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Mechanisms for Vertical Elevation?

Discussion in 'General' started by erisco, Apr 15, 2014.

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  1. erisco Trainee Engineer

    The context for this discussion are ships and stations whose primary design factor is their practicality to the survival mode and competitive multiplayer play. Excluded are toy, model, beautified, or role-playing ships on the basis that inefficient solutions for elevation are easily afforded.

    The mechanisms I am aware of for elevation in ships and in stations are unattractive.
    • Jetpacking: fiddly to control in tight spaces and inertial dampeners conflict with ship movement.
    • Ramps and stairs: the space they consume is high in ratio to the vertical movement they provide. Also, traversing the ramps or stairs takes much more time than a direct route.
    • Gravity inversion: complicated to setup, flings the camera around, and fall damage makes this problematic.
    • Mechanical elevators: complicated to setup, requires a lot of space, requires a lot of interaction.
    • Ladders: evidently they were in the game at one point but have been (temporarily?) removed. I suspect that they would be slow to climb.
    An ideal mechanism for elevation is one that requires minimal interaction, operation time, and space. Without an ideal mechanism for elevation layouts which are predominately horizontal are strongly favoured. This stifles the practicality and thus the use of verticality.

    I am interested in the mechanisms that you have discovered for elevation and what mechanisms you would wish to be featured in the game.
  2. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Ladders were indeed slow to climb (but I still miss them :().

    One solution that isn't mentioned (though perhaps it is implied) in this is using the blocks that have a 1/1 slope, such as the window grates, as impromptu ramps/stairs. Still imperfect, but more efficient in terms of space than the "real" ramps and stairs.

    TBH I've been going for a very confined, submarine-esque feel for the ships I'm working on (both for aesthetics and efficiency), so passages w/jetpacking is what I've been favoring. You've pretty much listed all the methods I can think of, so it seems to be a case of choosing the least-bad option. I will say that I would always favor unpowered means of changing elevation over powered ones.
  3. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    Whatever you do, don't use corridors (the old ladders) and jetpack in them. They have a tendency to hurt you when you are not lined up properly.

    I wouldn't mind seeing elevators implemented, but for now I guess we are stuck with the jetpack.
  4. Mac D Junior Engineer

    I use jetpack almost always so vertical and horizontal movement are similar (no grav gens) and tend to build wide hallways without doors to make jetpack movement easier on my ships.

    I actually prefer the movement of small ships so tend to move around inside them around my larger structures.

    The old ladder was slow, buggy, and visually claustrophobic inside that corridor.

    Hoping for external ladder/handholds to be (re)introduced and and the astronau to eventually get an overhaul for improved low G movement (sort of space parkour and magnetic/gecko boots).

    Pistons and rails have been suggested often and hopefully will make elevators more compact and reliable when/if implemented.
  5. aboredteen1 Junior Engineer

    parkour in space!!! Er Mer Gewrd
  6. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    Mechanical elevators will be easier to setup when rails and potentialy macroing comes alive (both confirmed).But I would still love to see corridors back when problems are solved.
  7. mo8ius Apprentice Engineer

    Now: I use stairs/ramps or the slatted windows as 1x1 stairs. Or I use the Jetpack and leave floors open enough to zoom up to them.

    Future - I'd like several options:

    Zero-G options:
    • Ladders - but faster than in G, maybe you only grab on every 3rd rung!
    • "Zero-G shaft" - essentially the corridor (or similar), but it's specifically designed for transit and can be set to nullify gravity (so you put one in a ship/station with gravity and it would be a zero-G environment in the shaft without having to manipulate gravity generators). Link this with the options below.
    • "Tow/Zip lines" - I have no idea how this would work graphically, but the concept has been used on films a bunch. You attach a line between two points, then hook a small motorised winch to it and it 'drags' you across. There could be versions of this for different applications - I imagine the winch would be on the suit already, so you'd just need to add the line and click on it to be propelled along.
    • "Pull bars" - Can be attached anywhere (or many blocks come with a pull bar option). This gives you an 'anchor point' you can use to propel yourself along/slow yourself down. Essentially it's the same function as turning the dampeners off, thrusting in a direction and turning them back on when you reach where you're going - only this uses bars attached to stuff and wouldn't need the jetpack - I believe this is similar to how astronauts move around IRL.
    Gravity-Field options:
    • Ladders
    • Elevator platforms - I imagine this is a collection of blocks rather than an 'elevator block'. It would be a liner track (already on the dev's list IIRC), a linear motor to pull along the track, a block or blocks to make the platform and a control panel to work it. Maybe in the future add junctions to the track so you could grate a complex lift system inside your gigantic starships :p
    • More options for stairs - I like stairs, but I'd like a real 1x1 as well as the 1x2, and the option for a 'corner 1x1' of some sort.
    • Motorised Carts - For those larger ships, something like a moon buggy/gold cart (there's one in Silent Running to get down that insanely long corridor). I imagine this is comething you build, I know devs are adding wheels, so I guess that will be perfect for this.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.