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medical room spawns improper coords.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by LaForge, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    I have multiple medicalbays, and now that i've started testing my map in survival mode, they all seem to be broken :(

    I either spawn in the room under them, or in the room next to them.
    All my rooms have the bay with the back against the wall in 4x4x2 - 6x6x2 rooms.

    (please let me know if i should redesign my map or if this problem will likely be fixed before 1/12.)
  2. FireZtreaM Trainee Engineer

    Can confirm this. Most of the time i spawn beneath the medbay / spawningroom.
  3. Phand Master Engineer


    this is true and it is not a bug. It is side effect of fixing death loops. Thanks for report, though. :)
  4. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the response, but a improper fix is a bug by itself.
  5. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    man.. your response is pissing me off...
    I'm sorry, you seem like a really nice guy, willing to give feedback and to look into things the community has to offer,
    but come on, you can't seriously believe that the job is done when people spawn outside the rooms the medicbays are placed in?! Thats just extremely bad development.

    I'd say, scrap the old fix and implement a spawn-invulnerability of a second or two.
  6. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Relax man. It's probably not even part of the game engine to determine what makes a "room" at this point.

    I usually die the first time I spawn because it's inside an armor block.
    In their defense, respawning is in a different enough spot it usually doesn't happen a second time.

    But yeah you'd think directly in front of the medbay control panel would be a good spot to try first? Of all the things in this game this is an easy one to look past. Annoying but no reason to get upset.
  7. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not upset because of a bug, bugs are to be expected in this phase of the game.
    i'm upset because it's apparently 'a feature'.
  8. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    Welcome to Keen games, where unintended features are never looked at because 'bug' is a bad word.

    It's responses like Phand's that really irritate me as well, this isn't the first time where something is a problem ad it is dismissed outright as 'intended'. How can you expect your customer to have faith in your product when you manage to find the dumbest solutions to problems rather than ACTUALLY FIXING THE PROBLEM!

    If I choose to spawn on my ship/station I have the full and total expectation that I will spawn in the room I placed the medical room, not stuck in a damn wall on the interior of my ship/station and have to grind my way out of my own ship. If you cant find an actual solution to a simple spawning mechanic, how can I expect you to ever fix real problems like Pistons/Rotors never having been functional in MP/DS?
  9. Terrasius Apprentice Engineer

    for me its also an problem no featuer, the spwan area is to big, i spwan all the time out side of my cargo ship i dont like do build them an wall 10x10x10 raund the medic bay
  10. AlanEsh Apprentice Engineer

    +1 confirming this BUG.
  11. lord-boo Trainee Engineer

    spawning at the bottom of the platform too sometimes but not that big problem ;)
  12. NathanTheSpaceSurvivor Apprentice Engineer

    yeah i know
    Medbay is inside the ship i spawn outside of the ship.
  13. kittle Senior Engineer

    happens to me, multiple times a day.

    And in a few cases it cause even MORE problems.

    I capture an NPC ship with turrets on it, bring it to a stop. Inside is a medbay not protected by turrets. I capture the medbay, and then proceed to hack the rest of the ship. Eventually a turret gets me. i respawn in the newly captured medbay... but UNDERNEATH the ship, and in full few of active turrets.

    hello death loop...

    Also - what happens if the ship is moving slowly (or not slowly)? .. spawn outside and the ship is running away from you
  14. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    The problem i'm having with it is that i'm making a missionmap with medicbays as checkpoints and a map filled with turrets to prevent cheating (hello deathloop indeed).
    The other problem, which admitted, is my own damn fault, but not less painfull, is that a map i've been working on for weeks and is filled with hundreds of timers and sensors and so, is made to small to fit the bigass rooms required to actually spawn in a designated area. I will have to start from scratch and i'm extremely bumped about it, but hey.. i should've tested survival spawns first, but it was one of the last things on the agenda :/

    i have done 'some' tests today to find out what roomsize is required to remain within the room.

    1. If you place your medicbay upside down, you will have 10% more chance to spawn in the room.
    2. The medicbay cannot have its back against the wall and should be in the middle of the room
    3. The outer diameter of the box needs to be 7x7x6 blocks

    These are a few of my testresult.. i did every test 10 times. (i have not tested the behaviour of the medicbay sides touching the wall, as i'm fedup with testing for now :p)
    6x6x5 = 50% center
    6x6x6 = 50% center
    6x6x6 = 50% back wall
    5x5x6 = 20% center
    7x7x7 = 50% back wall
    7x7x7 = 100% center upside down
    7x7x7 = 90% center right side up
    7x7x6 = 100% center upside down
    7x7x6 = 90% center right side up
    7x7x5 = 80% center right side up
    7x7x5 = 50% center upside down
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, 2014
  15. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    making an obstacle course, no wonder you're so irritated. lol

    that is too big of a room for any of my ships. :(
  16. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    Nah, that would indeed be kinda cute, but i'm not the type of person that blows of steam towards others for his own mistakes.
    It's like fingersniffer sais, to many shortcuts and some are just unacceptable, like this one.
  17. vangrunz Apprentice Engineer

