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medical room spawns improper coords.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by LaForge, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. rexxar Senior Engineer

    It's not a bug, and it most likely won't be "fixed" until beta.
  2. Dreossk Trainee Engineer

    It's not a bug that we spawn outside our ship?
  3. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Here are my thoughts on the med room bug:
    The cockpit block currently stores the location relative to the cockpit that you were standing so when you exit the ship, you get out in the same location. Why not apply this logic to med rooms? So wherever you were standing when you welded the med bay is where players will respawn from?
  4. Dreossk Trainee Engineer

    The thing is a L. Just make us spawn inside the L and be done with it.
  5. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    And if you welded the medbay with a ship?
    Its not that hard people; leave enough room around the medbay to spawn in. Also, even though it has "empty space" you probably can't spawn within the bounds of that box. So having it closed off is just a bad idea to begin with.
    Is it a bug that you spawned outside your ship? No, considering you're probably giving the medbay so little room that you SHOULD spawn in the armor or walls of your ship. The problem is not the medbay. The problem is between the chair and the keyboard.
    The alternative, is that Keen turns around and adjusts the sbc file so the model remains the same, but it will require 6 empty blocks to be laid down, kinda like a more extreme version of the turrets, where even though the model is only 2x1x1, it requires a 3x3x3 block of empty space.
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  6. kittle Senior Engineer

    Thats certainly one option.

    But the medbay is 2x2x1, or 4 blocks, but only 3 of those are actually used by the model. If the spawn point was Always in that 1 block of empty space, then the problem should go away
  7. XkyDiver Apprentice Engineer

    Part of the issue is that leaving "plenty of space around the Medical Station" in this case means also leaving vertical space BELOW the Medical Station, in order to avoid problems.

    Case in point, the Medical Station in my ship is in the middle of an open floor--there is a free tile in every direction left, right, forward and backward, and even up. But the Medical Station is resting on the floor of my ship. There is a whole plane of light armor blocks making up the floor below the Medical Station. Because of this, I occasionally spawn UNDERNEATH my ship, outside, in space.

    I'm really not seeing how I could make any more space available for the Medical Station, short of making it float in midair inside my ship!!
  8. se5a Apprentice Engineer

    Give the medbay model a couple of seats to spawn in. that'll also stop you bouncing around inside the room of a moving ship.
  9. Dreossk Trainee Engineer

    Nothing can be inside the L. I dont see the problem with the ship. Just spawn us inside the L. I dont understand how could this take so long.
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  10. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    Because its a bounding box, you undoubtedly CANT be spawned inside the L.
  11. Dreossk Trainee Engineer

    If i can walk there then I must be able to spawn there.
  12. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    the impression i'm getting is that if you can't place a block there then you can't spawn there.
  13. fabricator77 Apprentice Engineer

    The problem isn't spawning inside the L's unused block, it's what happens after you spawn.

    Namely on moving ships, where you get smashed against the wall, medical room itself, etc. Especially a problem on servers with desync issues (read just about all of them). Naturally people reporting that annoying bug, assumed it was simply a space issue, and would all go away if it spawned you further away. When that didn't fix the death loops, Keen gave up and spawned people outside the ship.

    The entire game logic for this block needs a rethink.
    Here is a what I think would actually work.
    1. Player always spawns inside the empty block that is part of the Medical Room.
    2. The Medical Room includes a 1x1x1 gravity field, for this empty block.
    3. Player spawns with Jetpack off, Inertial Dampeners off.
    4. If your ship is deynced, or acting up, you use the Medical Room's control panel to stop the ship.

    I'm of the opinion that players on a ship, should be a child of the ship, much the same as rotors and piston attached parts. That you move relative to the ship. I doubt it's easy to implement, and would create more problems than it would solve in the short term.
  14. Dex_Luther Trainee Engineer

    If you don't understand why it's taking so long, then you don't understand the development cycle and the point of alphas. In which case, you should not buy games that are in alpha or any early access games really.

    During the alpha phase of development emphasis is on the implementation of features. Not bug fixes. At this stage of development there's no point sinking much time on fixing bugs that might get fixed or break again many times when other features are added.

    The med bays in their current state, while not perfect, are usable. Once all the features the devs plan on having in the game at release are done, the game will become "feature locked" or "feature complete" and move onto beta phase.

    It's in beta phase where bugs are tracked down and features are perfected. No matter how long and hard you whine about it, don't expect the issue to get magically fixed until the game reaches beta, which is at least a few months from now (I'm guessing).

    Developing a game your way would take years longer than it should. As someone that gets paid to find and report bugs in video games, I wouldn't mind it since it would just mean more work for me. Investors wouldn't like it though and neither would consumers having to pay more for games to make up for the longer development cycles.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.