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Medieval Engineers Game logic

Discussion in 'General' started by Monkworks, Feb 18, 2017.

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  1. Monkworks Trainee Engineer

    Firstly, I think this game is great and has a very bright future. If I sound critical, it’s because I love this game and want it to succeed. Please do not take my comments as personal.

    Irritating bug stuff: The new sounds for the door. I am going to forgive the dev team, as I know they have some great stuff their working on. But the door sound is not working properly. I do not know if there is some quality control issue here with the code. I have worked in IT for 12 years on intense projects. I do see how things can go wrong. I hope that it is far more complicated than pointing to the sound file on open then pointing to the sound file on close.

    However, the door just has the same sound opening or closing. No “thud”… I know the above sounds bitchy, but C’mon is it that hard? I think you guys are just focused on more important things and I get that. But in real life, if I gave some client some bit for crap to keep them occupied, they would see right through that and I would look very un-professional. Take that, as you will. It is tough love.

    Game logic main issues: The game has some very serious logic issues ahead that will need addressed and before they fall off the cliff.

    1} Purpose.

    What is my purpose in this game?

    Playing in a sand box is fun and all. However, even a two year old creates an imaginary world and story while their playing in it. What is the hook in ME?

    Ok. MC did not have a story either but it needed one and when they did putout MC story mode it was ultra-popular. Maybe ME can jump the shark, and have a great story providing purpose and even role-play opportunities for our toons. Nothing like a good or evil faction story and very simple to pull off…Please don’t do something like the current SE opening.. I gave up 5 mins . Its. Terrible, just let me play the game…

    2} Static world.

    We are way past the days of static worlds. MC changed all of that. MC might be some blocky looking crap load but it brought incredible randomness and variety to its worlds. The infinite type of world is what makes the game magic. Seeing how SE has a very similar type of experience, I am not sure why ME is gimped in this fashion. Maybe there is a plan to change that. I deem this very important for online play as there are exploits in knowing where the best ore is…The best strategic locations are…This needs to change or we’re going to get uninterested very quickly.

    3} Toons & Skins.

    This is a very simple thing, which can go a very long way in giving a game depth and the player’s identity. The players are missing identity. We all look the same right now. Adding races, skin color, height, weight…faces! Standing around looking at clones in different colors is not working and not helping with local server community…Someone will say MOD that stuff. No this is basic backbone content!

    4} Weather.

    Sure, some will say fix this or that first. In general, there is a division, mostly from the younger players. I see OP say stuff like “make it day all the time!” Make it happy and sunny all the time! They do not want fog. They do not want rain. It’s mostly coming from the millennial age group and non-American culture. So let them turn that off. However, I personally need emersion. If this game had rain, fog, random weather effects it would be very impressive indeed. I’m sure this has to be on the list of future content. Please do not let a few voices change that and do not be offended I wrote non-American culture, again not a personal jab at anyone.

    5} Water.

    Who designs a voxel-based world that does not have water? Voxel’s are to simulate an environment. I cannot get my head around why someone would not consider this important part of our earth’s environment. What was the thinking… Oh its just too hard so we will go without water? (Yin&Yang) In my mind that’s just spotty workmanship and laziness or procrastination. (Not personal) do not waste peoples time with half working, limited ideas. Its like getting a car without AC when you live in Texas…Seriously man… Water would have provided a whole boatload of content right out of the gate. It’s just not right having an engineering game that has no water…Remember the Romans! I can only hope this will change. Because some other game like ME will come out with water and that will be that…I would put resources on water design like now. This is necessary for the game to work…Do not tell me it is not possible. If we can get to Mars we can put water in an engineering sim game.

    6} Food.

    I have another thread challenging the current food system. There are some issues here. However, for this I want to go in a different direction. Let us talk design. I can create a trebuchet of great power but I have to eat my lunch out of some dirty fire pit? There is so much that can be added here. All kinds of different stoves, cooking pots, tables and even skills…

    7} Class.

