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Less new features, more fixes please.

Discussion in 'General' started by Cassey, Feb 8, 2015.

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  1. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    I think SE is in a very weird state. I haven't played a phenomenal number of alpha releases, but I've played a solid number. And SE, as it stood back when I got it at Xmas (and as it stands now) is hands down the most playable and functional "alpha" client I've ever experienced.

    Frankly, this "alpha", is really "beta/release" in a lot of ways, and in terms of stability actually beats a lot of sad state release clients (from AAA studios no less). In nearly 400 hrs in SE I've crashed once and maybe had weird stuff forcing me to restart/reload the game half a dozen times. Sure I've had plenty of "WTF physics moments". But contrast this to something like 800 hours in BF4, where I crash almost every single play session at least once, they introduced game breaking crash bugs in multiple post-release patches, etc.

    That makes SE look really good quite frankly.

    And so that sets you up for some pretty high expectations, so when you hit the wall where things are seriously not optimized, and the general pretty spotty state of Multiplayer, there is the temptation to come down hard just because it is incongruous with the level of much of the rest of the product.
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  2. ChromeCastle Trainee Engineer

    Part of me wants the landing gear/piston bugs to be focused on and quickly fixed, but another part of me really wants to see what new features they have in store.

    Right now, I think that they really ought to focus on finishing all of the survival mode features such as AI and missions and then move on to the beta phase to crush most of the bugs once and for all.
  3. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    You obviously midunderstood sorry if I wasn't clear enough. Let me put it as this if your gonna fix something without adding the Major features (AI especially) you're gonna make it 10x harder on yourself that's what the short term fixes are for to stop people from raging during the wait for a fix (which isn't exactly a fix more of just a way so people don't complain). Now some devs do take it the fix it now over and over again way and I'm ok with that they can do what they want. I also never said they were game breaking when I mean by a major I mean complicated bugs (that in someways aren't even bugs just unoptimized code).
  4. 1BillionHex Trainee Engineer

    Just as a small reminder: The OP did not ask for a feature freeze, as indicated by the thread title:

    "Less new features, more fixes please."

    "Less new features" != "Feature Freeze".
  5. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    Yes, but don't bother speaking logically and with calm resolve. We can't have that...
  6. Nacon Junior Engineer

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  7. Carrion Senior Engineer

    Nacon. Brilliant find. you truly did make me lol
  8. Aracus Senior Engineer

    The Troll is strong in this thread.
    Seriously though, all repeated(spammed even?) complaints aside, complaints that is usualy not very well written or constructive.

    The backlash of alpha-sayers is really not helping anyone or anything at all.
    The only thing you are doing is trolling or flame-baiting already irritated people. Try doing something abit more constructive instead, or just go look elsewhere if you are tired of the complaint threads. Let the people critical of the development process debate(or shout out) their opinions with those that can raise proper counter-arguments in peace.

    If they really bother you, report them, let the mods sort it out.
  9. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    Aracus, the same can be said of the naysayers. If they really hate this game so much then should go play WoW and let the people who actually attempt to improve the game with actual critical thinking and responses continue to provide proper bug reports and testing in peace.
  10. Aracus Senior Engineer

    If they really hated the game yes, I could agree with you on that, not that I would ever really support WoW, but there are other games out there yes.
    However, FEW of the complainers seem to hate it, instead they have what can simply be said to be a overblown sense of entitlement and childish tantrums over issues that while not world shaking, ARE undertandable. The bugs they complain about are very real, documented, and old. Old enough that one might actually think they could have atleast given signs of working on it. Acknowledging them like that would probably put a lot of complainers to rest.

    But I Digress, regardless of how they go about it, the response they "generaly" get(as far as I've seen) is none at best, unhelpful or outright flame-baiting and trolling at worst.
  11. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    bug fixing takes time

    Fixes when in same module

    Time is meaningless
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  12. Textor Junior Engineer

  13. Aracus Senior Engineer

    And back to page one. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/flamebait
    Meh, Internet Communities, this is why small friendgroups is infinitely superior to being online. Gonna type up a draft for a post in the suggestion thread, much more effective use of my time waiting for the backup of my game to finish before patching. (Still sad that I have to do it as a matter of routine)
    And yes this was a copy-paste of myself.
  14. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    I noticed. There's no way the last few posts are flame-bait, though. ;)
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.