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Incredible Low Frames - High End Rig

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MaciKeks, May 25, 2014.

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  1. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    Okay, I'm 100% not alone then so the problem propably isn't on my side that's a good thing.
  2. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    #push ://
  3. shaftm Trainee Engineer

    I've noticed an FPS loss since updating. On a GTX760
  4. Shortsonfire79 Trainee Engineer

    I've been having a weird frame drop problem thing as well. It only happens when I'm looking at something that I can build on that is out of arms reach.
    Shift+F11 info:
    Holding blocks while looking at an arms-reach object: http://i.imgur.com/7G5pZ5O.jpg
    Not holding blocks while out of arms-reach object: http://i.imgur.com/5egrqiL.jpg
    Holding blocks while looking at an out of arms-reach object: http://i.imgur.com/ehWiH8x.jpg
    Holding blocks while looking into open space: http://i.imgur.com/K3AFtYm.jpg

    Its weird because Dxtory and the game doesn't notice a framedrop at all, but the movement of my engineer gets incredibly sluggish when I have the block in hand. There'll be fine movement but if I turn just a bit too far my speed and fps stay the same but its clear to see that something is slowing down. By all means, its still playable above any level of expectation I have for the game. It just throws off my spam clicking when I'm trying to build in a line or something like that.

    This only happens when holding blocks, tools and open hands are perfectly fine. I've also only started noticing this after the most recent update.
  5. HitryiPryanik Apprentice Engineer

    I am already reported about slowlags with semitransparent objects (highlighted blocks, aiming crosshair, aiming reddots, surface of symmetry etc.)
  6. Anjir Trainee Engineer

    Guys, look at your task managers. Does yours get stuck at 1.5GB of RAM too? I've had the problem since last week and I have 8GB ram, 64bit W7 Ultimate. Just wondering if I'm alone on that because I JUST noticed it
  7. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    Come on Devs, this is a actual problem!
    It's not only me - it's multiple people who can't play the game.
    Answer us already and atleast try to sort this crap out.
  8. striker_lord Apprentice Engineer

    i have been watching what happens to the frame rates for a while now in different circumstances.

    I recently got a new Gaming PC so i compared both configurations and the main difference would be the video cards and the results are not what you should expect:

    Nvidia (old) gaming PC
    OS: W7 64x SP1
    CPU: i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
    RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1200
    Video: GeForce GTX 570
    SSD: R/W 6GB/ps

    Average framerate during SE:
    in between the asteroids - 40 to 60 FPS
    In an asteroid - 20 to 40 FPS (depending on the complexity in the asteroid)
    Outer space - 70 to 110 FPS
    Outer Space with large ship - 40 to 80 FPS

    AMD (new) gaming PC
    OS: W7 64x SP1
    CPU: i5 457 @3.20 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600
    Video: AMD Radeon R9 290 (MSI Twin Frozr) in crossfire setup
    SSD: R/W 6GB/ps

    Average framerate during SE:
    in between the asteroids - 15 to 30 FPS
    In an asteroid - 1 to 20 FPS (depending on the complexity in the asteroid)
    Outer space - 90 to 180 FPS
    Outer Space with large ship - 60 to 110 FPS

    As you can see is that my Radeon video cards are showing a much lower FPS while doing anything near an asteroid, the Nvidia card had much less problems with this.

    Underneath there is a video i made where i am in outer space and you will see a frame drop occuring once im looking towards the asteroids (which are a resonable long way out), this is done om my AMD gaming machine.

    This seams to be a combined problem with the video cards and the game again.
    Same thing that the driver crash occurs Solely on Nvidia cars (Black screen symptom).
    We checked ammong our clan members and they notice the same thing, AMD users have much more frame lag then NVidia users even if an AMD card should outperform one of the Nvidia cards.