    Let our toons specialize into a core skill type. Like cooking, blacksmith, husbandry for example. This would improve trading, as not all would be able to make everything. You would have to trade in some cases and this is a very important part of the local community in game. In fact, lots of varying class denominations would really make this game pop. Player could logon and say who needs a chef? Who needs a carpenter? Wow community cooperation imagine that eh…

    8} Crafting Stations.

    Can we please be able to put food in the fire and go off to do some other thing? Why do I have to keep the window open? I point back to MC you put the thing in the thingy and walk away. Come back later and your thing is in the hopper…This is a fundament part of all crafting games from MMOs or single player. I can’t image why this window needs to stay up. Tell me it is a technical reason because if it’s about time sinks someone is wayyyy out of touch….

    9} Taxes.

    Please add other materials to find in the world like Gold & Silver (gems) and only let us pay taxes in currency. Meaning you must sell your gold to get currency to feed the claimstones. Let us make coins, or a skill to make coins. .wow. could you imagine an economy working in ME! Whom are we paying these taxes to anyway?

    10} I am the king!

    Hierarchy. Let me knight players. Let them send an allegiance to the king. Let there be a queen. Let us create regional artifacts, like the kings crown. This would fundamentally change this game in to having loads of awesome sauce all over it…Is asking for religious alignments too much? Church orders…

    I digress for now. If you reach this far into the text, you also really care about this game! Again, I want to highlight and underline that this is not a personal attack on any member of the dev team. It’s just a passionate comment in hopes to assist with a new perspective.
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  2. Merandix Junior Engineer

    I've written down some brief answers to your suggestions. Obviously entirely my opinion.
    1: Some story elements like the currently implemented quest system seems nice enough.
    2: The worlds are mod-able. Eventually, we'll have hundreds of worlds, as opposed to a single one. The worlds will stay round, and stay finite.
    3: Character customisation, yes, while the game is about crafting, I do think that being able to identify one another is fairly important.
    4: It's not really necessary to point to certain groups of people is it? Other than that, weather would be nice, but it's very low on my personal 'I want this'-priority list.
    5: I certainly agree, though it's maybe a bit harshly put.
    6: I honestly think different kinds of blocks that do the same thing as current blocks are added later.
    7: No, please keep this out of ME. It's a construction game, not an MMO. It wouldn't make this game pop, except like a balloon; in my humble opinion.
    8: Agreed. Though auto-cooking lunch IS a bit weird.
    9: Good point.
    10: Could be fun, doesn't seem like a priority.
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  3. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Ive got to agree with some points, and maybe disagree with some others.
    1. Sandbox, all I am going to say about that.
    2. Not a super big concern; there is enough area on the planet for me to build an emperors lot of fortresses and still have room for other players, even the ones that scout creative first.
    3. Completely agree. At least some banner options for the apron, I would love to craft a sturdy helmet and some nice leathers to impress the ladies.
    4. Would be nice, but not paramount.
    5. All depends on how it is implemented. Many players are accustomed to a tinge of realism in KEEN's games, which other voxel water types don't really capture that well, imo. Would water wheels work? Ships? Dams? Broken Dams? Water would be the Planets of ME.
    6. design your own cook areas; use the fire pit as a cook top; you can mount it flush to stone block, bury it and still access the inventory. there are many creative options here, think outside the blocks.
    7. Don't need classes, but wouldn't mind if the tech tree was a little more involved, to promote a trade craft focus rather than force one, but this could also mess with single player games, no one player wants to take weeks to learn everything.
    8. Agreed.
    9. Gold and silver would be great as an item you can only use to pay claims, but not forced to produce coins and such; in period taxes were paid with whatever was produced, perhaps gold/silver could simply be the best tax value but useless for anything else?
    10. Disagree. Reign of Kings did this and it was stupid. IF you want a title claim some lands, get wealthy and change your Steam name. :)
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  4. Fluzard Trainee Engineer

    I overall agree with the suggestions and the Merandix's and Ghostickles' coments. If i love the idea of water, I think the classes aren't so good, except for the NPCs.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.