backups and will re-implement any lost content.
    - Friendly Staff - Don't think we are all high and mighty because we run the server, we are people too! We just have a love for space engineers, and we want to share that with others!
    - Dedicated 24/7 - The Server is up 24/7 server and you should be able to access it any time once whitelisted, but on Thursdays it is usually down for quick update that can take 1 hours.
    - Server Teamspeak - We have a teamspeak with admin/moderators on almost 24 hours a day to help you if there are any issues! Multiple channels for each faction as well as new channels that you can go to if you and your friends with for privacy!
    - Wide range of players - We are an EU server, but we have an American player base as well so you should be able to find people to play with at all hours!

    The server consists of two solar systems roughly 60 kilometers apart - The Federation Sector and the Pirate sector. Each system has several sectors containing multiple asteroids, as well as a large asteroid base owned by one of the two main factions. These factions are the Federation and the Pirates. The Pirates see themselves as free men sailing the seas of space taking whatever they want. The Federation is the authoritative force in the quadrant, protecting it's interests and allies with lethal force.
    We have something for all types of players! If you're alone and wish to play with others, you can join one of the two main factions! or start up your own independent faction with friends and form the alliances you desire!
    The main focus of the gameplay will be the struggle between the two main factions from small skirmishes to massive clashes between battleships.
    PvP is regulated by a set of rules to prevent people from losing everything overnight when they are not online.
    We also have special events regularly, ranging from spawned in ship graveyard combat to intercepting cargo ships with valuable loot!

    The emphasis of this server is ship to ship combat between the factions residing in the two solar systems. If grinding down peoples bases in the middle of the night is your kind of thing, we advise to look elsewhere for a server!
    Personal bases are off limits. The only bases allowed to be attacked are the Pirate HQ, and the Federation HQ. These attacks need to be declared 10 minutes prior to the engagement!
    Combat between factions is only allowed when there are at least two players of each faction online on each side.
    Federation and Pirate ships are kill on sight if spotted in the opposing solar system.
    No grinding up other peoples ships or stealing materials, unless it is after combat has ended and the opposition has surrendered or been eliminated.
    No kinetic based weapons (gravity cannons etc) until the 'target moving objects' bug is fixed. Unfortunately, it is hard to defend against these types of weapons without turning on 'Target moving objects' on your turrets, which currently targets your own faction as well!
    No Spawn ship kamikaze ramming!
    Most importantly, Have fun and make friends! We hope you enjoy our server and become part of the Skynox Gaming Community!

    Applying :

    To apply for whitelisting, please contact one of the following charming fellows on steam. We require you to have teamspeak so we can speak to you about the server before accepting!

    Feel free to hop into our teamspeak to chat with one of the moderators: ts55.gameservers.com:9830

    George - http://steamcommunity.com/id/GeorgeLewis34/
    Meaty - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046305340
    Martin - http://steamcommunity.com/id/MartinPC4K/
    Crash - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046305340
  17. Volfram Senior Engineer

    [edit]I take it back. Is there a way to report a user? George here has 7 posts and almost all of them are thread hijacks to advertise his server.

    I smell a spammer.
  18. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Sorry, the time one is Central.

    Yes, I will be writing a summary of what happened.
  19. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Well, George will be banned soon.
  20. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    And do ignore George.

    If people will spam the forums on other peoples topics, they are just people looking for popularity and attention. Jut ignore them or you will give them what they want so they will keep doing it.
  21. magiceel Trainee Engineer

    Hey, Today there will NOT be a survival. The server is not working... but it was working yesterday... I will hopefully have it fixed by the next survival.

    Remember to add magiceel1 (no avatar) to your friends in steam!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.