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Issue terminal commands to another ship?

Discussion in 'Programming (In-game)' started by Netherspark, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. Netherspark Trainee Engineer

    Is there some script or programming that can access the terminal controls of another ship?

    What I want to do is activate the Autopilot on a ship from another grid via a button press. You can do this via an Antenna and Remote Access, but what I'm looking for is essentially a shortcut for this function so I can do it with a single button.

    This is actually an elevator driven by a Remote Control block and what I'm trying to put together is the "call elevator" button.
  2. gothosan Junior Engineer

    You'll need 2 programming blocks, one on each grid.
    The grid that send the message will need either radio or laser antenna, the PB will use the antenna to broadcast the message.
    The grid that get the message will also need 1 of the above antennas, they will need to be set to trigger their PB, when triggered it will automatically get the message, as if triggered with argument.
    You can then check if the message is valid and act accordingly.
    Example: piston base elevator with 4 pistons for four floors to reach.
    Button 1 will tell the sending PB to send the message "Elevator to floor 0", the receiving end will then retract all pistons.
    In total for such elevator you'll need 5 buttons to cover all the elevator positions (aka: floor 0, floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, floor 4).
    Do note also that the messages bounce from grid to grid, you may also want to employ some ID system to make sure only the grid you want will act upon received message.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.