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Is Space Engineers Playable with a Intel HD Integrated Graphics Chip?

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by bellum128, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. bellum128 Trainee Engineer

    I was just wondering if Space Engineers is playable with an Intel HD Integrated Graphics chip-set before I purchase the game. Some people (as well as many system requirements lists) immediately dismiss this graphics system as being unable to play virtually any game, but these people highly underestimate this integrated chip-set. I've used it for years with games with graphics as detailed as Warframe (on low settings). In my experience, the only two games that are unplayable with this chip is Grand Theft Auto IV and Sleeping Dogs. Therefore, would Space Engineers be more along the lines of Warframe's graphics and generally playable with the settings turned down or is the game physically incompatible with the chip memory wise...Any help is appreciated :)
  2. Scrin Trainee Engineer

    It depends greatly on the Intel HD Integrated chip. The game might run on some of the latest 4000 serie HD graphics, but I'm surprised if it even loads on older models. Despite the fact that the graphics are not extremely high detailed, they are not optimized too well yet, and thus graphically this game is (at the current state) a lot more demanding than it looks.
  3. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    I will be brutally blunt with you to save your time.
    Your pc will run like crapaziod.
    This game will destroy an intel onboard video chip, if it even loads the game, my video card, a top end one, chews 800 plus megs of video RAM when SE is being played, no offence but you really are dreaming if you think a laptop with an intergrated video chip will run this smooth at all, or even run it at all, its really questionable.
    Also your not appreciating what the Vrage engine and what its capable of, uses far more power than almost all other games on the planet, a video card with a 500mhtx GPU will perform OK in this game, a video card with 1000mhtz GPU will play much better but still not perfectly smooth......Do the maths bro.
  4. Harrekin Master Engineer

    I got 12 FPS on Planets with my old AMD integrated GPU with everything on low :p

    That said, the game seems to be far more CPU demanding than it is GPU demanding so if someone wanted to check it out they could buy it on sale and then it's in their Steam library for when they invariably get a new PC.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.