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Mr. Rotor/Piston klang in multiplayer

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by MaNemaJeff, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. MaNemaJeff Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys, I made a small project one week ago in singleplayer, it's basically a ship designed for moon mining, featuring the ship with all bla bla bla systems (thrusters, reactor, gyros, etc), connected via an advanced rotor to a set of 5 pistons arranged in a way that allows them to be compact in size. The last piston is then attached to 9 drills arranged in a + sign, and the whole drill system is secured to the ship via a landing gear, that is unlocked while the drill is in use, and locked to the drill while not in use (for...security reasons :D ).
    Maybe it's quicker if I show you directly (go at 1:20, just so that you can have a better idea of the thing):

    Everything perfect in singleplayer, but oh boy, multiplayer was...nightmareish
    - First time mining: kinda ok I guess. The drill system (the spinning thing) was violently shaking and hitting the walls of the tunnel non stop, without receiving any damage (this had me thinking it was just a visual bug, but I'm not really sure...). I was able to make a "full tunnel", meaning that pistons were able to extend to full lenght, which is what I usually refer to as "tunnel done"
    - Second time mining: I forgot to uncheck the autolock of the security landing gear: when I unlocked it, it immediately locked in and I didnt notice. Pistons were still...pistoning (extending), but the whole thing was buggy as hell since that landing gear was still technically locked to the now 60 meters away drills (that's the deepness it can reach). The ship crashed soon afterwards, because of the weird physics involved. No big damage, so I fixed it
    - Third time: = as the first one
    - Fourth time but not because I didnt mine: drill system had some armor blocks missing and some others damaged.
    No biggie I think.
    Thrusters: checc
    Gyros: checc
    Landing gear: unlock
    And the whole ship starts spinning :D Not fast, but still. So I think "It might be the drills...what if they want to turn for some reason, but can't do so because of the safety landing gear ?". So I unlock that one too...and they start spinning, fast, very fast. To the point I had to jettison cargo so to speak :D (I had to detach the rotor...)
    Once touching the ground, the possessed thing KEPT ON SPINNING. It was like watching a beyblade. It exploded in thousand of pieces soon after

    Now here's the thing: I have a theory. What if the server "missed some spinning while I was mining" ? What if it said "Hey, you can't spin this particular second, because you still didn't mine that rock, and the drill touching the rock can't proceed in its angular movement because it's getting stuck", but in reality that rock (supposedly) preventing the drill from spinning was actually mined, and the server just didn't calculate stuff properly (ie: in the right order, probably because of the fact that ship is basically...6 ? 7 grids ? Counting the ship + rotor + 5 pistons)...so...what if the server then said "oh wait, actually...let's...after I restart...reapply all this angular movement that I wrongly said you couldn't have all at once."
    Idk. I think this because while I was mining, the spinning thing would spin, then kinda freeze and come back in time 1 second earlier, then violently shake a little bit, then kind of spin...it was like the server said "hey, you can't spin, go back at before you were spinning" or something

    The real point here tho is...can I...use it again ? Was it an unlucky moment ? I already rebuilt it once tho, wouldn't want to spend another 2 hours rebuilding the drills :D
    Also: what do you think was the problem here ? The rotor ? The -too many- pistons ?

    The video is unlisted btw

    Just for the lolz:
  2. Roxette Senior Engineer

    This looks like perfectly normal SE multiplayer piston/rotor issues. I would expect no less. Will it improve in a future release? Maybe... :/
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.