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Just need a little info on AddAction

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Aelinthali, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Aelinthali

    Feb 14, 2017
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    I found the object I was looking for and can now access the stats as a MyEntityStatComponent. In the definition I see there is a DoAction method that takes the same parameters as the DoAction method under MyStatLogic. I have a couple of questions if someone can help out...
    1) am I correct in thinking that these two methods are basically the same? In other words does the game make a call to DoAction under MyEntityStatComponent just like it used to do under MyStatLogic?
    2) if the first question is true, how do I add actions to MyEntityStatComponent? MyStatLogic had an AddAction method that would do this if you assigned values to the MyStatAction structure then passed it as a parameter to AddAction. Is there a simular method in MyEntityStatComponent that I'm just not seeing?

    Please help and thank you for your answer.