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MEC Enterprises [Space Engineers Faction]

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by StarCopper, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Who are We?

    Welcome to MEC Enterprises, here, we like to think of space as an opportunity for friendship, money, and action! We are a trading corporation that specializes in three fields, manufacturing, exploration, and combat. We offer something for everyone, from the gritty, hardcore player, to the creative engineer, to the casual laid back types who want to be good at everything, but masters at nothing .

    Events and Contests-

    MEC loves to keep her members active, thus we hold events...a lot.

    Every 2 weeks, MEC holds a public contest and a MEC-only contest. In both contests, 1st place winners win a game from the humble bundle, and in MEC-only contests, 1st place winners also get there ships implemented into the MEC navy!

    Along with these contests, we also hold many events each week!

    Training- In order to function as a cohesive unit, MEC trains its members with tactics learned from in-game experience, as well as a few tactics used on modern battlefields today! Training sessions aren't long, drawn out lectures, however, we want training to be as fun as possible. Training often includes scenarios set up to enforce a certain concept. Ex, if we want to train in boarding, we will have a training scenario where members have to board an enemy vessel!

    Earn Ribbons and Medals- We recently implemented a awards program to show appreciation towards our faction members who distinguish themselves among the faction.

    Room for promotion - We are constantly growing as a group in all divisions so there is plenty of room for growth within our faction, so don't plan on staying the FNG for long ;)

    Squads- Want to form a team with some of your friends in the faction? Squads are kind of our competitive in-faction mutiplayer game. Squad matches are held over the weekend. More info coming soon!

    Random Gaming Nights- Sometimes, we just need to cool off, break out the chips and soda and play a game other then Space Engineers. We often play F2P games so all of our members can join in on the fun. Some games include War Thunder, Planetside 2, and Warframe.

    Divisions and Roles-

    Unlike many other factions, we don't have ranks. We instead of roles. These roles are designed to fit any amount of dedication and ambitions. Don't have all that much time? Be a Crewman on a frigate! Want to command that frigate? You can! But you will have to work for it.


    Manufacturing- Our manufacturing division is our main income, from mining, to building, to serving on ships, these guys help our alliance run. As a member of manufacturing, you can expect to help build stations and ships, captain cargo ships, and mine precious ore.

    Exploration- Have fun making Star Trek references about going where no man has gone before? Exploration is for you! Members of exploration scout out asteroids for mining operations, serve as MEC border patrol, and collaborate with our combat division as forward scouts.

    Combat- On the other hand, if you are more into Battlestar Galatica, then combat is most certainly for you! (Star Trek rules!!!). Combat members are right in the action, manning everything from light frigates to battleships Whether you are a fighter pilot, captain of a combat vessel, or a marine border, action is to be had!




    Ship Fitters

    Quality Control

    Salvage Specialist



    Manufacturing Supervisor



    Border Guard

    Research and Development

    Survey Scout

    Exploration Vessel Captain

    Border Commander



    Security Officer

    Gunner Crew

    Fighter Pilot

    Combat Engineer

    Ship Pilot


    UESC Server-

    Note that the UESC Role Playing server is still a concept

    The MEC is part of the UESC's role playing server. Below is a map of the territory MEC owns (MEC territory in grey)


    As you can see, MEC is one of the largest factions on the server, with 5 sectors assigned to it. The server is planned to have currency, as well as faction vs faction battles, and random events. Join MEC to get in on the action!


    We now have a TeamSpeak server! If you have any questions, feel free to hop on and talk to us, there is usually at least one or two admins on to answer questions. We also use TeamSpeak when we are in events.



    If you are interested in MEC, please feel free to check out our website at http://mecenterprises.guildlaunch.com/roster.php?roster_mode=members&gid=411644.


    If you would like to join MEC Enterprises, great! Follow these steps and we will get to your app ASAP!

    1) Sign up to MEC's offical website at the link provided.

    2) Leave a reply on this thread telling us that you signed up, this is so we can monitor apps here.

    3) Join the MEC Steam Group- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mecenterprises

    4) Introduce yourself on the "Introduction" thread on the forums!

    5) Friend StarCopper (me) on steam and message me when you are ready.

    After these steps are completed, you will be an official member of MEC Enterprises! We look forward to meeting you!

    Signing up help-

    Since some people are having trouble signing up to the site, here is an easy, three step guide to signing up (with pictures!)

    1) When you get to the site, you will be greeted with this page, you can either click on "Apply for Community" on the left of the news slider, or "Register" in the top right corner. [​IMG]

    2) This screen is the sign up for the forum; you will have to sign up to this before you sign up to the faction. [​IMG]

    3) This is the faction sign-up page. This is where you actually sign up to the faction. Fill in the information and your app will be received! [​IMG]
  2. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Update- Added the logo.
  3. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Updated some typos and errors.
  4. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Overhauled most of our group and rank info. Will be putting up allies/diplomatic status soon!
  5. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Since, the Google Drive App was bugged up and we didn't people's apps until possibly days after they applied it has been removed and replace with a post-a-reply system.
  6. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Added TS info, along some with other things.
  7. ChaosUnlimited Trainee Engineer

    I would like to joi

    I don't have excess to my steam profile ATM on iPad but my name is ChaosUnlimited

    I am 19

    I have ts3

    I would like to be in the manufacturing section I enjoy building ships and mining and cargo runs I also can do combat if needed though ATM I can not play online with more then two players but I am getting a new ISP for better internet soon
  8. Zainio Trainee Engineer

    Hello, i would be interested to join.

