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New! Medieval Engineers: VRage Remote Client, Resource Rebalance, Improved HUD and Chat

Discussion in 'General' started by Drui, Aug 24, 2018.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Coming soon in Medieval Engineers...

    Improved HUD Design
    HUD improvements will include backgrounds to increase quest readability and a completely redesigned chat system. Chat will be improved and expanded to give players more control over communication with features that have long been requested by the Medieval Engineers community. New channels will be created for private chat, local chat, and chatting with members of your house. Chat will have history so you never miss another message. Chat commands will provide quick actions such as playing character animations. The new chat system will be moddable including channels, filters, and commands. If we don't get it just right for you and your friends then it can be modded your own way.

    HUD with quest and chat visible.png

    Resource Rebalance
    The resources will be rebalanced to improve gameplay and pacing. Players should be able to make reasonable progress within the timespan of an average play session. Inventory stack sizes, block components, and other costs will change to balance the time spent gathering against the time spent crafting and building. This will let you spend as much time on making your perfect castle as you do mining and lumberjacking!

    Vrage Remote Client
    A new server manager client for Keen Software House games will allow you to monitor and manage all of your dedicated servers remotely. It will include features like monitoring server performance, session settings management, player management, faction management, chat, message of the day, the ability to start/stop/restart servers, and the ability to trigger a game save at any time.

    VrageRemote1.jpg VrageRemote2.jpg

    Thanks for reading!

    Available: August 28.
    Purchase your copy today!
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.