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Making Multiplayer Work

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by anybodysguess, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. anybodysguess Apprentice Engineer

    Just wanted to let everybody know what a friend and I have figured out after messing around with Multiplayer for a few hours.

    To Successfully host a MP world with you and your friends make a new world, set it to friends only, set it to empty or survival, based on your internet speed, if it's slow do empty. Turn on copy and paste, turn off auto save.

    Go to a world you have previously made and copy a ship you want to fight with, and direct all your friends to do the same, then go start the server and wait until all friends are there then paste your ships.

    Empty worlds load fast and don't get stuck on the Joining screen, and for some reason you can paste in huge ships once they are there with no ill effects.

    Fight and stuff, then exit without saving, always start with it empty.

    In another wold you could make a selection of fighters connected by a beam so you can copy and paste them all in, once you get there delete the beam.

    If one person drops out, and can't rejoin you all need to shut space engineers down and launch again.

    Try not to use too much guns and stuff. limit each ship to about for Gat max and 1 rocket launcher if any at all, they will crash the game.

    Plus stuff is still weak, we often play with a one Gatling gun each rule.

    Just some stuff we noticed, post any more tips you might have!
  2. BlankWarningsign Apprentice Engineer

    I can dig it. I like the idea of a "One Gatling Gun Each" rule, I might make a goofy lil Bi-Plane in Space Engineers!

    "BEWARE The Power of my I-153 Chaika"
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.