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Medieval Engineers Medieval Devblog #001

Discussion in 'Developer's Notes' started by CptTwinkie, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. CptTwinkie ME Asst. Producer Staff

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  2. MongooseCalledFred Trainee Engineer

    First? If the future dev blogs are this good, I won't even have to play the game to get my money's worth. But I'll sure want to!:)
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  3. Kiin Kendov Trainee Engineer

    I really like your plans for the future! I would love to meet different NPC:s in the world to trade with. Maybee like in Terraria where the NPC:s are moving in when a suitable house is built?
    I also leally looking forward to worlds with more life and places with unique resources and animal species!

    Tank you for a future perfect game!

    /Kiin Kendov (born warrior)
  4. Konscience Trainee Engineer

    I would love more non-distributed gameplay element like NPC, survival parameters, immersion features and so on...
    Having to rely on friends, online acquaintances and whatnot to get the game interesting is not my cup of tea honestly.
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  5. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    Sounds like a very good direction and imo better than what SE seems to be going for.

    Although 1 problem i have is proper implementation of even basic AI in an ever changing environment is going to be tricky and time consuming to do well. Especially if you want to bring it a step further to something half decent in pathing and decision making. I wonder hoe you guys are going to tackle it.

    Also i have another niggle for medieval engineers. I know you guys are probs going to say: "shut up, its not possible" but the envineering element i most miss about this game is water, rivers, lakes, etc. In SE its not that prevolent as you have ice lakes and the engineering side doesnt really require it but in ME to make it believable engineering imo it needs things like irrigation, naval travel, power(water wheels) and maybe possibly weather. Water is a fundamental building block of scoiety without it the game doesnt seem believable not only in terms of immersion but in terms of your entire theme and goal.
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  6. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Wasn't there a teaser by Tim "The Teaser" T. some update videos before where he presented early pictures of some propulsion blocks including a treadmill and a watermill wheel? :) So, keep the faith! The Pope can never be wrong!
    --- Automerge ---
    Yes, that is why I don't like games which depend entirely on multiplayer (and people doing their contributions there ... or worse), worthwhile elements have to be a part no matter if you find good playmates or not, offline or online, single or multiplayer. And things which can't get ruined by griefers and misbehaving acquaintances assure quality.
    Sorry if I perceive multiplayer acquaintances too negatively, there may be fine people out there as well, depends on luck. However, in my private single player session I don't want to depend on luck for enjoying the game.
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  7. _Blop_ Trainee Engineer

    Those are awesome news.
    This is the right path to take in terms of features choice, I think the game will really gain a lot more incentive for players to strive by founding a real fortress/empire if life is added through the form of NPCs.
    It may not be the easiest thing to implement and stabilize however, it is really important for the important singleplayer base (and even for others) to have a larger goal than building a castle for the only sake of it. Otherwise, the game ends at this exact moment where every research has been done and the fort built. Construction and engineering is one aspect (quite unique to SE/ME) but shouldn't be the only and I am happy to see that you know about this, it can only attract a lot more people to play this game.

    Along progression expansion of a player and his faction, more recruitment should be made available.
    If peasants field of action stays clearly limited, it can help removing the ache of repetitive tasks and drive the will to continuously expand all the while. All of this without removing the engineering aspect.
    An other aspect are enemies of course, a threat is important to bring challenge and innovation too (lots of inventions were historically developed because of wars). It also gives the player the will to conquer.
    I see empires growing and fighting for resources and land. It would be awesome to have barabarian/enemy settlements/fortresses growing and competing against us.
    I think to bring back a basic version of what you released before could be a good start for example.

    My opinion is that you are doing really great in your last updates and direction choices.

    On an other topic, concerning the farming system (which is really a cool and beautiful addition for survival), I consider the seed bags are being consumed too fast and I am not the only one. 20% used to replant is a lot, 10% would be more acceptable already.
    Also, when seeding fails (too close of plant, unplowed land, too far of player), the seed bag's durability shouldn't be impacted, this is particularly unfair as there is no visual feedback.

    Thank you DeepFlame and Keen you are great.
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  8. Sir_Moodz Apprentice Engineer

    They can make seed count more realistic, some plants have 100's of seeds while others have only a few.
    I remember the durability lost when failed planting getting fixed like a month ago. It's not?
  9. _Blop_ Trainee Engineer

    A realistic seed count ? I wouldn't be against it.
    And yes, if I remember the version history correclty, the first update brought infinite seeds, then the second update messed up the seeding and after that, an other update fixed the bug but decreased the seed bags' capacity to 10.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.