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Looking Forward to Cargo Ships with Active Turrets

Discussion in 'Survival' started by McHendrik, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    Eventually all the turrets in the game will be made to work, right? Because when they are... oooooooh my is cargo ship piracy going to be wild. Get a combat ship together strong enough to get in and penetrate one of those military ships, all those internal turrets, try to get to the cockpit to turn it off... amazing.

    Hopefully you can't kill the power from the first control panel you find on a hostile ship. Killing the reactors at the first doorway is kind of anticlimatic. I assume to really get the ship turned off you'll have to get to the cockpit.

    Every time I turn a corner inside a big ship and see a turret I think "when these are working I'm going to crap my pants". Initially we'll really need to be safe and only go after weak civilian ships. For those of us that wanted PvE combat... this is going to give us some.

    I can't wait!
  2. Ice Forge Apprentice Engineer

    Did you take a look at the military ones? I'm scared to go near them at this point... ^^
  3. PLPM Junior Engineer

    Me too... and a lot.
  4. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    Even the miner ships are going to be a pain with their turrets. Ammo is going to become a very, very useful resource.
  5. Thenerdylord Apprentice Engineer

    What about when an AI is put in the game and the ships do evasive actions. This will mean people will have to build ships specificlly for capturing ships.
  6. ArcherV Apprentice Engineer

    i just used my mothership for this.
    Just try to catch it with landing gears..... :D
  7. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    You will have to really prepare and think about it, before tackling any military stuff.....Lot of effort to build a warcraft....gone in seconds if your foolish.

    To be honest..working ship weapons just overtook conveyors in my mind (even though I want them bad).

    Bring on the pain..
  8. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    All we need after that is for the spawned warships to drift past your base "giving it large" before drifting off to despawn.
  9. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer


    Right now they seldom come very close, but in a large, long-lived universe with cargo ships spawning regularly, at some point one is going to be on a trajectory that brings it "too close", so you're going to have to keep track of them. If one is getting within a few klicks you'll want to go disable it before it does a flyby of your fancy base with guns blazing, i think.

    And now that I've got all the ships/power I could possibly want in this "started with nothing but my suit" survival I played since Thursday, I think I'll go learn how to shoot those turrets off a target before capturing it.

    Best to learn how before they learn to shoot back. Heheh.
  10. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    Speak of the devil... I just went after a Minelayer that seemed close enough to bother, and when I matched velocities with it I discovered it was headed right for my base. I didn't change the trajectory and I rode alongside it as we went past less than 400m from my main manufacturing installation.

    If anyone thinks these are going to be easy mode... I dunno. If that thing had guns blazing as it went past practically everything I owned... /shudder

    When turrets work we're going to have to keep track of which way these things are traveling to be sure we're not on an intercept course, or bad things will happen!
  11. Aurenian Apprentice Engineer

    That's one of the reasons I'm making my large station as a large ship. The ability to twist the armoured side towards an incoming threat will be handy. Or just move away if I have enough warning.
  12. Zethariel Trainee Engineer

    IMHO, the current neutral ship design has one major flaw - the guns aren't connected to anything but armor. In that scenario, with how limited the clips are, they will run out of ammo before they can do anything. Devs should refit them to actually have storages worth of ammo fed into the guns
  13. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    I hadn't noticed that.

    I did notice that it's about 1 missile per turret to take them out from a small fighter. You can kind of see how the progression will go once they're active. You'll only pirate the civilian stuff until you have enough materials to arm a small fighter, then take on the commercial / mining stuff that has one or two turrets, etc.

    Going after the largest military ships will require a considerable attack plan. But after the first capture you would have practically endless steel and thrusters. If you catch the military transport you'd have reactors to spare too.

    Lately I have been matching velocities with ships, going in and emptying the uranium, and leaving them alone otherwise. They drift off and despawn if you don't touch the cockpit. I have a nice big pile of uranium now and my base has enough solar panels to run the refinery or the assembler without using any.

    Still not bored with this "hardcore survival" setup. These cargo ships are a fantastic bit of content. I can't wait to be able to run cargo ships that other players make. Imagine the booby traps!
  14. OrangeAaron Apprentice Engineer

    I'm actually working on a ship just for taking cargo ships, it looks like a pirate ship.... heheh
  15. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    Good point. I think the Devs will update the ships from patch to patch.
    Maybe they will put in some really tough ones with ammo to spare..
  16. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    I also noticed that the commercial freighter has a turret on a really weak crossbar joining the two main wings. Shooting that might separate the entire ship. That one I'll want to approach in the shadow of that turret rather than shooting it, I bet.
  17. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    I used to check in once in a while in SE but since survival I find myself playing much more.
    Since these cargo ships come along I'm now screaming for patch day and checking the website more.

    edit typo
  18. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    I can't wait to go broadsides with a military escort.

    On another note, I wonder what would "aggro" the cargo ships. Would they attack if you shot at them, or just attack if you drew to near? Different factions could have varying combat-engagement policies.

    Also, I can't wait until the cargo ships actually have people inside! (If ever.)
  19. whistler118 Apprentice Engineer

    Working big ship weapons need to be in the next patch. Its been too long and its such an important part of the game!
  20. Teravisor Apprentice Engineer

    Noone said it will be turrets... I think it'll be direct-fire weapons for now.
  21. redneckpirate Apprentice Engineer

    Magazines, friendo, magazines.
  22. ProfessorFalken Apprentice Engineer

    I dont think their will be much fighting inside the cargo ships. Once you take out the exterior turrets, you would just drill into the hull where the reactors are and shut down the systems. On player ships where you don't know where things are laid out... very dangerous.
  23. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Worth noting: You can replace the files for the cargo ships. You could even replace all nine of them with Military variants, or make them all suicide bombers! Best of all, you'll be able to trade these ship files with other users, allowing the potential to grab a "mystery pack" and see what horrors await you.

    So poorly-designed dev ships are hardly a concern. :D
  24. jmoose44 Trainee Engineer

    I hope they don't make the turrets auto-fire/auto lock, it would take all the fun and skill out of manning a big ship. They should be selectable so that you can group them based on where they are one the ship, put them on a big-ship key binding, so that the pilot can switch between what turret groupings he wants to fire.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.