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Lost Colony Scenario- loved it

Discussion in 'General' started by Calaban, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Calaban Junior Engineer

    So I just "finished" the Lost colony start. wow.

    It took some getting used to no Jetpack, but once acclimated (tricky building a wind turbine tower with no jetpack it turns out) things went well.

    Not really going to spoil the story, discovered through datapads.. but want to talk about how I and any of you approached the challenge. So...

    Here's how I did it:

    - Setup camp in first stop little base.
    - visited town
    - visited power plant, found the Big Job.
    - got to work on Big Job
    - Stole the power plants' double cargo truck
    - explored town a lot.
    - grew slightly horrified
    - discovered a datapad in one of the logistic offices listing "geological survey" score! gps for ores in area!
    - started hand mining and building up of base camp
    - nearby house had a mined cave nearby it, while creeping around the cave, jumped to see/hear bullet sparks off of the walls as I walked around (!!) never found the defender, never actually got shot, but eek was creepy under that Clang-o-Lantern moon (bug/scripted event? anyone else see this?)
    - eventually added full assembler and full refinery to base, + 4 more turbines on roofs
    - drove around following up on datapad links to this and that- quite a lot to see
    - needed to up my mining game- as the Big Job needed a LOT of materials
    - found and stole a mining truck- didnt care for it, but of course filled it up with ore and brought it to base
    - needed to up my mining game, so stole a jeep-car and modified it to be a atmo flyer miner (removed wheels, added thrusters and battery, piped drills to nose) I wanted to keep the aesthetics of the car design (I got to tinker, yay!), and just make it a sky-car that was recognizeable
    - discovered why one datapad talked about "difficult flight approach paths"
    - armed my flying miner, engaged occasional turret
    - Flew flying miner and mobile respawn truck around in pairs- really could have used a partner
    - had to break into the silver mine, basically raided it.
    - mined and assembled towards finishing the Big Job.
    - had all parts ready.. only how to deliver it?
    - modified power plants double cargo truck to have +3 more cargo to fit all parts.
    - carefully lumbered severely overloaded truck to plant, and finished big job, pulling parts through garage connector
    - Finished Big Job, other rooms in town were opened
    - explored more and immediately got the story.
    - kept helmet visor down rest of scenario -but too late
    - was a little mad, and went to explore newly marked locations to learn the "who-the-WTF?!" story
    - found a police truck with turret on top- score!
    - brought police truck to base camp and kit-bashed the mobile respawn and police truck into a slightly up-armored Police-respawn truck
    - launched the investigation police lights flashing :)
    - visited the mountaintop antenna. had a 6-er, enjoyed the view.
    - flew around visiting other buildings I missed- picked up little stories of here and there. Them colonists werent getting along too well it seems
    - finally got to the End site. Wow. enjoyable crawl through the complex. Finished the story
    - so inevitable "now what?"
    - I drove/flew around area looking for things to see/do a bit
    - tried to power on the antenna tower to see if it did anything
    - started to forget this or that.. not really sure of what anymore
    - forgot to work the contracts in the town.. never did build that.. whatever it was I was supposed to do..
    - caught myself staring at the screen blankly a bit.
    - I feel like I came here to actually do something. but....
    - went to find a warm place to lie down
    - the end.

    Was a really cool story, and scenario with different approaches to take towards finishing, means its replayable as i try different things

    What I reeeeaaaaallly liked was the meta of how the scenario ends.. the player just lays in bed, logs off and never returns.. it FITS with the STORY of just what happened to that colony!

    I may have missed some things too in my playthrough, and may not have actually finished it.

    What do you think? what did you try? how did you Do? before.. you know...
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  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    For dummies like me, what is the Lost Colony scenario? Can you provide a link?
  3. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Its the 6th Anniversary update:

    main new game menu

    First Jump tutorial
    [other one i forget]
    Never Surrender
    Lost Colony
  4. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h...[slaps head]...of course! Thanks!!
  5. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    What's the 'Big Job'?