  9. Stiffiepower Trainee Engineer


    Totally agree, I run
    i7 4770k 4.2Ghz
    AMD r9 290x Vapor-X sapphire
    16 gb of memory at 1866mhz
    water cooled.
    250gb SSD pro evo samsung

    In Astroids i have horrible drops especially in my space station inside an astroid. Would be a GREAT fic:)
  10. Chryseus Trainee Engineer

    I'm having the exact same problem along with audio stutter and asteroid rendering problems, seemed to happen after the 1.035.009 update.
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz
    4GB DDR3 16000MHz
    GeForce EVGA 660 GTX 2GB FTW

    FPS with extreme asteroids is a minimum of 18, normal asteroids 36 FPS but still significant stutter.
    Also graphics settings have no real effect on FPS.
  11. Sentinel-Ghost Apprentice Engineer

    I'm having similar frame rate issues in creative mode, that increases as time goes on, especially when using symmetry mode.

    Never had this problem before until after the last two patches.

    OS: Windows 7 64x SP1
    CPU: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q2800 @2.33GHz
    RAM: 4GB GDDR5
    Video: AMD Radeon 6800
  12. Chryseus Trainee Engineer

    Just went and tried 1.035.005 and it works fine, easily double the FPS of what I'm getting on 1.035.009 and no stutter.
  13. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    @Striker - thanks for the video, this is exactly my problem! PS: You got some nice voice dude, could listen to you for hours haha.

    @Chryseus - Not for me, still same stuff going on.
  14. Phand Master Engineer

    Hi guys,

    we are still optimizing. We know about issues with asteroids causing frame drops, they are too complex structures (have a lot of triangles) to visualize. Other issue I am not sure since it appears there are several different and it is very hard to orient in it for me. I will ask what we can do about them. Also provide world, where this is happening I am still waiting for it.
  15. striker_lord Apprentice Engineer

    *offtopic; Phand, good to see you back in one piece ;), hope you had a good holiday and that you are all fresh for a new season! /offtopic*

    From which of the 2 problems do you want to see a save game?
    If it is about the lower FPS i have one that demonstrates the problem reasonably well.
    Since you got the cause if this issue i don't think you need this save but just to make sure :).

    Oh, and do you guys have a preffered way of getting a Save game map to you?
    (mail, fileshare, online sharing service?)
  16. Chryseus Trainee Engineer

    The FPS problem is on all maps with asteroids, it's clearly a bug with the game as I never had it in 1.035.005
  17. Cydramech Junior Engineer

    Though I am building a big mothership (I'm not even half-way done with it), I'm getting the "Render is Overloaded" error the further into my ship's middle I get.

    Not just you, my client hangs around 1.5~2GB as well and I've 20GB of RAM (along with up to 1TB of pageable memory from my excessive 7200RPM/SATA2.0 hard drives). I even make sure to run the 64bit client, and no dice.

    My important specs -

    EVGA Geforce GTX680 2GB With Slight OC
    Intel i7-950 3.06GHz
    5x4GB DDR3 SDRAM
    EVGA SLI3 X58 Motherboard
  18. Phand Master Engineer

    Hi! :) (holidays were nice, I feel much fresher then before)

    You can upload your world to workshop and post the link here or you can use www.dropbox.com. Please share the world. It is interesting that we found different issues in different worlds and it is good to have as much instances where we can reproduce these things as possible.
  19. striker_lord Apprentice Engineer

  20. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    From your video, it looks like only 1.2 GB of RAM (pretty sure that's "process memory") is being allocated by SE. I typically need at least 2 GB to look at asteroids. Are you sure you're running in 64 bit?

    For the record, my computer is comparable or worse than those being discussed here, and I only have low fps when looking at ridiculous numbers of triangles or operating a huge number of drills--the default asteroid fields are and have always been fine.