    Responses like this do not belong to public. :nono:

    If I'd be the developer, I'd build you a bug into the medical room what lets you die every 2nd you spawn in. :p

    Back to the topic, I think it has to do with world load/spawn. After having 100% loaded of the world, the game freezes, shows the loading screen, bringing sometimes later a bit of sound, then the start screen from the world. At this point, there's no list visible, but I can move with the mouse to the place where it is and can hear the "tik-tik" sound while hovering over entrys. A few moments later, this list appears, but is incomplete. I have to refresh at least once, most of the time I do hammer until all medical rooms are shown (mine, of course, are the ones which are loaded after refreshing). I think the game is ready too soon, which leads to medical room death spawns if done too early.
  18. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    Emotions should be outlawed.
  19. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Let us examine this statement...

    First, a clarification of the definition of a bug :

    A software bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

    The medical bay component is a crucial part of ship or base design intended to spawn or respawn the player in a known and hopefully safe location. Spawning in a random position within several blocks distance in random directions is not safe or acceptable. The actual spawn point is unpredictable and varies when all other factors remain the same. This is most certainly a bug and the fact that it has persisted as long as I have been playing the game (many months now) and that this statement has been issued is a very poor reflection on the programming team, the production company, and their attitude towards the user base.

    Calling it a 'side effect' of 'fixing death loops' is fundamentally incorrect as death loops still occur.
  20. vangrunz Apprentice Engineer

    Men. Stay polite.

    It doesn't matter if it is called a bug or a cucumber. It happens, and the statement of Phand shows me that they know about this and try to fix it.

    Until this bug is fixed, leave at least two blocks free to each side -- except the ground, of course.

    I'd also like to use advanced rotors for fixing my solar sail to my station, but until I'm not 100% told this is fixed, I won't do it. Life can be so easy...
  21. PhilipSnyder Trainee Engineer

    It's not that they are not calling it a bug, it's that she says that it is working as intended. There is a difference and this is a very bad intention. There has to be a better way to solve this problem than to increase the spawning variables. Perhaps the devs could put a snippet of the spawn code up here and have us look at it for other solutions.
  22. vangrunz Apprentice Engineer

    I'm sorry, but I didn't read that. Could you please link to or quote this?
  23. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    So when might the medbay be fixed properly please Phand?????
  24. Kuu Lightwing Senior Engineer

    Well, it's kinda weird when you spawn outside your ship. Easily reproduceable via default spawn ship - you die and respawn underneath the ship
  25. DoctorDiscord Trainee Engineer

    Needs Fixing ASAP!!!!
  26. DoctorDiscord Trainee Engineer

    Bumping once a week till fixed. This bug makes exploration built scenarios deathloops.
  27. kittle Senior Engineer

    +1 for this

    Spawning outside your ship in a hostile environment creates death loops rather than fixing them.
    Spawning outside your ship when its in motion makes it nexto impossible to catch
  28. mega_newblar Trainee Engineer

    These replies would be comical if they weren't so unbelievable.

    The issue: You spawn near a medbay, not exactly where you want.

    That's it. The issue isn't that the medbays explode, it isn't that it corrupts your world on placing one, it's that sometimes you spawn in freespace. And yet you attack the developers?...

    Did you ever think that possibly at the moment they don't really care about this particular glitch because they're working on more important things? What if this is just a quick fix to an issue and they have every intention of revisiting it later? Wouldn't you feel dumb then attacking their freaking credentials?

    I mean it really gives a new meaning to armchair developer when you see a functional feature in an alpha game yet you take the particulars of its execution, point out how it's wrong, and essentially call Keen a crappy programming company because of it?

    If nothing else, where the hell has the respect gone? None of you would be so brave as to say what you say here to a real person in real life, so get off your pathetic armchairs and get some perspective.

  29. rexxar Senior Engineer

    I'm willing to put money down that this is the case. I don't know how many times I've slapped a bandaid over a piece of code to get it in 'good enough' condition so I can continue working on more important things. The way the medbays work is quite clearly a bandaid solution. It works well enough, and there are far more important things to do. Do you guys want fixed rotors or do you want millimeter precision in your spawn points?
    Agreed. I think everyone who doesn't know what a bug actually is, doesn't understand what 'alpha' means, or is otherwise rude and belligerent to the devs should be perma-banned. It would be much easier for the developers and testers (NOT PLAYERS) to work if we don't have to wade through a river of entitled tears to get to meaningful discussion.
  30. Dreossk Trainee Engineer

    Any ETA on a fix for this bug?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.