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Incredible Low Frames - High End Rig

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MaciKeks, May 25, 2014.

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  1. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    Greetings fellow Space Engineers,

    I felt like playing this again, now where I got my new Rig. Well this didn't work out as my frames are incredible low, and I mean incredible. As soon as Im in some bigger world OR look at some asteroids my frames drop down to 2 - 3. For example I created a new world, the world where you start in this help ship with limited resources with standard options. As soon as I look into that asteroid field you basically spawn in my frames drop to 4 - 5. I included a log file for that at the end of the thread.

    My Rig:
    GPU: Radeon R9 290X
    CPU: Intel Core i5 4670k ( 4x 3.40 GHz )
    8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 RAM
    MB: ASRock Z87 Pro4

    Here's a list of all my Parts:

    So, what I tried:
    Reinstall the Game multiple times
    Install it on my HDD and SSD
    Run as Administrator
    Play arround with settings alot
    Play arround with the AMD Control Center alot

    Oh and this is the only game where this is happening. I can run every game with 60+ Frames on Ultra including Battlefield 4 and all the other new "Next Gen" games. Also I can play it almost fine if I run it on my onboard GPU.

    The log file:

    PS: Directly copied from my thread here:
  2. IPsoFreely Trainee Engineer

    High end rig?? I have a medium to high range rig

    GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia Titan 6gb
    CPU: i7-4770k
    RAM: 32gb
    MB: Custom built Asus Sabretooth (6 Dimm slots)

    Depending on the area I get 32 to 295 fps on high settings with v-sync off.

    I wish people would stop staying stuff like this "I can run every game with 60+ Frames on Ultra including Battlefield 4". SE is an Alpha not a finished game like bf4.
  3. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    If you call BF4 finished then god be with ya.
    I know fairly well that SE is a Alpha and unoptimized as hell - It shall be no problem to get 60+ Frames with my Rig.

    Oh and yea, High End Rig. Just cuz putting alot of RAM into my PC doesnt make any sense, its still almost as good as yours ;)
  4. IPsoFreely Trainee Engineer

    Well BF4 im sure went through the post beta to gold release stage, yes i hate it too but its finished yet there will always be bugs that need fixing.

    I use my PC for things other than just gaming, limited 3d model and texture work that uses up memory. My works PC uses more as I use high pollys models and raw texture files (96gb ram PC). So it does make sense having more :)
  5. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    ofc. it does :)

    I said into MY PC as I dont really Model alot. The hardest thing I do is propably mapping in the UDK or Rendering Videos in Vegas and thats about it c:)

    Anyway, anyone got a idea why the hell im getting more frames on my 4 year old 600€ Laptop than on this rig?
  6. Zonk in Space Trainee Engineer

    After the last patch, my framerate dropped too from around 25 to 10 (all the time, even in outer Space)

    My Rig (I know its a bit older but it works well)

    Inter Core2Quad Q6600 4x2,4GHz
    Geforce GTX 660 OC 2048 GDDR5
    6GB Corsair DDR2-800MHz Ram
  7. Vahnkiljoy Apprentice Engineer

    You lacked giving what driver version you are using for your card btw, could be that.
  8. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    I tried it with many different drivers, even with none at all - couldnt really see any difference ...
  9. Phand Master Engineer


    please provide worlds where I can test it. And our programmers could possibly try to make it better (no promises). Thank you.
  10. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    Some new Stuff I found out:

    The Voxels seem to build up very slow, if I look on a ship / asteroid I can actually see it building up itself.
    It doesnt matter how much I play arround with the settings, I never get more then 4 FPS.
    It happens in every world. Like if I create a game, join a multiplayer game or whatnot its the same.

    PS: I tried all drivers down to mid. 2013 - no succes at all ...
  11. TechyBen Junior Engineer

    Possible on chip GPU selecting in error?
    I get ok FPS on my i3 with on core intel GPU... but I would assume it would give you less than a dedicated... anyday!
  12. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    New stuff I tried:

    Uninstalling my .NET 4.5.1 and install the 4.0 that comes with the game
    Installing the DirectX installer that comes with the game
    Running the 32BIT exe of SE

    Nothing really helped :/
    Man It would be dope if a Dev would finally answer :|

    Anyway thanks for trying to help guys! :]

    PS: In options under Video Adapter my GPU gets recognized.
  13. Vahnkiljoy Apprentice Engineer

    Do you have another video card you could throw in? Also don't just write off Phand, she is the closest thing I've seen to a dev here, she does a damn good job at responding to all sorts of topics.
  14. Syko Trainee Engineer

    Besides, without being at the PC itself it's really hard to figure out what it might be.

    It could be anything from a faulty PSU to another program interfering with the game.

    Well, you mention that it runs okay on your onboard graphics, which makes me think that it is related to your 290x. So it's either a driver issue, (you say you've fiddled with that), some other software issue (eg game related or otherwise), but it could also be hardware related, you could have forgotten to plug in the aux power for the card, or one of the rails on said connector could be faulty, or you could even have a faulty card. Anything even down to the inabilty of your PSU to supply the correct amount of current under load.

