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Multiplayer is a success!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Maul555, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    I was able to log into multiplayer for the first time last night thanks to the update, and I can say without a doubt, even with the limited functionality, lag, and bugs, that multiplier is a riot! if I am having this much fun already, then this game will surely be a great success!

    btw: sorry about destroying all your purdy ships! copy+paste is a good thing!

    This was me:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Grim Apprentice Engineer

    Man, I've yet to even fully experience multiplayer. I jumped on a server for the first time after trying so hard to find that nothing was happening.
  3. GoTo2k Trainee Engineer

    So far I experienced two sides of the multiplayer which I both liked quite a lot:

    - with friends on a private server you can build nicely together and enjoy the creative aspect of the game

    - with strangers on a random server this is much harder BUT I had some really nice dogfights with small ships today

    I think the second part will greatly improve once there are dedicated and stable servers as well as bigger worlds
    (so groups of players can find their own space and maybe construct faction homes)

    Anyway, for the 14 Euros I already had loads of fun and I'm not regretting the purchase a single tiny bit :)
  4. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    This looks like the ship some guy was trying to kill me with but my Manta Ray was too fast for him to shoot.
  5. GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah the wall-o-guns concept is pretty lame and thankfully easy to own.
  6. TheFurNinja Apprentice Engineer

    Wall o guns is what acutally made alot of planes successful, it just happens to be that it takes alot of money to replace eight belts from a p47. But at the time the USA was a great power, and could afford this.
    Having alot of guns on a plane has its advantages, like...

    • You dont need to have super precise aim
    • Weight of Fire is crippling
    • Intimidation
    • Cuts opponents in half quickly, you can then move to the next target.
    But, it also has its disadvantages...
    • Ammo requirements takes up armor and fuel space
    • Guns recoil can slow a light plane down if not properly powered*
    • Guns recoil if improperly placed can cause "gun bucking"**
    • Maintenance of such a weapons platform is a time consuming and logistical hassle.***
    Overall, guns are good if you have the time, technology, manpower, and factory ability to make, maintain, and use such ships

    *Can be countered with extra engines
    **Can be countered with proper placement
    ***This isn't a problem when you have enough resources
  7. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    Further disadvantages:
    - pretty much more weight => less maneuverable
    - more air resistance depending on the gun mounting => less maneuverable

    The sheer firepower though is deadly enough once a BnZ tactic can be used for its disadvantages to be neutralized.
  8. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    I think there's a difference between heavy firepower, and true "wall o gunz". If the P-47 was also carrying four quad-20mm cannons under the wing, five 250kg bomb, a rack of 12 rockets on top of its normal load... that would make it a wall o gunz.

    The reason why wall o gunz is stupid, is because its putting otherwise unfeasible and unthinkable amounts of weaponry... because the game mechanics allows you to do so with no penalty.

    You could argue that the P-47 had a lot of firepower, and I'd say the the A6M5 Zero had exceptional maneuverability because it wasnt weighed down by armor and heavy weapons. This statement you would agree on.

    But in this game, I could make a 15000kg fighter with quite possibly 20 miniguns and have zero impact on performance. Its basically having the firepower of two P-47Ds on an A6M5 frame. And that should not be the case, and hopefully will not be the case once ammunition is added and some form of weight balance is added for small fighters.
  9. Dragongaze13 Trainee Engineer

    Is there air resistance in space ? :confused:
  10. damoran Junior Engineer

    lol, seeing this just makes me impatient for an ammo and/or power requirement for weapons.
  11. 3trip Apprentice Engineer

    bad analogy, the P47 had so many machine guns because the .50 BMG round was anemic compared to cannon armed aircraft. They needed to mount half a dozen + guns in order to get a reasonable amount of firepower.

    I'm more fond of the build the plane around a single gun design myself.
  12. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    I can attest that it is plenty maneuverable in every direction...
  13. TheFurNinja Apprentice Engineer

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.