    Also, I get an error when I try to follow your link striker. Are you sure it's published (not set to friends only)?
    You first said this one day after a Dev posted on your thread.
  21. Ownez Trainee Engineer

    Same thing here, Using mac dualboot

    specs :
    - 8gb Ram
    - 2.5 Ghz intel core i5
    - intel HD graphics 4000 (1024mb)

    I can get good frame rate if i lower resolution down to 600x400 or so but even then i quite a lot of latency between mouse movement and movement.
  22. radam Senior Engineer

    No dedicated graphics? Then thats a very lowend rig. Intel HD 4000 has passmark of about 400, a 120$ nvidia GTX 750 has passmark score of 3200. Or radeon R7 260x with passmark score of 3000 and about 100$ pricetag.
  23. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    Lol. That's not high-end, that is overkill and a waste of money, which is nothing to boast about at all. He was correct in saying high-end, since his specs (which are VERY close to my own) are all you need to play 99% of all PC games on maxed out settings at 60FPS (except the unoptimized ones like DayZ, BF4, SE, etc).
  24. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    @Syncaidius :-*

    @Cyber Cheese Ye, I think someone already mentioned that here, can't really do something about it (?) oh and he's no Dev, just a Mod... well "just". I ignored him because I felt like he didn't even read my question as it's a problem with the damn game in general not with a specific world, I could join any world, just a random server for example and will have the problem. But actually, what do I know about stuff they save in their map file, so why naht.

    So this is atleast finally getting some attention, dat gud, looking forward to play sometimes soon...
  25. willem.huiskamp Trainee Engineer

    Just to bring you up to date. I suppose you refer to Phand here. Well this he is a she in fact. What you suppose to be 'just' a moderator is an in-house moderator at Keen, thoroughly reading every thread in this bug forum, trying to recreate every one of them and directly communicating with the devs.

    That brings me to the second part of your post. When she is not able to recreate the bug, she will ask for your world specificaly for trying to recreate it ther. Perhaps something is wrong in that save. So yes, your save is important in finding the cause of tghat bug.

    It took me a while to notice all said above too. So certainly not meant to criticize you :)

  26. striker_lord Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the headsup, i forgot to accept the agreement :).
    It should be usable now.
  27. metalsynkk Apprentice Engineer

    I must say that with my rig I have been having frame drops on multiple worlds where before I could play just fine. An almost empty world (lone survivor for example) is a stable 50-60 fps at all times. The more I build the more it lags up, but it lags up damn fast. My survival map has a base that is 3 floors high, all the size of that lone survivor platform, appx 5 small ships and 5 large ships (they are pretty small for large ships). It also has one enormous 12,000,000kg ship but even without it, the game lags and has fps drops to 20-30. There are no spotlights whatsoever, I turn those off or just don't make them in the first place.

    Asteroids, as mentioned in the previous posts, are also an issue since suddenly going from empty space to rendering all 4 or 7 asteroids causes a short frame drop to around 20-30 as well.

    My rig atm is something between medium and high-end:

    CPU: AMD FX-8120 8-core @3.1Ghz
    GPU: Msi GeForce GTX 660 2GB
    RAM: G.Skill something 2x4GB
    Mobo: AsRock 870 ExtremeR2.0
    HDD: Seagate something 5400rpm 1.5TB

    These drops have been happening more and more since the last 2-3 updates, whereas before I would have decent frams on almost all maps except the real apocalyptic ones.
  28. striker_lord Apprentice Engineer

    The FPS lag we notice seems to have a different cause, most of the people posting here have the asteroids in common but don't experience a FPS drop when building as quickly as you do.

    Depending on the size of what you build I think your bottleneck could be caused by your HDD if that has the OS and Games running on it. 5400RPM for an hdd ain't too fast and if you have a lot of read/write actions going on you will experience Disk latency which can also cause FPS drops (it can't read the textures fast enough).

    If you could provide a world where there are not asteroids and you got a build where you experience low FPS we could check to see if we experience the same (i love testing for the people that didn't notice :))

    *edit* also usefull, let me know your average FPS on the map you are sharing.
  29. radam Senior Engineer

    Could it also be correlated with some things in SE dependant on single thread? As like loading only uses one core as far as I know.

    Like my cpu (4 years old) has 1500 single thread performance (per passmark), while FX-8120 has 1200 single thread rating and twice the overall passmark score.
  30. MaciKeks Trainee Engineer

    I'm slowly getting pissed off.
    We provided everything asked for, and still nothing happened.
    One patch after another hits Steam, but you guys still didn't adress this major problem ...
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.