  6. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Dunno. I played through it, never really understanding what to do once I found everything. So I did what any lone space engineer would do at that final moment; I went out with a bang.
  7. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    I found the 'Big Job'.

  8. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    How did you miss that? I mean, it was a key milestone for the scenario. And it glows in the dark. Everyone knows they glow in the dark. Heck, I've been working in the nuclear industry for nearly 38 years and I glow in the dark!
  9. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer


    All in all it's disapointing that you can't activate the Jetpack after going to space or complete the scenario.
  10. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

  11. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Ah-h-h-h...gotcha. (But I seem to remember finding a datapad that pointed to the reactor and fixing the cooling system and whatnot.)
  12. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    Okay, I finished it (kinda). By and large, it's great, and I enjoyed it. It had the feeling of an old school FPS game, like the original Half-Life, which is actually fairly impressive, as on the one hand, SE has some limitations, and on the other, it had to allow for players modifying the environment in all sorts of ways that old school FPS games wouldn't allow. Smokki's level design is really impressive; he managed to create plausible structures and spaces in SE that I haven't seen anyone else pull off so well. Also, the vehicles were nicely tuned, and the roads and other adjustments that made off-road driving a reasonable proposition were well done, so it was simply fun to drive around the map.

    That said, there were a few things I didn't like so much, many of which involve spoilers.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2020
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  13. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I personally liked how it ended:

    Oh and happy new decade. :) ..but its 2020... for Clangs sake where is my robot maid?
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2020
  14. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Um-m-m...the new decade doesn't start until next year.

    I'm just saying... :stare:
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  15. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    You missed an important point, though:

  16. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Another "senior moment" for me.
  17. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    the mention of no jetpack has my attention. shoulda played it sooner.

    I'll never forgot losing all hydrogen and ice on an alien planet and having to run around on foot for ages searching for some.
  18. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Hello I just tried this mission (very good one even without any visible scripting added) and i get a nice bug, PDA logs are cropped to something like 1000 chars and will not let me see the end, it's an issue as it will just crash the whole game if i try to go down and few GPS markers seems lost (i could not use the GPS button but from youtube i see few gps on sames pda)

    Any setting in order to fix it maybe from the .sbc save file ?
  19. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    Yeah, that bug with PDAs is pretty frustrating. I got several crashes from that.

    I can't remember if I said this before, but it's really striking how the sense of scale changes with the detailed structures on the one hand, and the limited resources that encourage relying on ground vehicles on the other. A roughly four-square kilometer valley feels enormous. 20 m/s feels slow compared to overpowered VTOL aircraft that fly at 100 m/s, but it's actually quite fast.
  20. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I built one of my Claw miners as soon as I was able, so I scooted around the map pretty quickly, not to mention mining and processing gobs of ore for additional resources. Yeah, it was overkill, but still worked pretty well nevertheless.
  21. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    also someone had written you dont have all needed ressources to build all needed superconductors is this true ? as i still wonder if i should spend few hours / days to start industrial mining or stop here

  22. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I debated going to space to get additional materials, but in the end decided against it. I think I found all there was to find, and fixed all there was to fix (except for that tower laser antenna).
  23. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    I found all I needed on the planet, but I build a flying mining rig and was a Little bit outside of the valey. I also ventured to space, but without the jet pack it was too unconvenient.
  24. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    As i see the scenario is ready for "food cares" did anyone tried a mod that could use the current scenario food modules & items already in place ? as i started a long "builld mining operations" i would also love to see all theses food processors getting a real use :)
  25. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Seems also something is hidden near the "magnesium cave" as i get shot... will try to get it without cheating but it's not obvious...

    For the mods i found one in full release and one in more basic pack so you could try at game start :


    Miners trucks could also need more love as they are not easy to use by now.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  26. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    So for me its maybe the end, nothing more ?

    here are last steps

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020