    Now I'm curious, what are the specs of your PSU?
  15. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    My PSU ( First had to google what that actually is, I only knew the German word, lel c: ) is faar more powerfull then it needs to be, but I plan on overclocking and upgrading stuff in the future.

    My PSU is the 680 Watt be quiet! Straight Power E9 CM Modular 80+ Gold

    Could it propably be DreamScene interrupting with it? Thats a tool that lets you kind of set videos as your Desktop BG, if you loop them and stuff you get quite fancy stuff out.
  16. Syko Trainee Engineer

    Sorry :)

    That PSU (Netzteil) should be plenty good enough.

    The thing to do now is start turning off pieces of software and trying to play until you find the problem. It could quite possibly be DreamScene, try turning off the software and running the game :)
  17. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    DreamScene wasn't the problem sadly :/
  18. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    Question to the Devs: Is there something like a debug tracer? A thing that logs literally everything there is to log?
    If so how do I activate it? It would propably help you finding the problem and stufferino.
  19. Konscience Trainee Engineer

    There is 2 debug info that come to my ind (I'm not dev)
    press SHIFT + F11 show you ingame a perf debug HUD, who will show you where the lag is (in wich part of the computing I mean)
    And the crash log of the game is located here (but if you never crashed... there is not) :
    "C:\Users\[YOURCOMPUTERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers" or simply paste this into your Explorer: %appdata%\SpaceEngineers
  20. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    I made a little video here so you guys can actually see how it looks like ingame.
    Its capped at 60 frames because I told fraps to max. display 60 frames, I usually get ~ 300 instead of 60 in.

  21. OrangeAaron Apprentice Engineer

    interesting, yeah it seems to be when it is rendering objects, i noticed it dropped some when looking at your ship also. I hope to god it's not creating and disposing a new object each frame for some reason, but that seems a really logical explanation....
  22. joebopie Apprentice Engineer

    Rendering is the main (if not only real)performance problem in this game. it seems maby a big ship has a massively complicated mesh as its made from how many thousands of blocks its got 6 times that many lines in its mesh. I think it seems like if you are within render distance of an object weather you look at it or not It is loaded into GPU ram. and when this is the case we get the v low fps. i have even tested a map on Apocalyptic with a ship that if im near it get 20 fps. but as I fly away it goes up to 70+ even though the ship is still being hit and firing guns out of my view. this means my CPU can run the physics calculations at that rate at least but the Rendering of the ship brings that down to 20. lights are even worse.
  23. joebopie Apprentice Engineer

    where in the debug menu does it show what is causing the problem. yes I know it shows you how long the frame takes to be created by the graphics card and that I suppose shows you if you card is good enough. there is nothing to say how long the processor takes to do each frame. physics time is part of that but only a little.
  24. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    I need the command switch to run the space engineer executable in a debug mode 'level 5', that will not just do the debug OVERVIEW that's shown in-game with the SHIFT+F11 shortcut, but records/logs EVERYTHING HAPPENING on a run-time low level into a log file which then the dev's can look into and find out why my framerate is so crappy. The kind of deep debug level that'll fill the log files with megabytes of informations fast, because everything is being recorded that's happening within the game's engine/runtime/executable. I'm talking about something that's described here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/312378/debug-levels

    Oh and can anyone bring a dev here? Seems like Senpai is not noticing me ._.
  25. Syko Trainee Engineer

    You know, I suffer from a similar problem, I just never noticed it because I assumed my computer needed an upgrade, I'm only running a GTX 570. But when I look at my asteroid station I drop to about 15 FPS, unless I'm looking towards it through a piece of ship (it appears that the game optimises correctly when rendering objects behind solid blocks) but not through voxel objects. I thought it was either because I had a station there, or that the voxel asteroid was so deformed from meteor impacts. But it could be the same issue that you have, I haven't tried it on a new world yet.
  26. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    ^ Oh wow. Atleast I'm not alone then :/

    Well, now where I think about it I could swear I could play normal back then when I got this PC ( January ) ...
    I'm not sure though.
  27. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    Push that Thread.
    I really wanna play :x

    Dev, notice me ://
  28. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    The game is not optimised yet, it tries to render everything (even if you cant see it) which means "lagg". A gpu struggles to render everything on the map, the bigger your ship is, the more a mid-end cpu (like yours) must do(collision detection, etc). All parts in a computer get stressed in this unoptimised game, the game is still under development and adding core-mechanics to the game is harder once optimised.

    BTW: Gameplay>fps

    Fps would be nice though.
  29. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    ^ I hate when people havent even read the thread and try to play Mr. Obvious ://

    My problem is not the CPU, my problem is not that my GPU or CPU is too bad or sth, my problem is that my GPU won't really work for god knows what reason.
    If you'd read the full thread you would have known that pal, you would have known that ...
  30. DanDuncombe Apprentice Engineer

    I have exactly the same. Look at anything, anything at all, and boom, everything goes slow. FPS drops through the floor. And it only started happening since the last Thursday update.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.