    Steam profile: Zainio


    Age: 22

    Ts3: Yes, but my mic is broken atm.. new headphones ordered and in transit.

    i can do pretty much anything, but mostly, building bases, ships, outposts, mining stations, mining, fighting, shooting, commanding.
    Add me to steam and we can talk..
  9. NotoD Trainee Engineer

    Steam Profile : NotoriousD31

    I have TS3.

    I'm 21 years old.

    I'd like to be an Asteroid Miner.
  10. flunph Trainee Engineer

    Hello, I'm interested to join!

    Steam profile: flunph (or venged if you can't find me)

    I have TS3

    I'm 21 years old

    I'd like to be a combat pilot!
  11. Authetius Trainee Engineer

    Steam Profile: Authetius

    I have TS3, currently dead mic. Will be remedied soon.

    I'm 17 years old.

    I'd definitely be under manufacturing. I love to design, produce and test efficient or odd ships and bases as well as techniques in mining and construction. I'd like to compare my industrial ship designs to others, particularly my mining ships.
  12. Dragonlord3344 Trainee Engineer

    What is your steam profile page?
    Do you have TS3?
    Age? (Optional)
    What division do you want to be put in?
    I could do eather engineering or combat, it wouldent matter eather way to me.
  13. Korgen Trainee Engineer

    Hello. The name is Korgen, that is my profile.


    I have no TS3 account, but that can be easily changed.

    I am 21.

    Either a scout or manufacturer. I enjoy creating, but I also really enjoy scouting out the world and finding vessels, stripping them down. Quite relaxing.
  14. sonofa Trainee Engineer

    Hello, My name is sonofa

    My steam profile page is: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040649222

    I have TS3 & working headset

    I am 30yrs old

    What division do I want to be put in?

    I like it all, I think this game is awesome but if i have to pick one it'd be manufacturing: construction/engineering/mining

    Looking forward to joining :)
  15. randomcode9 Trainee Engineer

    Good Day.

    I would like to apply
    My Steam Name is randomcode9, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053112321
    I currently have TS3.
    Age is 17.
    I would like to apply for Scout or Asteroid Miner please.
  16. Padders Trainee Engineer

    What is your steam profile page? Padders http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011628413

    Do you have TS3? Yes

    Age? (Optional) 20

    What division do you want to be put in? Manufacturing division please! I'll probably prefer to be a shipyard employee :)
  17. SirSpaceCat Trainee Engineer

    This seems to be like a well organized and decent clan, so I'm going to apply :)

    What is your steam profile page?
    micr2: http://steamcommunity.com/id/micr2/

    Do you have TS3?
    Yes, currently upgrading my microphone, I've already ordered it, waiting for it to arrive.

    Age? (Optional)

    What division do you want to be put in?
    Exploration and/or Combat
    Exploring and taking part in Combat has always been my thing in any game. I can build, but prefer doing either exploring or fighting.
  18. ArchAngel1238 Trainee Engineer

    What is your steam profile page? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020619579/home

    Do you have TS3? Yes

    Age? (Optional) 21

    What division do you want to be put in? Combat. Capable pilot, tactician, officer, marine.
  19. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Updated...well we kinda updated everything! Gave the thread some good cleaning up ;).
  20. Zarovich Trainee Engineer

    Hi there friendly Canadian here wanting to join, I registered on your forums, I see steam group is invite only but been keeping an eye on chat.

    I'd be happy to join, fine to RP, have various tasks, help out, defend our boys.

    Steam name Zarovich
  21. killie01 Trainee Engineer

  22. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Updated with help on how to sign up to the site.
  23. samuel9900 Trainee Engineer

    What is your steam profile page?
    Do you have TS3? yes

    Age? (Optional)

    What division do you want to be put in?:
    Exploration and or Combat. (If I have To choose then combat)
    I'm New To SE so I'm not a good builder. :)
  24. Kane Junior Engineer

    Nice concept map. Don't forget even at 20km out the float point accuracy is shot and ships and such vibrate.
  25. JBaptista Trainee Engineer

    Sent an application
  26. Lowridingorilla Trainee Engineer

    Ive signed up
  27. Gerald Trainee Engineer

    Glad to have signed up here looking forward to getting on board!
    (Get it? :p)
  28. WarriorBot5000 Trainee Engineer

    Iwould like to apply.
    My steam name is WarriorBot5000.
    I have ts3.
    I am 14.
    I would like to be a scout ship captain or something like that.
  29. StarCopper Trainee Engineer

    Updated faction info.
  30. Geva Marik Trainee Engineer

    Ive sent an application

    Do you have TS3? Yes

    Age? (Optional) 35

    What division do you want to be put in?
    I like everything but if i have to choose i take Manufacturing
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.