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Multiplayer Dogfight

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Bluedrake42, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Morbophobie Apprentice Engineer

    yes and the fighters should be autopiloted because now we build drones and in 2070 the fighters will be probably all autopiloted. "So don´t do anything the computer fights for you" sounds like a funny game...
    Then we could install a system that calculates for you the best design for your fighter because it is realistic, hm what else could we do?

    Hey, I want to play the game not watch the game beeing played! because of this there shouldn´t be anything done by a computer.
  2. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    Fighter missiles are unguided....so why would large missile turrets be guided?
    I believe that fighters are for precision fire (MG's for small ships, rockets for large slow ships/stations). And large ships are for either taking out stations/large ships, or suppressive fire on fighters. Something along the lines of the initial idea behind the AK-47 (spray and pray). Meaning you shoot out almost a solid wall of projectiles and hope that it hits. This would actually still leave faster and more agile large ships viable for shooting larger stuff, since they will be taking less damage than slower ships.
  3. g4borg Apprentice Engineer

    Dogfighting is fun, but already designs shifted a lot to protect that darn cockpit instead of being aesthetic :)


    Also, the desync often leaves you puzzled whether your ship is even intact. But defintely fun - even if I also support a bit of a stronger cockpit, maybe even armor as setable quality (adding weight) - or different kind of cockpits.
  4. Bluedrake42 Trainee Engineer

    Personally... if anyone here looks through my channel, I'm a huge fan of tactical games. So I really like the way the combat is headed right now... I also do play a lot of fighter simulators, and I agree this is a lot more like jet dogfighting than arcadish space battles (and I like it that way.) I like to think of it like Battlestar Galactica combat, in that show... a single bullet through the windshield could screw you... you'd be considered lucky to survive getting hit at all (if they took out only your engines or something)

    I like where everything is headed so far, the only thing I would like to see now is a first person perspective requirement... because I agree... just using third person and building armor around your cockpit is totally cheating.

    TBH I hate third person in all games, third person is the bane of tactical games.

    In fact it'd be nice to force the astronaut players into first person as well... only allowing third person during creative or ship building modes... but survival should be strictly first person imho
  5. Azan Trainee Engineer

    While not affecting me personally I believe quite a few players can get motion sickness with first person. Given that there is less opportunity for extra information (i.e. looking round corners) in space I doubt it will be an issue.


    I've been having some dogfights with clan mates since the patch came out and because of the vulnerability towards the cockpit designs have become centred around it being as encased and defended as possible. Even with 1 or more layers of armour it still seems to die pretty quick sometimes.

    It probably needs to take a bit more damage than it does now since if you lose the cockpit you lose everything whereas any other single components can have a backup.
  6. propagandawar Apprentice Engineer

    Nice video.
    Because Radar is not in game and we all know it would be in others games put a beacon on your fighters like my friends and I have.

    Another thing I would do is set gun limits per mass. Say 2 guns max per 100,000 mass.

    If you want to have "Cloak" on your ship remove beacon and make it 1 gun per 100,000 mass.
  7. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    No, just no. Unless you're roleplaying, setting limits like that just breaks the sandbox aspect of the game.
  8. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    I dunno... 100,000kg mass is pretty heavy.... as in, really heavy...
  9. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    I'm sure there will be other limiting factors to how many guns you can put on a ship... At least I hope so.
  10. propagandawar Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah I'm sure they probably will. Ammo/ Shields for one thing. Power Cells if lasers come in. It woudl be cool if these all took up space and exploded if hit. To the other guy. I was just posting an Idea rules you could set with your group.
  11. GoTo2k Trainee Engineer

    Hmm. I kinda hope there wont be lasers as I really like the meaty feel of the gatling guns. Battlestar Galactica is a great reference here.

    As to the discussion about automatic weapons for big ships: My guess is that the gattling guns will automatically fire at incoming missiles and the rockets will require the player to lock on to his enemy and maybe even contain that lock. Similar to BF4 pretty much. If the enemy is in a small ship he will have some sort of countermeasure which he has to trigger manually
  12. Unknown Squid Apprentice Engineer

    It might also be worth noting that the current gatling guns aren't even the biggest guns we're going to have. That data mining thread dug up data referring to auto-cannons.

    The main thing we need, is a variety of cockpits, with different levels of armouring and weight. The current one might be great to keep as a civilian cockpit, but a military one would be designed to be tougher. It's all about balancing the risk and the weight/cost considerations against the rest of the craft. Working to even out the weak spots and most vulnerable parts of the craft. Consider a few different hypothetical design scenarios here...

    • "Is the maximum armour cockpit too heavy for this craft? I'd probably just lose the reactor first. I should either downgrade it or improve on the main armour first."
    • "I've got such good armour design on the rest of this ship, it would be plain crazy to keep using this light weight civilian cockpit."
    • "As long the front armour canopy can survive, the mid range cockpit should work well enough here. It will withstand the few stray bullets that slip through the view slit well enough to give me the warning I need."
    • "In the last few fights I lost my weapons first, so I might consider moving or protecting those. Huh? The cockpit? I've got other important parts of my ship to think about than just the cockpit. It's not the end all factor of all combats you know..."
    That's what engineering is about. Now compare to...

    • "The loss of the cockpit is the only part of the craft that ever actually disables the craft in practice, so I better cake it in a three deep block of armour and use third person like everyone else. Who cares what the rest of the ship looks like, no one ever shoots at it."
    Not a lot of creativity or actual engineering going on there.

    And whilst it's nice to talk about enjoying the harsh "simulation" style, and compare to games like Flashpoint or Dogfighting Sims, it's kind of missing the point that the way the cockpit is now makes the design of the rest of your ship almost irrelevant. Armour slits barely work either. Have already talked about that. And these aren't actually WW2 style wooden planes after all. They are 20 to 100 ton armoured fighting vehicles moving through space. Many of these things weigh more than modern tanks. If tanks today were getting taken out with ease by guys on foot with assault rifles, because the greenhouse on the front proved to be the fatal weak-spot in 95% of combats, I'm fairly sure that the tank designers would take efforts to improve on that weakspot.
  13. radam Senior Engineer

    Well one could fit some large side armor pieces with a landing gear. Those halved pieces only weigh 120kg and are almost invulnerable to gatling guns.
  14. Dragongaze13 Trainee Engineer

    I totally agree. And the 3rd person should be removed.
    Or, at least, the devs should create an option to remove it.
  15. Shiliski Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, something server-side along with auto-heal and Copy/Paste would be nice.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.